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Do you want to grow with live streaming
then you’re gonna need some resources and I got you covered
I’m gonna share some of my favorite resources that are free that’s gonna
help you grow on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Facebook Gaming let’s go! Hey it’s me it’s Wild coming at you for my stream support playlist right bring you the
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at any point in this video if you like the products or the services that I’m
talking about I did you all a favor links are in the show notes below so
make sure you check them out so if you’re starting out live streaming on
Twitch or YouTube or whatever streaming the platform sometimes you can get lost
and you’re not sure where to get help or better yet you’re not sure what
resources will help you be more efficient on growing on whichever
platform you choose and I got you covered I’m gonna show you all some ones
that I personally use and still used to this day to be more effective and impact
my growth while streaming on Twitch now these will help for viewers and
streamers out there so pick and choose which ones are gonna be good for you let
me show you my list as you grow your streaming presence you all need to start
growing your social presence online and to help out with this I highly recommend
TweetDeck, tweet deck is an awesome program for Twitter if you have multiple
accounts even if you don’t have multiple accounts
TweetDeck makes it super easy in real time to reply back to all the messages
but if you do have multiple accounts perhaps you have a business account and
a personal account that what you want to keep separate perhaps your gaming
account you want to keep away from your personal account because your family or
whatever you have you can open up multiple accounts and reply to
individual tweets messages and notifications and it’s super fast and
effective and for a bonus note I use this for helping out my clients and
business clients if you’re one of the people out there that wants to get
discovered on twitches platform I highly recommend diversifying your content onto
other platforms and a great spot for that is Instagram with a program like
Gramblr you can easily from a desktop your photos and videos
and this is a game-changer for anybody out there that has awesome highlights or
clips or any special moment from their stream now the cool thing about grambler
is it easily allows you to click and drag any video file on there and will
process it and you can still attach a message and put in the appropriate tags
the only downside is it only allows you about 60 seconds but hey it’s free so
you can’t complain too much now if you’re not a Photoshop wizard I
recommend using a program called
alright you did a video about this go ahead and check it up there I’ll put it
in the top of the card but basically it allows you to make all these types of
different graphics blasts email lists and visuals for your stream you can do
panels you can even do overlays it’s a game changer in it is super awesome for
anybody out there and there’s a bunch of templates that’ll allow you to jump off
better free on canvas program and if you want something that’s a little bit more
visually more impactive hey you can even pay a few bucks and go to their premium
service one way to become a better streamer is being more strategic which
means you got to look at the analytics now I’ve done a video on twitch strike
go and check that out because that is an awesome free program
but if you haven’t heard of these two programs I highly recommend checking out
Twinge or Twinge not sure how its enunciated or socialblade both are good
analytical programs and that all you need to do is put in your user name
there and click the appropriate platform and it gives you detailed statistics or
future growth or what games you have the best success in I prefer to use Twinge or
Twinge because it’s a nice clean outlet but there are a few programs out there
that do exactly like this but socialblade and Twinge are some of the
best now if you’re live streamer out there you’ve messed with Murphy’s Law on
internet and dropping frames we all know it’s the worst thing about being a
streamer but you can do something about this by using two awesome programs what
most of you know about but if you don’t you want to use to make
sure how good your connection is for your up and you’re down and your ping
and a lot of people forget about checking for jitter if you’re not sure
what jitter is google it it’s too hard to get into on this video but the next
awesome product that I recommend is using twitch quality tester which
basically test the ingest server that your stream key is going out to which to
whatever local server you selected to see how busy it is and to see how
fast the connection is so that way it stops buffering and all those things
that makes it annoying for you to stream and makes it annoying for your viewers
to watch now if you need help with visuals out there I got you covered
there are three awesome services out there that all have free resources that
I recommend checking out if you’ve never heard of the program is a
great resource that basically encompasses everything under the Sun
from broadcasting to overlays to widgets and alerts it is literally an all-in-one
service that I highly recommend checking out that can fulfill all of your needs
number two is Muxy which falls in line with stream elements in stream labs but
it doesn’t get enough exposure it’s a really good in powerful program in fact
I would actually recommend it for more advanced users out there that like to
customize their own CSS for alerts and overlays it’s kind of cool and the last
one being which offers paid packages but offers a lot of free
resources if you go to the top of their webpage and click on the free resource
tab you can see all the free resources they have and visit often because it has
a rotation of things during different seasons and different times and you
never know what they might have for a heavy discount also if you’d like to
save a little bit of money if you put in coupon code Wild4Games you can save
yourself 10% at checkout with all these free
resources out there there are no more excuses about not making your stream
more effective more impactful and better looking which all these together are
gonna make you more discoverable hey if you guys like this type of video and you
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