Freddie Highmore Was Impersonated on Instagram
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Freddie Highmore Was Impersonated on Instagram

-You know our next guest
from films such as “Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory” and “Finding Neverland”,
as well as A&E’s critically acclaimed series
“Bates Motel”. He’s currently starring on “The
Good Doctor”, which begins its second season
next Monday at 10:00 p.m. on ABC.
Let’s take a look. -Excuse me…please, I have
something to say, too. Edward has a right parietal
brain tumor. ♪♪ ♪♪ -Find Dr. Lim.
You can have OR Number 2. -Please welcome to the show
Freddie Highmore, everyone! [ Cheering ] ♪♪ Welcome to the show!
-Thank you for having me. -I am very happy to have you
here. Congratulations on the first
season of the show, but I’m really impressed by
this. You wrote the first episode of
season two. -Yes, yeah.
So, hopefully, it’s alright. -Yeah. -I get — or at least, hopefully
no one knows it’s me. I think that’s the sign of a
good TV writer, is no one watches the show and
thinks, like, “What has this show become?!”
-Yeah. What if Shaun’s like, “Bob’s
your uncle” and, like, comes out with all these Britishisms
that people will know. -Or, I guess the most-telling
thing — if all the others characters
were like, “You look fantastic this year!”
-Yes. Yeah, Shaun is suddenly very
sexy. [ Laughter ] Everyone is falling over
themselves for him. -You were on “Bates Motel” and you wrote and directed an
episode more than once? -Yeah, wrote two and got to
direct one, yeah. -That’s fantastic. So,
obviously, on these TV shows, you know, you write an episode,
alone, but there’s also a writer’s
room. Do you enjoy that part of it? Because obviously, most people
who work on TV shows as actors never get to be in that room. -I very much enjoyed it ’cause
they could carry me along with this first episode. And David Shore is wonderful, such a great person to learn
from, and it was such a huge honor to
get to write the first one. I think it’s like a group
therapy session, being in the writer’s room,
where you share stories, things I would never tell you
now in front of everyone. These personal details of, you
know, past relationships or family traumas or my goldfish
dying. -Wow.
You told that story, yeah. -I don’t usually speak about —
-I remember, ’cause I said to your people,
“I’d love to ask about that,” and they said, “Absolutely not.”
-That’s off-limits. -Really painful story.
-Splish and Splosh, yeah. I was 9.
Splish was first — he died. Then Splosh, and he died, as
well. -Well, you know, once — I mean,
we knew how close they were. Once Splish went…
-It was inevitable. -It was inevitable that Splosh
was gonna go, yeah. -Shaun actually has a goldfish
this year, but David Shore wouldn’t let me
call him Splish. It’s gonna be Hubert.
It’s wildly different. -There you go.
Yeah, way better. You were right to defer to him. So you’re character, Shaun, for
those who don’t know, your character has autism and
savant syndrome. How does that… It must make it a unique
opportunity as an actor to approach a role like that. How have you guys gone about
crafting the character? Yeah, I think it was the most
important thing for all of us to make the character as
authentic as possible with regard to the autism, and to do as much necessary
research as possible. And, hopefully, people will continue to find
Shaun entertaining, but the most important thing is
that he’s authentic. I think the journey that he’ll
go on this season is wonderful, too, because, of
course he’ll always have autism, but he’s changing constantly,
and I think this first episode, we see him — a little bit more
of his sense of humor. He’s gonna get a little bit more
confident in opening up to people,
and it’s lovely to see him… I sound like I’m talking about
my son or something. Not that I have a son. But it’s great to play a
character who does change and who does evolve. -He’s in very good hands. You guys have handled the
character with a lot grace. I will also say, it’s nice to
see you — the actor as opposed to the
character — because I think it’s the first time I haven’t
seen you in scrubs. That is basically — I mean, you
probably had to actually decide what you were gonna wear on this
TV show. There seems to be no decision
making on “The Good Doctor”. -No, I almost wore the scrubs. I think if you look back at the
first episode, people are mostly not in scrubs and just
a lab coat over clothes, and then everyone realized they
were just the comfiest pajama-like outfit
to go around wearing. So, you’re right. I think the last episode,
everyone — they wake up in scrubs, they go
to bed in scrubs. -Even the patients come in —
They’re already in scrubs. -They’ve heard about it, too.
-They’ve heard scrubs are great. So I want to ask about this.
You are not on social media, but someone started a fake
social media account, but they got the check mark,
right? -I don’t — maybe. I’m not sure if they got the
check mark. This was about a year ago. Now there’s one with a check
mark that says this is mine, but I never use it. But there was someone
impersonating me on — I keep calling it Instant-gram,
and I know it’s not, and it’s Instagram. I thought it was Instant-gram
for so long that now I keep referring —
slipping up, saying that. -But it was on Instagram.
-You seem like a nark who’s trying to trick kids into
thinking you know what’s going on.
-Yeah, exactly. -You guys know where I can buy
some week on Instant-gram? -Would be dreadful. But I thought it was great at
the start because everyone who’d always
encouraged me to be on and to, you know, engage
socially and promote shows — and I thought someone else was
doing it for me. This is brilliant. And then I realized I had the
least-cool impersonator of all time. I think the caption thingy said,
“Black tea enthusiast”. It wasn’t even like milk or
honey or… And then a fan sent me this huge
box of tea, and I realized that it had gone
too far, so… I apologized, and now there’s
just a blank account. -Okay, well, there you go. Thank you for nobly stepping up
as opposed — I think a lesser man would’ve
just kept taking the free tea. -I know, and it had lots of
following people and everything. -Alright, alright.
Well… Hey, you know, again, one of
these days, you’re gonna get on either of the Grams —
In-stoned or Instant. We could have you on either one.
-And the Twitter. -And the Twitter.
We’ll have you on all of them.

100 thoughts on “Freddie Highmore Was Impersonated on Instagram

  1. Omfggg this is hard to watch since most of the moves and shows hes in, he doesnt use his accent, and in the good doctor hes like..idek 😂💕

  2. je suis en train de regarder the good doctor en se moment, très belle série , très bon acteurs actrice pour toutes tous , j espère un e saison 3 -4 ….. etc et c bonne année 2019 a toutes tous

  3. From Charlie and the chocolate factory to Bates Motel……His a really talented actor needs to come in more shows and movies

  4. First time I’ve heard him not speak American/however you’d call his normal speech in tgd and bates motel

  5. So is the Instagram account with the check mark that he mentioned that it says he is not using anymore bla bla bla fake ?

  6. What a guy so talented & modest love his episodes of The Good Doctor, love you Freddie, look forward every Monday Love you ❤️

  7. woah! I didnt even know he had an accent! holy crap, he is quite adorable… I JUST watched the Bates Motel and fell in love with his character.

  8. If ever there was a biopic film made about Peter Gabriels' life,Freddie High more would be good,he looks so much like Peter when younger.

  9. I kept having to double tap every time the that seth guy would talk. To skip ahead. How did he get a show? I can see now why it's on when everyone is asleep.

  10. One of the funniest parts from any show was the good doctor when his friend doctor I forgot his name woke up from his surgery and recovered from his bout of psychosis and he woke up and Sean was sitting next to his bed and he said it's me I'm real I'm not a hallucination

  11. No joke, he would have been a great Harry Potter. Radcliff was okay, but Highmore is a better actor, in my opinion.

  12. I am comments about the Good Doctor
    What happened to the team?
    Shouldn't the team fight for Shawn Murphy?
    The other doctor that fired shawn murphy should of understand Murphy more
    and Murphy's team should of said to the other doctor, if Shawn goes then, his
    Team will go with him and we won't come back until Murphy comes back.
    That what the team should of done and said.
    It's like a cake without ingredients or any kind of foods, there all without ingredients.
    Shawn is good at what he does.
    Anita De Piccoli

  13. I want Freddie Highmore to be cast as George Harrison in a biopic movie. I think he will be able to do his voice

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  20. Hey "Late Night with Seth Meyers"-Team,
    Is this very nice landscape view e.g. at 2:25 available somewhere? Maybe as wallpaper for PC or panorama-picture for my living room wall?
    Would be great if someone would help me out.

  21. Weird how Freddie highmore and Thomas brodie both were really famouse child actors but Freddie is now doing much better than Thomas … I wish them both successful life's they're so talented .

  22. I followed that account before I also thought it was him because it got hundreds of thousands followers and a lot of the photos were private photos. 😂

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