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Freddie And Jazzmyne Use Instagram To Find Dates • Ladylike

– Wow, this is like intense.
– Grammar, grammar, I just. – I didn’t expect this to be intense. I feel intense. – Oh this is fun. I love this ’cause it’s
like balls to the wind. – To the wind, not the wall? – No, to the wind. It’s just like whatever happens happens – Oh just flapping all over, okay, okay. (upbeat music) – Jazzmyne and I have
a lot of conversations. – We have a lot to talk about. – Yes. – The one thing we talk about the most is how we aren’t getting laid, no. (beep) – We’re single. – We are so single it hurts. – My last serious relationship was maybe a year and a half ago. – Okay. – That’s when it ended. – My very serious relationship,
my seven year one, was a year ago. I had a short stint of a
relationship a few months ago. – But the reason we’re here is because one of our friends and colleagues, Joyce, – Joyce – She’s offered up her services to slide into DMs on our behalf. – I am such a control freak. This is terrible. – She’s gonna DM people from our accounts and we have to fully
relinquish all control. – I hope y’all just
realize this is a mistake. – Let’s bring in Joyce. – Joyce.
– Joyce. – Hi ladies, hello. – You look so hot today. – Thank you. I’ve been studying fashion. – Is this a bodysuit? – It is. – That’s why it looks so good on. I want you to do your theme song jingle. – Okay, Build-A-Boo with Joyce. I recently did an experiment, I made a video about sliding
into different people’s DMs to see if I could get a date. And you know what, to my avail,
I got some hot mothafuckers. So I’m trying to get my two friends who I love and adore some pooty poo. Build-A-Boo with Joyce. – So you went on dates. – Yes. – Through this experiment you actually physically went on some dates. – I physically went on some dates. – How was it? – Good dates. – It was great. I’m not gonna say it
was love at first sight, because it’s summer, it’s hoeing season. The winter’s for commitments. – Both of us have spoken with you extensively about our issues. – I know what she’s gonna say for me so I don’t even wanna hear it. – Why does Jazzmyne struggle with dating? – Jazzmyne struggles because Jazzmyne, she’s a beautiful,
amazing, sensational woman, but she doesn’t go after it. She’s kinda like that girl
that stands by a bar and stares and she’s staring really hard and she’s waiting for
the other person to wait. Like blank that. Go out there and get that poon poon. You know? Build-A-Boo with Joyce. And you, oh my gosh. I think I need another drink
of sangria or something to talk about you. – Why? – It’s honestly, in my personal opinion, you let some stuff slide that I don’t think you should let slide because you think a person is attractive. You are a queen. You’re a goddess. You work hard for your money. You’re successful. If someone’s not gonna be on your level, stop wasting your time. – Woo. – Okay so when it comes
to sliding in one’s DM, how does that, how should
people, what do you say? – Be funny, be weird. My favorite go to, I actually
got it from my friend Kee, she told me she DMs guys like you look like you’re gonna ruin my life. That works so well. And another great method
is actually the accidental. So you’ll look at their story and then you put a bunch of letters that look like a mistake
and you say oh, I’m sorry, that was a mistake, but I
really like what you’re doing. – As another contributor
to this experiment, we’re gonna bring in our friend Curtis. – And all the family. – And all the family. – Everybody at the cookout. – Hi Curtis. – What’s going on y’all? What’s up? – Mmm, Curtis. – You’re so cute. – Joyce gave him some examples of the types of messages
she’ll use to slide into a DM. – Some of the stuff that
Joyce had in the cannon ready to go was out of control. It was out of control. – Whatever, I get that
message back though. – Every message back
ain’t a good message back. – Abdul, this was
suggested from your friend. He has a great job,
he’s fun, and he’s cute. – Wait when did you talk to Shakit? She gave you this. When was this? – I work in mysterious ways. – Does he have a last name? – Not on his Instagram. – He’s very cute. – He’s cute. – He has a great job. He’s fun. – We can’t trust him
until we get a last name. (laughter) – He works with us. – You’re a little quiet Freddie. What’s going on? – Yeah. (laughter) – Wait, close the book. What was that reaction? – Yes, I will go on a, yes. I’ll slide into his DM. – You would go on a date with Q? – I would. – Good. – Oh we gotta make sure
that one ain’t too wild. – Oh no, Q’s gonna be a sweetheart. – I’m talking ’bout your DM sliding. – BJ Williams. – He looks like a superhero. – And he also is a substitute teacher. – Oh. – Higher education, love it. – And then I had to do one for the people. This is Calvin Caples. He’s artistic, he’s
creative, he has a beard. – Imagine that beard. – So this is my favorite. He’s Nelson Yong. He travels, he loves
art, and he loves food and he actually has a
successful food blog. – Ooh, you like to eat. – I do. But also this guy’s cute. – Yeah, he’s cool, he’s
creative, he has great photos and he makes a lot of cool Art Hill films. – Tommi Waring. – Yeah. – Alright Jazz, your turn. – Welcome to Build-A-Boo
with Jazzmyne Robins. – Lord help us. – Amber Jones. – Yes, who I also talk to all the time. – Oh, well, I don’t know
who’s in your phone okay sis. Okay, Cami Thomas, cool
documentary filmmaker. Okay, I’m not gonna lie. She pretty much comes
from LA and Chicago a lot so she bounces around a lot. But she’s really dope and
I really like her films and she’s super cool. Is Joyce taking our phones and DMing or is she DMing them and showing them us? I don’t know. – No, you guys have to do
it through your phones. If it’s from my phone then they’re gonna say stop joking around. I wanna go on a date with you. I ain’t got time for that. (laughter) I’m here today to get my
friends some poon poon. This is my only job. – How are you gonna, are
you gonna introduce yourself or are they gonna think that it’s us? – They’re gonna think it’s you. – They’re gonna think it’s you. – I didn’t know all that. I didn’t know this. – That’s why I’m here to
make sure it ain’t too crazy. – I’m not gonna be too crazy. – We’ve handed over our
phones to Curtis and Joyce. I am so uncomfortable right now. I am so uncomfortable right now. So we’re gonna go. – Whatever. – And I’m gonna go DM your friends. – I’m stressed. – Let’s go. – I’m gonna make sure it’s not too crazy. – I won’t do anything too crazy. – Alright, get outta here. – What’s your favorite hiking spot? That’s safe. – That’s safe. Would you be as good with
me as you are with music and then tongue emoji? – With the drip. – Drip drip. – I feel like drips always do will. – Oh drip drips always do well. Came through dripping. – What’s your favorite hiking spot drip? And send.
– Send. Just ask ’em like take me
to your favorite bookstore. I see that you like books. Take me to your favorite bookstore. Wow that’s pretty direct. Take me to your favorite bookstore. – Hey, you can’t play around
with people’s children no more. It’s either you gotta tell
them exactly where to go, exactly what to do to get
what you want the most. I’m just gonna put you look
like you’ll ruin my life for like six of these girls. Badda boop badda bang. Workin on that badda bap ha ha. Already got one on the drop. – I don’t know what’s happening any more. – I twerk when I’m happy. We wrote I’m sure your students
have a hard time focusing, monkey emoji with the arm
over the face and water emoji. And then he said they
seem to do just fine. And then he sent a smile emoji
and three laughing emojis. So you already know know what that means. Time to get that hot d on a plate. Okay, we’re gonna go back to work. Build-A-Boo with Joyce. – What do you wanna say to Nelson? – Nelson’s like international bae. Like he would take her on
trips like Paris, Mumbai and stuff like that. So be like you should take me
to your favorite restaurant. So now we’re gonna bring the ladies in to see what they think. So we’re on the final three. – This has been so stressful for me and I haven’t even been here. Literally this says what that mouth do? (laughter) I can’t. – Okay Freddie, what are yours? – There’s a little water
squirt at the end of each DM. – Water squirts are important. – It says what’s your
favorite hiking spot? (squirt sound) (laughter) – That’s not bad. – Mine says you lookin like a
whole snack and I want some. – Take me to your favorite bookstore and then the emojis are like this. – That’s cute. – I’m sure your students
have a hard time focusing. Two monkey emojis, water squirt. And this guy responded. It said they seem to do
just fine, smiley face, laughing emoji, laughing
emoji, laughing emoji. – That’s the layup. – You can take a photo of me whenever, squirt, monkey covering eyes, huggy emoji. – Can we not say squirt? – I would love to trace your tattoos, monkey covering eyes, squirt. – If we could get at least three dates I think that that would be a great goal. – That’s what I’m saying. – Collectively or each? – That’s what I’m saying. – Three dates each. – That’s what I’m sayin’. – We’ll keep you all posted. Thank you for watching the first segment of Build-A-Boo with Joyce and
Curtis and Jazz and Freddie. – Emoji. (laughter) – Emoji. – Okay you guys, so I’m
going on a date with Q. – What up everybody? – So I went on three dates. – Okay. – The first date was good. It was with Q, who actually works here. You put him in the Powerpoint because you thought we’d be good together. – I did. I love power black couples. – It’s gonna be great. It’s vegan. You didn’t know that? – No, I didn’t. – I sent you the link. – I didn’t, yeah. This’ll be fun. – Did you feel any sparks? Did you feel any kind of tingles, any kind of earthquakes
going on with that date? – Yeah, yeah. – Okay, okay. – A little shake. (laughter) Oh my gosh you guys,
Q’s paying for parking. When you go out on a date you
gotta be a solid gentleman, pay for the parking. – [Freddie] Q, what did you get? – I don’t know. It’s some type of light bowl. It looks good though. – I got the sopas. – What is this again? – [Waiter] The uno bowl. – I got the uno bowl. – [Freddie] Uno bowl, no meat. It looks great though. – [Q] Yeah it looks very tasty. I’m into this. – [Freddie] I’ve never tried this before. – Would you see him again? – I would see him again. And it’s a really chill kind of situation. It’s very low pressure so that’s what I kind of like about it. We just finished dinner. – Yes we did. – Q’s holding my food. How was our dinner? – It was amazing. It was an amazing dinner. – Am I a good date? – She’s an amazing date. It was a good time. – Great. – I’m happy I came. – Do we get a second date maybe? – Yeah. (laughter) – He really, no. So the second date I went on
was with a guy named Calvin. He’s a photographer. He has a beard, which,
I’m very into beards and it’s one thing that really drew me in from his Instagram. – He’s fine. – Our date is getting coffee/breakfast and then a little photo shoot
because he’s a photographer and that was my DM, to take photos, so that’s what we’re doing. This is our breakfast. – Hey. – [Freddie] Say hello. – Hello, how you doing? I’m Calvin. – [Freddie] What are we doing today? – We’re gonna do a little photo shoot with a Polaroid camera. – [Freddie] Are these flowers
props that you brought? – Yeah, I’m gonna stick,
I haven’t done this before but I’m gonna stick it
in front of the camera and see what happens. It should create some sort of nice effect. Maybe we’ll have Freddie
hold it too like this. (Freddie laughing) – Exciting, awesome. Honestly, this was one
of the funnest dates I’ve ever been on. For the photo shoot he
brought his little speaker and had afro beats queued up. – Oh. – The cool thing that got him extra points was over text he asked me what
kind of music do I listen to? And I was like yeah, I’m
really into afro beats lately. And so during the photo shoot he had an afro beats playlist ready to go and I was like oh my God. Afro beats? – You know it. – Is it because I said that? I appreciate you listening. – He listened. – He listened. – Wow. – Has anyone ever slid
into your DMs before? – Not really. – Were you shocked when
I slid into your DMs? – I definitely was. I was like oh my gosh,
somebody’s interested in me. – I don’t do it usually, but I’m trying new things, 2018. – Yeah well, no, that’s
great, that’s awesome. – So did you feel any tremors? Did you feel anything? – Yeah I would see him again for sure. – [Calvin] Pretend like you’re a vine. What does a vine do to kinda like? – Like spaghetti? – [Calvin] Like spaghetti. I had a lot of fun. – Yeah. – Freddie’s awesome. She’s got a great
personality, very pretty. – [Freddie] Thanks. This was so fun. I’ve never been on a date like this. – Really? – Yeah. – I guess me neither. – First time for everything. It was so fun. It was really good. Calvin, excellent date. – So you also went on a secret third date. – I did go on a secret third date. Now I didn’t go into it wanting it to be a secret third date. We met up in Venice at this
really cute restaurant. I can’t remember the name
of it but it was great. Basically, I got so caught up in how good the date was
going and how cute he was that I just kind of
forgot to blog about it. – I love that. – Yeah. – So there was sparks. So much was going on that you
just got so wrapped up in it. – Yeah, I definitely felt sparks for sure. – That’s amazing. – Once I realized that I wasn’t vlogging I kind of didn’t want to bring it up. I didn’t wanna ruin it. I didn’t wanna change up the
flow or make things weird. So I just kept it organic, which was nice. So we’ve been texting and having fun and we haven’t necessarily met up again but we’ve definitely stayed in contact. And he’s a Southern boy. – Ooh, that’s what you need though. You need someone who’s
gonna just be nice to you, respect you, take you home to Mama. She’ll teach you how to make
fried chicken and chitlins and it’s gonna be great. So let’s see what Jazzmyne’s been up to. – Alright, I had a little bit
of a different experience. I went on a little vacation and found somebody I was very into. (laughter) This is so typical, I feel like, when you’re looking for something. And then I was just
like you know, whatever, and then I wasn’t looking for something and then it sprung up on me. – And you’re happy, I can tell. You’re glowing. – I mean, the whole point of this was for someone to end up happy and involved in some kind of way. And whether that was through Joyce’s DMs or just in life. – Maybe it was just manifesting, honestly. – I think my spirit was
opening you up to the world and then when you were ready exactly what you wanted came. Hallelujah. – That’s honestly the best
way this could’ve panned out. – I mean, not what I expected. – In terms of the original DMs that Curtis and Joyce sent over, did you get a good amount of responses? Let’s talk about that. – Okay, so here’s the thing. I got responses for sure. A lot of what the original DMs were were very up front and thirsty. – Never thirsty, just honest. – Okay, but. – But honestly, like. – Very up front and thirsty. – Not completely off brand
with what you do on Instagram. – No, not for me. I am a very thirsty person,
just not one on one. But I’m thirsty in public, which I don’t know if that’s better. – Sliding into DMs. – Lady tested. Lady approved. – Lady maybe. – Thanks Joyce. – Any time. Build-A-Boo with Joyce. (instrumental music)

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