FOX celebrates how ‘We’re All Superstars’ for the Friday Night SmackDown premiere
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FOX celebrates how ‘We’re All Superstars’ for the Friday Night SmackDown premiere

[MUSIC] Please take the order? [MUSIC] Well hell yeah.>>You can’t see me!>>She’s out, doc.>>I-O-N, submission.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>This is great. This is awesome.>>And it’s boom drop time for Kobe.>>Look at Arteo out of nowhere!>>All hail the queen.>>Woo!>>What is this maniac doing?>>The dead man has risen! [SOUND]
>>No!>>What is that smell?>>If you smell what The Rock is cooking! [CROSSTALK]>>We got a new champion, we got a new champion! [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “FOX celebrates how ‘We’re All Superstars’ for the Friday Night SmackDown premiere

  1. Most of the people they were acting as aren’t even on the full time roster or have been basically retired for 10+ years.

    Stone Cold retired over 16 years ago.
    Undertaker has wrestled less than 20 matches in the last 10 years.
    John Cena only shows up about 3-4 times a year.
    The Rock retired like 14-15 years ago.
    Ric Flair retired over 10 years ago from WWE not including his TNA work.

  2. And so we are finally going back to original day. I was 13 probably 12 , when smackdown used to air on Fridays. Oh.. good old days.

  3. I like the new logo. It looks close to the one from the Ruthless Aggression era. And the fist will return on Smackdown's stage! 😃🔥🔥🔥

  4. 0:25 First a guy rko's a mannequin and then another guy puts HIMSELF through a table
    I'm pretty sure that's not how wrestling works 😐

  5. اللهُّم صلِ على قُرة أعيننا محمد وأجعلنا
    من أهل شفاعته,وتوفنا على مِلته 💛🌿.

  6. Is everyone in the comments a casual because they've announced this long time ago so many people in the comments section say its about time when it was already planned man wwe universe are sheep

  7. Of all people, why is Michael Cole's voice is here ? Luckily WWE didn't put up his "HERE COMES THE BIG DOG !" on the video

  8. That logo hit me right in the nostalgia, SmackDown is soooo much better on Fridays rather that a day after RAW.

  9. Really wanna see Undertaker and Goldberg on Oct 8 Smackdown
    Then The Fiend attempts to attack either of them, but fails, and gets beaten up himself

  10. They bring back Friday Night Smackdown and the unique logo but they also need to bring the old wrestlers😏😏

  11. Wow I really can’t wait for this, celebrating 20 years of smack down. I just remember it Turing 10 years and buying the 10 year anniversary cd. I will buy 20 year cd when it comes out. So excited to see it live as well 👍🏿

  12. Roaman regions wwe steh rollins

  13. This is why people watch WWE less and less. You keep forcing feeding us with these legends and not featuring any of the great stars there are now. Instead you make a commercial off nostalgia thinking it’s gonna work.

  14. I'm so happy I'm getting 2011 vibes when I was barely watching Friday Night SmackDown now that it's back I can finally relive my experience

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