Foreign media outlets analyze Kim Jong-un’s trip to Baekdusan Mountain
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Foreign media outlets analyze Kim Jong-un’s trip to Baekdusan Mountain

sitting atop a white horse North Korean
leader Kim jong-un has made his first visit to pectus a mountain in nearly two
years now he’s known to visit the area when he
needs to make a major political decision and some foreign outlets are speculating
that Kim might be on the brink of making a crunch decision on denuclearization
our eating’s that has the story as the first snow of the season fell on
pectus Han Mountain North Korean leader Kim jong-un was pictured riding on a
trail atop an elegant white horse Kim also visit a special tour zone under
construction in sangjun County at the foot of the mountain and according to
North Korea’s state media Kim lashed out at the US for its sanctions on the
regime and called for national unity he said we shouldn’t listen to temptation
nor seek anyone’s help he stressed the only way to improve itself development
and sell prosperity is to follow the path of constant developments and carry
the banner of a self-renewal as it is now the visits are also raising
anticipation a big announcement could be in the works as these two places were
frequented by Kim a head of grand political or diplomatic decisions for
media outlets are closely following his visits CNN reported that the trip comes
amid high tensions on the Korean Peninsula the New York Times noted how
the trip follows failed working-level talks with the u.s. in Sweden and
predicts a major change in Kim’s approach to the denuclearization
negotiations The Wall Street Journal speculated that the North Korean leader
is trying to show firmly that the deadline for negotiations is at the end
of this year others say the photo of Kim riding a horse on pectus on mountain is
his way of showing his absolute grip on power
The Washington Post noted how the photo of Kim is strikingly similar to Russian
President Vladimir Putin’s famous shirtless pose while riding a horse
while the four media outlets covered different angles of the story there was
a common theme in all of them namely Kim peers on the brink of making a major
decision that could shape the nuclear talks going forward
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2 thoughts on “Foreign media outlets analyze Kim Jong-un’s trip to Baekdusan Mountain

  1. Hes got ICBM's hes got submarine platforms and nuclear technology . Lift the sanctions. Why are you playing stick and carrot with a starving dog fighting for survival,? It will bite you. Or die trying. He will be more sensible than his father. We should negotiate. And show good faith.

    Imposing more sanctions is NOT how to show faith in ANY modern negotiation or diplomatic strategy. USA seems to be acting AGAINST its OWN interesrs… to serve the interests of an unknown few.

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