Ford Ranger Raptor – Media Drive, behind the scenes
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Ford Ranger Raptor – Media Drive, behind the scenes

We knew how capable this vehicle was but we needed to prove to the media how good it really is. So we’ve ended up here! The media give it absolutely everything. They don’t let off and
they don’t give it any mercy. I can talk about how good it is but it’s not until you experience it that you’ll see just how amazing this product truly is. Wouldn’t be an event
unless you had interesting moments. It can get a bit … ummm … Don ‘t turn too much, not too much! Just a wee bit! OK! After they experience the tough Moroccan visit we are here to give them a place to relax. So after the journalists have
experienced the car and the sand dunes and across the rock crawl we bring them back here to the hotel and this gives us the chance to really
talk them through with a presentation what’s going on under the skin for the Raptor, what makes it so special and why they got that smile on their face. Everything you know about pickups forget it if you if you see this car. This is a true performance vehicle. Can you go faster? Yeah! Baja! I’m gonna find sand in my socks
for the next three months I think. We’ve got this badass vehicle so, we wanted to create this dramatic staging. The cars have been coming back
in some questionable conditions but that just means that they’re having a lot of fun which is what it’s all about. Hi! Welcome to the bubble. The most important is … the media have been asked to enjoy their stay. All these events are team-oriented. Every person doing a different thing, each team doing a different thing and we are one team working together. I think guests can feel it
that we are very like a family. It’s not so often the press kind of
give you that unguarded feedback. We unleash them in this playground and we’ve been able to deliver
an event they will never forget.

26 thoughts on “Ford Ranger Raptor – Media Drive, behind the scenes

  1. That's the first time i heard a car company saying to the media give it the full beans you can test it and beat the crap out of it more company's need to do that

  2. Their driving that truck like it’s got a V8 in it instead of the little weakling engine they’re offering with it ! 😂

  3. Official launch video shows SHOCKING detail at 01:30. Look and shiver;

    Not to mention dirt cars swapping colours or positions. As well as the missing and reappearing right rear fender on the Yellow one. And then loosing the left one.

  4. I never understood Chevys marketing in the naming upscale Performance versions of the trucks z71 Doesn't roll off the tongue like the word raptor Raptor is stupid proof

  5. Is a 2litre bi turbo the best it can be though? You played it safe Ford. This isn't a TRUE performance vehicle.

  6. Nothing but smoke and mirrors! Nobody, including the brand of vehicle I drive, build true working pickups anymore! I’ll destroy that vehicle in less than 12 months doing the work my 28 year old landcruiser does almost every day for the last 10 years out here on my farm in the mountains!🤣🤣🤣 I dare you to give me one of those for 12 months and see how often you’ll have to fix it……

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