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First Look: Reunion Part 1 | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

MUSIC -They gonna know, it’s always team Holt. MUSIC -You made a comment, ‘That’s why your husband is buying other women BMW’s.’ -Show me the receipts, where are the receipts at? -It’s not 27 girls, has it been one? -No one else. Not one. [Giggles] -Were you there? -Yeah, I was there. [Groans] -It’s gonna get worse and worse, -This is tearing up their marriage. -What is? What is? [Arguing] -Hold on hold on. MUSIC

73 thoughts on “First Look: Reunion Part 1 | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. True love has the power to heal the body mind and the soul
    Fake love only causes drama and confusion

  2. Reunions does not clear up anything – it’s going to add more fuel to an already blazing fire – I’ll be watching but not looking forward to the hurt it’s going to cause

  3. "were you there" WHOA!!!!!
    that's why tisha's husband has been even tempered and really trying to help them reconcile. he was attempting to manipulate the situation so his skeletons wouldn't see the light of day. Welp. Tisha you do have that F U money. You aren't as airheaded as this show portrays. Rather a devoted wife and mother.

  4. Melody is the worse kind of person to be. She getting pleasure from causing other people pain. She in a sinking ship so she uses her last flare to shoot a hole in the other boat.

  5. Martell and Melody deserve each other. They are one of a kind. This couple is the shadest that I have ever seen. Enjoy to low life you two together and, don't try to bring others down in your misery.

  6. Now Mel is back with Martell?! I'm not gonna sit here & watch endless seasons of them using this infidelity storyline like Rasheeda & Kirk did on LHHATL

  7. It's always team Holt? This is looking like a storyline. She knew and probably did not care what Martell was doing until others found out. Then she acted like it matters. I think they could have picked a better one, a positive one.

  8. These shows are funny on one hand…BUT….I am also sad that these shows are SHOWN around the WORLD and all these shows….show black relationships in a NEGATIVE Light…always cheating, yelling, fighting, lying, stealing, never a POSITIVE Impression of black people.

  9. Mel needs to call Iyanla ASAP. Her marriage done turned her into this toxic, mean monster we're seeing. I'm almost certain she wasn't like this before.

  10. Tisha running off crying and her husband sitting there and not saying anything! He never defends himself or his wife!

  11. If Tisha didn't keep her nose so far in the air, none of her guy's business wld come out. Ego can keep u in denial too…

  12. Melody put their business out there and acting surprise that people are talking about them. Tish and Marsau didnt go out talking about them with others. They had conversations like any other couple would with their spouse about their mutual friends… All of you guys talking about Tish is a fool. No she isnt. Until her husband shows her different she shouldn't allowed outsiders to dictate her relationship….. Mel and Martell are misery loves company type of people. If they aren't happy neither will anyone else be…Martell is a devil and Melody is not far behind..

  13. Marsu need too sit his wife camera.and tell her the truth no chaser. Because now , he is allowing others power over her!!! ..if he wants her.. humility needs too be his best friend!!.. you never give outsiders power over your freaking spouse!! Youd rather tell them before someone else does!!! Pride is a sickness and truth is the cure!! Periodt!!

  14. Mel and Marscel are disgusting, why was Mel not telling Tisha her husband was cheating if she knew from the start? Mel is noone's friend, she does what she has to to use people and call it friendship. She just told us that she and Tisha was in a good place and now you are dragging her like this? When Mel was the person who put her family's business out there for clout, why you so angry at Tisha girl?

  15. Martell was the one who brought up Marsau cheating not Mel. Mel only addressed it when Latisha kept bringing up to her what Martell was saying. Tisha should have been asking Martell instead of going to Mel and during part 1 Latisha was always bringing up Martell cheating on Mel like it made her happy to see their marriage falling apart. It is hard to keep taking the high road when someone is always cutting you down. Both Tisha and Kimmi were constantly cutting down the Holts in part 1. They were always talking negative of this young lady behind her back.

  16. I hate this for Tisha she look so hurt she and Kimmie are my two favorites, Kimmie's husband need to show her more respect he needs to include her more into what is happening with his situation with his son and his ex.

  17. Misery loves company Mel husband is cheating and now you wanna make accusations that Tisha husband is even if she did no now you wanna make comments since you looking like a dam fool why you didn't let her no and/or make comments before your dirty laundry got spilled so basically why Tisha thinking her husband is faithful he doing the same thing her FOCUS is the wrong thing it shouldn't be Tish she more focused on seeing her hurt than the MISTRESS.

  18. Tisha was making fun of Melody and humiliated her about the BMW comment on Martell. Now she gets to hear a hurtful and posibly true comment about her husband. Melody is just paying her back.

  19. And Marsau's brother covering ip for him so mad, instead of coming forward with the truth. When they were humiliating Martell everything was all fun and funny. It is not when it is about them.


  21. Honestly tho, Mel wants to mess up someone else’s stuff because her stuff ain’t right! I wouldn’t of went there considering my husband is cheating.

  22. Tishas husband should have told her himself. This is humiliating. Tisha knows though, she knows. She has been planning her escape…

  23. Melody was suppose to leave that man & Tisha is such a sweet heart, she doesn’t deserve to hurt like that..😫 where’s her momma?

  24. This is going to be soo sad, I hope he’s not cheating on Tisha…ugghh why do men cheat damnn this is why so many woman are locked up for going upside their damn head

  25. Holt and Holt? Something is wrong with this picture fake as hell who gets pregnant when you know your man is cheating! But you are happy!!

  26. Martel is saying whatever he got to so he can pull himself out the fire. Mad at Marsau cuz he wasn't dumb enough to get caught.

  27. Mel will get pregnant, stds, and beat up over this man. He had a whole girlfriend for 3 years and you really think a baby about to ground him. Oh ok. Stay tuned for next season when Mel is a single mother and raising her step children

  28. Love and hip hop Huntsville. Hey they said my four year affair has come out let’s blow someone
    else marriage apart. Shameful wow. I’m so surprise OWn put this trash on it’s no better than VH1

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