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First Look: Love on the Rocks | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

-I do not wanna waste my time anymore. -How many kids do you want? -Like, three. -Really? -So, how soon do you want these kids? -Like, tomorrow. -You got one foot in and one foot out. -And I’m trying to get both feet in. [SCREAMS] -My day starts with London, it also ends with London. -You have one girlfriend here and it’s me. -What? -To forgiveness. -God forgive, but I don’t, Jimmy. [SIGHS] -Are you crazy? MUSIC

37 thoughts on “First Look: Love on the Rocks | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Jimmy need to go he is too fake. OAN these women are so and insecure. The only ones real here are that couple that’s already booed up and Alexis. Devyn is pretty chill. Tondy and Mario are cute but he wants to tame her. I mean I find that very attractive honestly but it can be the signs of a toxic relationship. But again Mario is my favorite.

  2. My favorite female: Devyne!!! Favorite guy: Mario… London is too much of a player for her. She's truly looking for love. Mario is a gentleman and I LOVE that!

  3. Kimber is showing her true colors… She treats her dog better than she's treating Jimmy right now. She'll be next to go but not before she pushes for Jimmy to go.

  4. Nuh uh … if a man makes you feel like you are in competition with another woman or you have to fight over him. HE DON'T WANT YOUUUU 😭😭 #Dontfightovernomanhunty

  5. NONE of these people are interested in anything more than being the next NeNe Leakes, including the 'Men,' P.S how you doin'? WINK WINK

  6. I remember Jimmy saying Kimber would have to work for his love. Looks like the shoe is on the other foot now lol.

  7. Alexis has always liked London. She's playing the game well tho. Options are great to have, but London is her pick. I think she's too serious for him tho. If Devyn could establish herself as something other than a good-time-girl, he'd pick her. I think London should have a serious talk with Devyn about what he needs and decide if she can handle it. He keeps letting her do all the flirting. Oops, I mean "talking."

  8. jimmy was dead wrong period. She asked him to stop, he should have stopped. Then he asked to see her get big mad…well she got big mad. Congrats! You got scared and self-sabotaged it.

    Then he has the nerve to pop off at her when he asked to speak to her. What in boundaries hell? How are you going to get mad at me because I don't want to talk to you right now? Too much.

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