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Finnish Media Education

The value of media education is broadly
recognized in Finland. Thanks to media education, people in all
age groups can manage their lives better communicate with each other,
participate in society and benefit from the possibilities of lifelong learning. Finland invests in sustainable media
education structures – such as media literacy policy and a media education state authority. Finnish media literacy experts also play an active role in international cooperation and research practice and policy development. In Finland everyone has an equal right to free public education and the teachers are highly educated. Media literacy is part of the curricula from early childhood education right through to primary and upper secondary education. You can even study media education in university as your degree major. Media education is a shared responsibility. In Finland – public, private and civil society
organizations are working together for a common goal. In addition to formal education media literacy is promoted in all sectors of life, including libraries, museums, child and youth organizations, and online communities. Together we are building Finland into a country where every citizen has an equal opportunity
to participate, make an impact and enjoy the media rich society we live in. Produced by: National Audiovisual Institute

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