Fighting human rights violations through social media
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Fighting human rights violations through social media

(dramatic music) – It also allows you to collect pieces of evidence into a bucket as well. – The Human Rights Investigations Lab that we’ve just launched at
the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley pulls
students from across campus and trains them in how
to mine social media and other places on the internet to pull together evidence of
human rights abuses and war crimes that are
happening around the globe. -Wikimapia works very similarly A lot of the tools and the
training these students have had has been figuring
out how to corroborate that information to authenticate those videos using a number of different, really interesting tools. -Let’s go with hospital. -There you go. Do you see,
do you see where that popped up? – Amnesty International is
one of the world’s largest NGOs to monitor human rights violations. The impact the students are
having sitting here in the Bay area is really
reverberating around the world. We had the first project
the week after the initial training, we didn’t
expect it to happen so quickly. And they did a really,
truly remarkable job on a video from Sudan, which was
then, a week later, used by Amnesty International
in a high level meeting with the United Nations. – In partnership with
Amnesty International, we’re hosting students from
four different countries to come together and
really debrief this first pilot year of teaching
students how to do this work. – It’s completely blown me away. I was entered into this whole new world of using technology to help human rights and I didn’t even know it existed. It was really great. – I feel like this program
brings to light accountability. You know, because, I guess,
these governments would be more aware that they
can’t just get away with human rights wrongs. – We’re creating a pipeline
of trained investigators who can then also,
post-graduation, go out there and provide the staffing
for this new generation of human rights work. – This program is very much a foundation towards my future career. It’s very much, even, shown me my new path with regards to human rights. – The enthusiasm of all
the students and the wide range of experiences and nationalities and languages spoken, and just the pure smartness of them all, really meant this project worked really, really well. – We’ve been getting
calls from universities all over the world who want
to do something similar. So we want to eventually
create a global network of really incredible investigators.

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