18 thoughts on “Federal health officials due to arrive at Life Care Center in Kirkland

  1. Greatest country on Earth.. yet.. 90% of jobs are exported .. Homelessness suicide and drug abuse all up.. and… Yall cant even stop a virus from spreading ..? Come on B!!!! FakeNews.. What happens when the epidemic really hits .. Jail cells and street people. Nobody got the guts to talk about that yet.. do they? MOST AMERICANS GOT GOT NO $ TO STAY ALIVE FOR 2 weeks.. Lets see 2 yrs. Follow me AK Designer for real news. Follow me I will lead the Resistance!

  2. Jay inslee, resign already. People are dying ,you are unqualified and incompetent. If you can't do your job, RESIGN

  3. They should of already been then, and how are yall saying it's a quarantine when people literally come and go, like wtf is wrong with that picture

  4. Unbelievable nightmare situation, my heart breaks for the families! Prayers for correct good action to take place.!

  5. Back in the day, our parents lived with us, or nearby. Families cared for each other through the generations. Today, that is rare. Having to leave your mother or father to be cared for by strangers must be so difficult. Good luck to all.

  6. I bet they wear masks / hazmat suits! But hey… they only work for health workers and government employees ..tyranny

  7. I live thousands of miles away from this nursing home, on the East coast. My mother will be 88 years old in a month. I'm doing everything that I can to keep her out of a nursing home. But my heart goes out to the families involved in this outbreak. I know how I would feel. I would be extremely angry too! There's no excuse for the authorities to have taken this long before sending the help that they've been needing! To me, they have blood on their hands!

  8. Why 30 of them….that is crazy.
    What are they going to do?
    Are they govt workers or doctors and nurses.

    When they say "where here from the government and here to Help"
    Run like Hell

    Govt gone Wold…

  9. As a retired nurse, I would love to help, but will Trump and Pence in control along with the Federal government it wouldn't be safe.

  10. During the next Trump rally, walk out if they put Trump behind glass . Your great leader should stand with you on the battle line. That is if his bone spurs aren't hurting him.

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