#FDOM19: Site Stats and Twitter Analytics
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#FDOM19: Site Stats and Twitter Analytics

Hi, everyone. I want to walk you through
some instructions for your last post on the website project that we’ve been
working on all semester. So you can see here I’m in website review four
instructions and as you get down you’ll see all of these instructions here that
talk about your last post. So part of its gonna be a summary of your experience, which you know will have that information based off of what you’ve
done all semester – but then I have a couple of questions here that ask you to
look into your statistics, in your analytics to get an idea of what was
most popular that you worked on all semester. So we just finished talking
about data and how data can help tell stories so we can learn from data
obviously and I want you to learn a little bit from your data in the project
this semester. So I asked what was your most popular week, how many views/visitors did you get that week, what was your most popular post of the semester,
were there any surprises in the data to you? So we’ll go through that and then I
need you to go through your Twitter analytics, which every Twitter user has
access to analytics so we’ll go through those. So let’s go into WordPress and I
am here on the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s blog, which we run
through WordPress – so if you come to the reader page, you’ll need to go to my
stats in order to see your stats. So you can see I have access to stats here – you
can also get stats if you use the WP Admin look and you could click on site
stats right there. So you have a couple of different options in terms of viewing
the statistics – so you can see here this is denoted by the day but that’s not
what what we’re asking for. So we’re asking you for what was your most
popular week. Now you’re probably only gonna have posts from you know early or
mid-January on ok? We post pretty consistently so it makes sense that we
have analytics throughout the year so for you you’ll probably have a lot of
blanks over here. Then you’ll have posts through there – so
if we’re just counting this semester, it looks like this week in particular was
our most popular week. So you can see I can get views and visitors from there
but also because I clicked on it now down here it’s given me an idea of
which post might have actually spurred that. So it doesn’t automatically
guarantee this is gonna be the most popular post but it gives you a pretty
good idea. I’ll show you another way to find that here in just a second. So
professor Jon Zmikly named the assistant director of the media
innovation lab spurred on that big week. You can see we had a really big week
back in December – if we click on that, that was spurred on by a big grant we
got to continue our PhDigital bootcamp, which got a lot of traffic. So that’s how
you can look at your visitors and views for weeks. You could also do it by months
if you wanted to, which again you’re probably not gonna have much here other
than a couple of months but what I’d suggest you do is go to years and this
is where you can get your total traffic because again you’re probably only
working from January 2019 on anyway. So you can see here this year we’ve had
twenty two hundred and sixty eight views from nine hundred and seventy eight
visitors. We’ve only published six times. You’ll
have ten or nine I guess at this point when you do that. And then if you click
down here on posts and pages you might be able to do quarter because that’s
looking back 90 days but in your sense you probably just want to click on year
and this will show you what your most popular posts of the year have been. So
don’t get confused by this – this is the homepage. All the rest of these are posts
though. So here was that PhDigital bootcamp post and we could continue
going down and seeing all of those – so you can get a better sense of what did
well on your site how, many people viewed it and things like that. So it’s
interesting to go back and look at the data and see what exactly you’ve done. So I’m still here in the year 2019. Now we can
start to look for surprises, which I’m not gonna have as many surprises here
because I have a more traditional content site here but you might get some
surprises that go along with that. You can see that none of this really is that
big of a surprise because those were all posts that probably did well. I don’t see
any search terms that were necessarily a big surprise.
We’ll see if we click on that nope that’s all we got so that’s not that big
of a deal. It might be a little bit of a deal that we got some traffic in South
Africa and that’s a little surprise. We got some visits from the Philippines, we
got some visits from the UK, so that might be the biggest of surprises but
other than that not many surprises on SJMC but hopefully you’ll have a few
surprises to find out on your site. The last thing I want to show you is Twitter
analytics and so I’m gonna go back over here and I might have to log into
Twitter okay. So once you get into your Twitter
account, if you click on your little – I would HIGHLY advise you do this on a
desktop or a laptop – if you click on your little profile icon right here and click
on analytics, it’s gonna take you to month by month your analytics. So you can see so far for April my top tweet was a tweet I did yesterday and that’s in
terms of impressions about Lucy. My top mention – this was somebody who wrote
about me and mentioned my name or as a student who was listening to our SouthBy panel who mentioned my name. My top media tweet is one that included a
picture or a gif or a video and here was my top follower for the month. You can
see I tweeted 19 times, I gained six new followers, had profile visits so on and
so forth. So you can go by month and look at this and get all of your statistics
month by month for that and these are free and
any user on Twitter can go through and do this. So go through and get the
information that you need for your last posts, take a look at the data, see what
you find and see if you can find anything interesting in there.

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