Fake Instagram Followers: How to Detect Fake Followers
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Fake Instagram Followers: How to Detect Fake Followers

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
this is Social Media Minute. There’s been
a lot of talk about fake followers. Not in the light of Twitter,
what it used to be, but more in the light of Instagram and how to find out, how to detect… A lot of people
are using different tactics to find out. Many are scrolling through the followers, trying to find out if those
are real pictures, real people, etc. Maybe even an easier way is to look
at the consistency of these profiles. A lot of the good
influencers and profiles out there will have a really nice consistency
of not only publishing content, very good regularity,
a couple of times a week, etc. They’ll also have
a really good consistency of engagement or engagement per thousand,
which is the division by followers. I recommend
looking at those specific metrics to determine whether
the profile has a certain percentage of fake followers
or inactive followers or not. As a brand,
if you wanna work with influencers, you really wanna make sure
you’re working with legitimate influencers with a legitimate following. I would recommend,
if you wanna find out, you look at these marks of consistency. Load it all up
in the Socialbakers Dashboard. If you wanna work
with thirty guys, take a list, load it up and understand
what is their consistency of engagement. Look at them now, look at them two
months back, look at them one year back. See how they built up their audiences. Even if they’re a faster builder now, it’s likely that you’re making
a good long-term investment. Because they’re
a better builder of audience and they’re growing
and building up their engagement. And if they’re building up
their engagement slowly and consistently, you really know
that’s a more legitimate profile. Don’t forget
to subscribe and like our channels and tag a friend or colleague
that you think is interested in how to definitely avoid
fake followers on your accounts. Thanks for watching.

9 thoughts on “Fake Instagram Followers: How to Detect Fake Followers

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  2. You can also use something like the Influencer Auditor. It helps in verifying their legitimacy and identifying fake influencers. This is an easier way for me.

  3. Did you ever try some of the free tools out there? I have been using www.auditninja.io and I actually find that fairly good to verify if an influencer is worth to collaborate with or not

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