FAFSA and FSA ID Tips for Parents
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FAFSA and FSA ID Tips for Parents

♪♪ It’s time for your child to
complete the Free Application for Federal
Student Aid or FAFSA. The FAFSA is the
student’s application. But, if your child is
considered “dependent,” you will have to provide some
information and sign it as well. If you aren’t sure if your
child is considered a dependent student for the FAFSA, go to
StudentAid.gov/dependency to learn more. Your child will need an FSA ID
to sign the FAFSA electronically and to make any
corrections later. An FSA ID is a username and
password that is used to log on to certain U.S. Department
of Education websites. If your child is providing
parental information on the FAFSA, you will need
to sign the FAFSA, too. If you have a
Social Security number, you can get your own FSA ID
to sign the FAFSA online. Before starting the FAFSA,
you and your child should go to StudentAid.gov/fsaid to
create your own FSA ID. There’s a lot of helpful
information about creating and using your FSA ID
on that website. It’s very important that you
and your child each create your own FSA ID to prevent
problems or delays with your child’s financial aid. To start a new application,
go to FAFSA.gov, and click the “Start
a New FAFSA,” button. If your child is starting
the application, he or she can enter his or her
FSA ID on the left side of the log-in page. If you are starting
your child’s FAFSA, then select “Enter the
student’s information” on the right to begin. Don’t enter your child’s FSA
ID or your FSA ID on this page. Follow the instructions
on the screen to proceed. Next, you will be asked to
create a “Save Key.” The Save Key is a
temporary password that lets you save
the FAFSA. Then, you can return to the
application later to complete it or share the FAFSA
with someone else. The save key lets you and your
child work on a FAFSA together, even if you aren’t
in the same location. One of you can start a FAFSA,
click the “SAVE” button at the bottom of the
page, and then exit. Then the other person can
log in at FAFSA.gov using the student’s
identifiers and the save key, and pick up where the
other person left off. Once you create your Save
Key, make a note of it. Unlike the FSA ID, the save key
is meant to be shared between you and your child. Now, you can begin
completing the FAFSA. Help is available
for every question. Look for the
“Help and Hints” box on the right side
of the screen. After you and your child
have filled out the FAFSA, you will both need to sign it. If you are in the same location,
you can each enter your own username and password on
the “Sign & Submit” page. The student signature is on-top and the parent signature
is below; make sure you each put your
information in the correct spot. If you and your child
are not together, one of you can sign the
application by entering your username and password and
clicking the “SIGN” button. Then, save and
close the application. The other can then log in at
FAFSA.gov using the save key and sign the application. Each person should enter his or
her own username and password in the correct spot… student
above and parent below. If you are a parent without
a Social Security number, you will not be able to get an
FSA ID and will not be able to sign the FAFSA electronically. Instead, your child will
submit the FAFSA without a parent signature, and then then print a
paper signature page for you to sign and
return by mail. Follow the instructions
on the screen. Once you and your child have
signed the FAFSA using your own FSA ID’s, submit it
by clicking the blue “SUBMIT MY FAFSA NOW” button
at the bottom of the page. Your child’s FAFSA is not
submitted until you see the confirmation page. You may want to print the
confirmation page for your records. Your child will receive a copy
of the confirmation page by e-mail if he or she
provided an e-mail address. Congratulations! Your child’s FAFSA
is submitted. Now it will take three to
five days to process, and then it will be made
available to the financial aid offices of the schools
listed on the FAFSA. They will use the information
to determine what aid your child may be eligible to receive. If you have other children
applying for financial aid this year, there’s a time-saving
link on the confirmation page. At the top of the
page, it will say, “Optional Feature – Transfer
your parents’ information into another FAFSA.” Click “here,” and you can start
a new FAFSA for another child and much of your information
will be carried over into the new FAFSA. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR

100 thoughts on “FAFSA and FSA ID Tips for Parents

  1. I am a parent trying to renew my child's FAFSA for this year. I have entered her information, but then I am presented with a screen for her to log-in, not for me to do so. How do I get in?

  2. For the page where the parent signs, the directions literally state, "Do not enter the student's FSA ID if you are not the student." But if you don't fill in the student's FSA ID and password, it won't accept the "student signature," which has to be received at the same time as the parent's signature.

    A large proportion of students attend school away from home, and will be at school when the parent has to sign this. So the parent has to enter the student's FSA ID and password, or vice-versa. I typically obtain it from the student via phone, which of course is contrary to the directions on that page.

  3. horrible process. all my id's are saved, none of them match up and here I am 4 months later and still can't get in to connect our accounts. completely ridiculous process.

  4. Could this system PLEASE BE MADE WORSE? I still CANNOT get into to CONFIRM a previous years info!
    Thank you for making this process this onerous.

  5. What if my sister made a FSA ID for my parents??? Now I can't get financial aid!!!!! I need immediate assistance!!!!

  6. If you are at a different location, create a save key. Then the video says "log in as the student" (2:53) EVEN THOUGH the login screen expressly forbids doing this. Ugh.

  7. I think this is deliberately difficult so we give up. I can't even get past the first page and I have a college degree. ARGHHHHHHHH

  8. The login process horrible. I got a screen that is not in the video after the login page asking for my user name, password and user keys. My old information didn't work. When I hit " Forgot username", it gave me the correct username. When I hit "forgot password, it automatically made me create a new one. When I entered it and my save key, it said username and password were incorrect. An easier process and a video for returning users with the right screens would be helpful.

  9. THIS fasa ID password system really is the worst1 i work with security codes all day , pay all my bills on line and still can't get past the red "Several Errors exist…" And I have been doing this for 5 years now!

  10. The ABSOLUTE WORSE!!!! Our information keeps changing and we get locked out. I'm so happy that this will be my daughter last year. UNREAL!!!!

  11. what if my parents don't live on the U.S. do they still have to make a fafsa ID? and in my fafsa aplication doesnt have the option for signing electronically

  12. Here's a workaround to the Log in problems we all have with this FAFSA site: Instead of choosing the option of using the previous year's FAFSA, choose the option to enter a new FAFSA (rather than having the previous year's info automatically transferred and entered for you, creating a new FAFSA for the coming school year will get you into the online form – although you will be entering everything from start – so have your tax and bank info handy.
    Good luck. And just WHY has no one at the Student Financial Aid bothered to check this page and provide this simple direction? If they won't fix the Log In issue, at least they could offer this tip to start over with a new FAFSA as a workaround.

  13. what if your parents dont have a ssn?they have a ITIN number.how do i input my parents tax information?

  14. This unhelpful video makes a wrong turn just 30 seconds in, when it refers the parent to a website instead of answering a fundamental question.

  15. This unhelpful video takes the parent down a second rabbit hole just 1:10 in by referring the parent once again to a website instead of providing the information on the video. Why even make a video if all it says is, "We're not providing any information here, but you can go to our website and maybe find what you need to know there"?

  16. I'm about to go crazy with this stupid student loan mess! Can't get anywhere with these people! But they will call and bug me to death for payment! Nothing ever matches!!!!

  17. how do I change the information from one college to another i changed schools now i have to change the information??

  18. Absolutely the worst and most confusing forms I've ever seen. We were filling out our second one this year and when we got to the financials, they said "if your parents used the IRS importing tool" (which we did last year) the $ would be filled in. (which they weren't). No link to "jump to" the importing tool. No idea how to get to it from within the new forms. Then, they asked for only 2015 tax info (for our 2017/18 submission). I thought they were going back 2 years now so that makes sense, but they never asked for 2016 tax year info. Allowed us to submit. We'll see. I'm guessing there will be more pain to come. UGH!

  19. I have the correct username and password but it still will not let me in. I go to help and now it does not recognize my social security number, wow!! You sure recognize it to send me fucking bill for payment how does that work!!!!

  20. There has to be a glitch. I am trying to retrieve my username and password by answering my personal questions. I enter my SSN, my Last Name and my DOB and it is telling that information doesn't match their records. Seriously I do know my own personal information. I see there are a lot of us having issues, are there any out there with a tip or a trick to get it to work?

  21. I'm applying for 2018-2019,but my parents didn't file 2016 taxes(they weren't required,because they arrived in the U.S in december 2016) What should I do when they ask for tax info and my parents don't even have a W2? Please help me.
    Edit:We're cuban political refugees,if that helps.I have all my other documents in order(social sec number,I94,state issued ID…etc)

  22. Nothing but a pain in the ass trying to get the system to recognize parent ID Student ID from same IP address computer. Can't select print page option either! You have access to every higher education system, top tier technology experts and I find it ridiculous you can't make this operable! Just call Amazon and pay them to do it for you but get your act together!

  23. If you have multiple children then why can't you use the same parent ID for all of them. I have exhausted all of my current email accounts trying to get a 3rd parent id for my last child filing the fafsa! It keeps stating that I already have and Id. when I put that username and password in for my 3rd child it rejects it! One parent ID for all 3 children is that all that hard!

  24. I have forgotten my FSA ID and password. I don't know how to retrieve it because I don't use the email account on records anymore. I have a new email address. Please help me.

  25. never did i ever think the most difficult part of the getting into college process would be typing my own fucking password in…. this is a scam there's no way a website should glitch this much

  26. The site is horrible have called several times and received no help. I have reset passwords and user names several times and still can not get into the  site. The help line personnel are not helpful and very rude as well. Trying to get into this site to resolve issues, but you will fault me because your system has blocked me out.  the responsibility should fall on you from this point forward.

  27. Endless loop arounds and dumps out saved information. Second year I am going through hours of wasted time trying to fill out the basics. The Parent and Student log in do not interface and there seems to be no way to do that.

  28. this website represents everything wrong in government run IT. Nothing is intuitive, nothing is explained. It's a steaming pile of dung

  29. As the parent I keep trying to do the IRS link to share my tax data but each time I do it tells me I am not the parent on her form and to create my own ID which I have done and it stills tells me that. There are only two parents on form, myself and her mother my spouse. I've tried both and apparently neither of us are the parents listed on her form even though according to the summary we are.

  30. Update: I found the trick / problem with linking to IRS data was that my SS info on my FASA account didn't show that it had been verified. It was blank. I reentered SS# and tried again. Even tho it said "pending" by verified I could now get into IRS site.

  31. Hi, anybody know how to access a FAFSA to add a signature? I received notice saying I needed to add signatures (I knew this was coming as it wouldn't let me sign it when I completed the form 2 weeks ago.) I've tried just about everything but with no luck.

  32. Can someone please tell me what they mean by I should sign my 1040 tax return and how I can do that electronically?

  33. I'm sorry but the FAFSA login SUCKS. There's no nice way to put it. At 2:57 the video says to log in and enter the student's key. EXCEPT THE F***G WEBSITE DEMANDS THE STUDENT'S ID!!!!! There is NO WAY to proceed without knowing the student's ID. The instructions, the video, the documentation are ALL WRONG and do not reflect the website correctly.

  34. The video is incorrect regarding what happens after a parent enters the child's information. Once a parent enters the child's info the next page welcomes the child, not the parent, and the system takes the parent to a page which will not let them proceed if they select "FAFSA Renewal" and enters the parent's ID and password. There is no way for the parent to proceed or to create a save key at this point and it gets extremely frustrating.

  35. after getting through change your password and log in and social security is wrong i finally got on. but it put my right to sign the application.
    there is nothing showing me where i can do the application ( this is for my son's junior year).
    then they said it is in process. I never did anything but get on and sign it.

  36. I have my own set of similar problems with the site. After reading these comments I actually feel better that I'm not the only one going through these experiences. But it just boggles me that the system is so challenging to access and the help is just not there. Days of waiting on calls or chats just to refresh my password is just absolutely ridiculous. Problems with connecting my tax return for Lord knows why? My son is a good student and deserves the next level of education however, the path is not working for financial assistance. He will add to Full Time Equivalency without a doubt. The investment for him will be worthwhile because he will attain gainful employment. But right now I want to freaking scream because this system of online application for access to the invest portion of his educational experience is making it hard on me to make this happen.

  37. Yes!  This royally sucks!!  I have been at this for almost two hours and just spinning endlessly into the abyss.  I could not sign electronically because it said the ID did not match….WTF!  So I printed the damn page to sign and to mail in, has his name and a bar code on the top so it looks official….But then on the site I noticed a remark that said 'no FSA ID on file' even though everything was completed and I printed the page for signing.  So much for our government and education system.  No wonder we rank so low in the word!
    Frustrated Parent

  38. I cant figure this out! I used the FSAID I created last year and I can't get it to work. How can something so easy be so difficult!!

  39. Me and my child have the same name I completed my form recently to get back in school and I did one for him on last year. I dont have his sign in or password neither do him, but we cant get in for him.

  40. So we all came to this video to help us with this cumbersome, illogical system. And it didn't help.  Besides all the password problems we're having,  the background music on this video is really annoying!


  42. I am not applying for fasfa I am paying the parent student loans for years already… I ned to get recertify on low income again

  43. FASFA website and forms are created by bunny kissing liberals that only interacts in the real world at the grocery store. This web of nonsense is a tool used by democrats to discourage you from actually applying because this is ridiculous. I bet getting welfare and food stamps; ooops sorry I don't want to offend anyone by calling it by it's real name , I meant SNAP is a breeze. If I have a user name and password why do I need a key?? Why am I be required to have the IRS send direct transcripts and the FASFA has no IRS Data Retrieval Tool button?? Why is my password not good any more?? Why do my parents need a FASFA ID??? Now FASFA thinks they are students……seriously, this is created by the brightest in America?? Do you think this is good leadership and we should strive to be as ridiculous as you?? How about if I donate to liberal media to report on illegal Mexican immigrants and their rights?? I bet that form is easy, probably just a signature.

  44. As someone who helps people do their FAFSAs for a living, it's not a terrible process if you get the pieces right at the outset and stay calm. When I have trouble logging people in, it's usually because they didn't write down their info correctly the first time. If you have the correct FSA IDs for student/parent, you can renew in under 5 minutes. Get that PMA before you start the FAFSA!

  45. This is an annoying video and the music is really grating. All I want know is the answer to "I'm a parent. How can I fill out a FAFSA form if I can't use my child's FSA ID?" There was a link to this video, but too much information about attending meetings and didn't answer the question about how to log in. They did try to explain how you log in a a parent, but don't log in as the child, and you must have your own FAFSA ID, but don't use it to log in. What a bunch on nonsense! Why so complicated? The only reason anyone would ever use this website is to update the FAFSA, so why all the do this, don't do this special tricky instructions? Just have a parent portal and directly ask what is needed there. This is such a waste of time. Don't forget that there are waiting periods to use your ID, and more waiting periods if you need to verify something and on and on. This system is a complete mess!


  47. My dad made an ID for my sister over 2 years ago. He barely knew what he was doing so he needed a lot of help. Here it is today and he doesnt remember any of his information, his email password or anything. They locked up his account and we have no way to get in. I have no way to get aid, you cant make a new one you cant reach out for help, as they dont reply. This is really shitty, this is preventing me from starting school in the fall.

  48. dot gov sites are the worst; this is even worse than Medicare. I have done five (ultimately) successful FAFSA’s for my two offspring, having encountered the same numerous problems you all have encountered. However, now that the due dates have changed, the forms have changed, old id’s/PW’s don’t work, so you get ALMOST to the end and can’t finish.
    No help available. Extremely frustrating to go through it again and again, changing emails, PW’s whatever.

    I am pro education for all, but this system is broken. I DO HOPE SOMEONE IS READING THIS, but it’s probably just a government wonk who gets paid by the hour and has no accountability. Soldier on, parents and students!

  49. This video maybe shows how they thought maybe filling out the FAFSA might work in a world where filling out the FAFSA works? There is actually no way for a parent to begin filling out the form for a student–even one like mine who has had a FAFSA ID for two years. Once you enter the student's info you are NOT taken to the screen shown in the video, but to one where you need the student's id and password. And then both the student's id/password and the parent's id/password are "incorrect" at this step. Super frustrating. How can such a messed-up thing be the gateway for all the financial aid for all the students at all the colleges?

  50. There is not a word to describe how horrible this process is! I just want to sign my child's FAFSA but instead getting a endless loop of passwords and ID's Thank goodness this is the last year!

  51. I agree with all these comments.I have tried for 3 days to log on to my created account.Is there some way I can re-create an account?

  52. seems the comments are unanimous – the process is ridiculous, confusing and a horrific. I wonder why no one can get this fixed???

  53. God forbid you have more than one kid in the system …your social security is already on file and so you can't really sign it. HORRIBLE

  54. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has so much trouble with this. We have 3 college age children and have never received aid. I'm not sure the government even recognizes that they are siblings. Last year we didn't even bother to fill FASFA out because it is literally so useless and frustrating. I wish there was a way to find out if you have multiple accounts. I just have no idea what to do . It keeps logging me out and prompting me to re enter the same info over and over.

  55. Hey sir
    Me and my daughter came in usa last month( march 2019) by f2 visa
    paid for greencard and will be getting it soon..

    My daughter complted her high school (12) already in our homeland ( foreign country ) our first language wasnt english.. now she want to complete her education here and wants to go to college
    but i dont have so much money to take her expenses we dont have..( i am 56+ and sick as well so cant work) didnt file any tax and dont have any earing source and bank account yet

    is she eligible for filling fafsa? and to get enrolled in a community college?

  56. My Dad has forest his won FAFSA id and He trying to find out by email but He also not remember what kinda email He used them. What should He do at that moment for singing the application???????

  57. Hi I have a question. So I applied for financial aid last year for 2018-19 and I got accepted and was awarded with like $10,000 in total however my college still needed documents (like W2…) I finally just turned them all in last week. May 14,2019 Is it too late to receive that money?? Or am I still going to be able to get that money??? As long as I turned in all the documents??

  58. I check the parent one and it tells me to put in my son date of birth name,social security number, and it says to contact the school and I contact the school the school act like they retarted are something they don't know what I'm talking about

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