Facebookville: Social Network Plans to Build Company Town
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Facebookville: Social Network Plans to Build Company Town

(Image: Facebook) BY ADAM FALK Some of us live our lives on Facebook, but
someday, some of the social network’s employees might really live at Facebook. Or rather, Facebook’s “resort-inspired” apartment
complex. Check it out. This artist rendering shows what the company has planned for its
fancy, 394-unit building in Menlo Park, Calif. This is where Facebook’s main campus is located.
(Via Gizmodo / Facebook / St. Anton Partners) Though you can’t see everything in that image,
the minitown comes with big amenities, among them a pool, a rooftop deck, communal kitchen,
bar, bike shop, yoga studio and a pet spa. Really? Which is only fitting, considering Boo, the
self-proclaimed “world’s cutest dog” is owned by a Facebook employee. (Via Facebook) But of course, the biggest perk of the building
is its proximity to Facebook. A company rep told The Wall Street Journal being a walk
or quick bike ride away from the office is something employees have been asking about. Perhaps that’s due to San Francisco’s “soaring”
rent prices? Or maybe employees are tired of riding the bus — the WiFi-enabled, plush-seated
bus. Probably not. Or maybe it’s just the social network wanting its employees to truly
call Facebook home. (The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine) “Home. A whole new experience for your phone.”
(Facebook) Well, not that home. The Wall Street Journal
argues this $120 million project is something new. “Even in Silicon Valley, where tech companies
compete to lure coveted engineers with over-the-top perks and offices that resemble adult playgrounds,
Facebook’s plan breaks new ground.” Some worry this means FB employees living
in the community will never not be working. But some reports argue smartphones kind of
already did away with the eight-hour workday. (Via Facebook, NBC) Though Facebook’s proposed project is primarily
for employees, the company will also subsidize 15 units for low-income tenants. The local improvement thing has been done
before. Google opened a 51-unit complex last month aimed at lower-income residents. (Via
KGO-TV) As for Facebook’s project, Menlo Park’s Planning
Commission is scheduled to review the plans this week. If all is OK’d, work will begin
next month. Facebookville is set to open in 2016.

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