Facebook’s Sexual Emoji Ban, Las Vegas’s Homeless Curb & A 911 Boss Streams Netflix | The Daily Show
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Facebook’s Sexual Emoji Ban, Las Vegas’s Homeless Curb & A 911 Boss Streams Netflix | The Daily Show

The big social media
controversy. Recently, Facebook said that
it would not ban political ads even if they made
false statements, and everyone said,
“Oh, man, we’re screwed.” And now Facebook is saying,
“Oh, no. We’ll make sure
you’re not screwed.” NEWSWOMAN:
Facebook and Instagram users who post emojis
or emoji strings in a sexual manner
will now face being banned. That means if you use eggplant,
peach emojis or sweat emojis, Facebook and Instagram
will be looking at just how you’re using them. Really, Facebook? You’re banning eggplant
and peach emojis? You realize now
it’s gonna be so hard to explain to your grandma why her eggplant and peach salad
post got deleted. You’ll be like,
“So, Grandma, uh… Facebook thinks
you’re a ho. Uh…” Be like, “You do one gangbang,
it follows you for the re…” “Wait, what?” You know, what I find
fascinating about this, right, is that there’s apparently
nothing Facebook can do if Russians post
fake political ads or Nazis send death threats, but all of a sudden they’re
coming after horny people like, “We got
a code water squirt here. Code water squirt.
Let’s roll, fellas.” And by the way, also, though,
it’s fun to imagine explaining to someone
from the 19th century how dating has changed. Right?
‘Cause they would be like, “In my day,
we used to court our betrothed by putting a sonnet
into a love letter.” And we’re just like,
“Really? We just text vegetables that look like our ding-dongs.” (laughter) All right, anyway,
let’s move on, because while Facebook
is banning emojis, the city of Las Vegas
is trying to ban actual humans. Las Vegas makes it illegal to camp or sleep
on the streets or sidewalks. The city council
approving the measure in front of a fired up crowd. (chanting):
Hey, hey! Ho, ho! The war on the poor
has got to go! NEWSWOMAN:
Protesters say the ban criminalizes
the homeless population. Those violating the law
could be fined up to $1,000 or put in jail for six months. Are you shitting me? This is heartless
and disgusting. The city of Vegas
is making it a crime for a homeless person
to sleep on the street. Like, what’s their pitch? “Uh, we don’t want
these homeless people “because they might scare away
our usual crowd of pimps and bookies, you know?” And also, how are you gonna fine
a homeless person? Asking a homeless person
to pay a fine is like asking Nancy Pelosi
to blink. It’s not gonna happen. Those eyes don’t close. (laughter) It’s also crazy
it’s also crazy that the punishment
for being homeless in the street is gonna be six months in jail. Like, for me, this is always
the paradox of America. Because the government
could be providing housing for homeless people,
but instead, they’d rather spend $4,500
per person to put a homeless person
in prison, which is a place
with a roof and a bed and a TV. That’s a house.
Just give them a house. Take away the bars
and the toilet wine, -it’s the same thing.
-(laughter) It’s the same thing. (cheering and applause) But instead… the city’s
gonna force the people to live in jail. And then what? At the end of the sentence,
you’re gonna be like, “Okay, you’re free.
Do you have a house yet?” It’s like, “No.”
“Then get back in there. Get back in there.” Right, moving on.
We all know 911 is the number to call
when there’s an emergency, but now you may want
to have a backup. The 911 personnel under fire after an emergency call
was mishandled while investigators say
the supervisor was apparently streaming
Netflix. NEWSMAN:
When a gunman opened fire, his bullet barely missed
a woman sitting in her car. She called 911 three times,
but the police never came, in part because the supervisor
was distracted, watching Netflix and Hulu
on the job. NEWSMAN:
Another four minutes passed. Still no cops. Oh, man. First of all, I need
the gumption of this woman. She gets shot at,
the police don’t answer, so she’s like, “I’m just gonna
drive to the station myself”? Yeah. That’s conviction. Because Grubhub gives me
a kale salad instead of the ice cream
I ordered, and I’m like, “Yeah, okay.
Yeah, I’ll take it.” You know what would be weird? Is
what if she gets to the station and all the cops
are also watching Netflix? Huh? Then she’s gonna have to do
the whole investigation herself. Finds the shooter,
takes him to court. But then,
when she gets to court, the judge
is also watching Netflix, so then she then has to do
the trial herself. It’s just, like,
a one-woman justice system. Which is such a great story. They should make it
into a show on Netflix. They really should. I think
that would be a great show. And the police would be
watching it when she calls. Can we also admit that this is
partly Netflix’s fault though? Like, they make binging
too addictive. Like, instead of
always recommending more shows, maybe Netflix should have
a setting for people at work, so it says,
“If you like Stranger Things, you may like doing
your (bleep)ing job.” It might work. I do have a tip for anyone
though. If you do call 911 and you suspect
that they’re ignoring you because they’re watching
Netflix, there’s actually a code
that you can use to make sure that
they send someone right away. You just say “black guy,” and then they spring right
into action. Yeah. It works for anything. It really works well. You just pick up the phone
and be like, “Hello, 911?
My cat is stuck in a tree. And there’s a black guy
up there.” “We’re sending someone
right away! He’s on his way!”

100 thoughts on “Facebook’s Sexual Emoji Ban, Las Vegas’s Homeless Curb & A 911 Boss Streams Netflix | The Daily Show

  1. but what if you are a black guy and call the police for help, will you get shot ? Trevor you got to overthink that strategy… it will not work.

  2. Because America has uniformed terrorists who shoot people at will. The police department and judges get a kickback from the filth who privately own the prisons (places to stick people of a darker skin tone.) People who didn't have a chance are locked up, degraded, and marked for life. What happened to empathy, compassion, and kindness?

  3. long life to you my dear brother Trevor! I'm pretty depressed these past few days and I decided to watch some of your recent videos, and I'm not disappointed.

    You're right about Las Vegas and the "black guy" code. The U.S. is not paradise and most people have to remember that.

  4. Cynicism aside, from an data science standpoint it is endeed waaaay easier to reliably identify sexual use of Emojis compares to say fashist sentiment in a text. That's of course no reason to to it. But the tasks are on completely different levels.

  5. Norway doesn’t have homeless people, because when folks are down on their luck, the government provides them homes, furniture, and even television — WITHOUT putting people behind bars.

    Being impoverished isn’t a crime — but imprisoning those who are is a crime against humanity. America is descending into madness.

  6. It's right out of the conservative play book. It's their version of "yes we are shit but look at this thing these people are doing over here!""

    It's why conservatism is inherently hypocritical.

    Most gun violence in the US? In most religious states.

    Most rapes? In most religious states.

    Most drug users? In most religious states.

    Most users of social services? Not in blue states…in red…where they rail against social services when brown people use them.

    There is no talking to conservatives….the sooner democrats realize this the faster we can leverage our dominating electoral numbers to just take our democracy back instead of constantly being hoodwinked by the conservative game of endless bait and switch when it comes to their hypocrisy being pointed out.

  7. Am I having deja-vu? Didn't Michael Costa just do a piece on the alt-reich spreading political lies and unnecessarily suppressing sexual activity? You know, for having a blue logo, fakebook's policies sound pretty red to me, and that can only mean one thing…

    …Communists! Ahh!

  8. Trevor, you will know, the non existent reaction time frame for dialing 10111 in an emergency situation in our country. Ps. To Americans 10111 is "supposed" to be our equivalent of 911. Greatings from South Africa 🇿🇦

  9. Homeless in jail increases the work population, more money for the 'man'.

    There is a reggae song lyrics that in part says "to be poor is a crime and ghetto is the jail".🙄😕

  10. PlSS Cries what if we're REALLY hungry Cries think of the crying bbabies and Las Vegas ppl plSS it is indeed occupie, we just can't stand talking, laughingh anything I even …. MAD EXACTE MUNDO #TrevorNoah NO IM NOT GONNA WATCH NETFLIX EVER AGAIN Balling that's MY scary moevie 911 EVIL LOOK #mrNoah y you know my life??? whyyy??? I KNOW THEY THOUGHT I HIT SOMEONE I WAS WITH . . . . and that is how i became a homofoob MAD and i never was before Bell rings i am scared S.O.S anyway…. MAYBE IT IS MACDONALDS OFFERING ME A DEAL XD LIKE THE BEST ONE EVER to open the door yay or noon Thinks long and hard

  11. Oh Trevor…haven’t you figured out the “American way”? We’re a country bound by the principles of freedom and Christianity. So of course we would rather take a person’s freedom from them if there is profit to be gained by locking them up, rather than utilize tax dollars that would otherwise subsidize the already wealthy. That’s sensible governance taken straight from the constitution and the Bible. You know…We the people of the United States, blah blah establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, blah blah, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves, those who can afford it… We all know how Jesus said “Blessed are the wealthy, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” and “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a poor man to enter the kingdom of heaven” and “amass many treasures on earth and keep that treasure for yourself and preach of profiting from the poor, for this is the way to follow in me”. Duh.

  12. This woman and her sister in Utah were being attacked by a guy with a knife who came in the window of their home, so they called 911–which didn't send anyone because the women didn't answer a series of questions instead of yelling for help and giving their address. A cop happened to walk by and saved them, but not in answer to the call. The one woman ended up in the hospital because of her stab wounds. Apparently the 911 calls had been farmed out to a private company that used an algorithm to see if they should really send someone.

  13. Las Vegas has plenty of programs to end homelessness but this people are just to lazy to do anything for themselves, this forces them to do something for themselves!!!

  14. Much of our "justice" system is not designed to bring justice. It's always surprising when people think it is. We write our laws to protect those with from those without…and that includes more than just wealth. That's why Native Americans to this day are seeing their treaties spit on by us, and why non-white people in general are suspects, just for existing, for crimes that haven't even been committed. Lady Justice turned her back on us long ago because we kept trying to tear off her blindfold, weight her scales, and order her to do unjust things. What we have now is Mr. Justin. Similar name, but he "tells it like it is" without knowing anything about it, "doesn't see color" except when it isn't white, and always has an open palm.

  15. I am just gonna say that the woman on theh 911 call didnt sound like a brunetter professional white woman yet that was the image that was used for the netflix show… if it weren't this show I would really have a problem with that. Okay back to your hot pockets, ramen, and cell phones

  16. dude trevor. i think you in the mix. All good but…. youve moved far away from the truth , i think u know what i mean. All good bud. its about the $$, all g

  17. Las Vegas will profit off the free labor of the homeless in their privatized jails. It's the rich getting richer and the poor getting used.

  18. I stopped using FB over a year ago. 🖕Mark Zuckerberg.
    Every story in this clip illustrates how low we have sunk as a society, and we haven't hit bottom yet.

  19. So they make it a crime to be poor an homeless so let’s lock them up and now we get paid person being locked up! Go figure why not give them housing!!!!!cause then the government Will finally fix the problem. X

  20. It feels strange to see that the country who has the most influenced elections/revolutions all over the world is now afraid that shitty ads in facebook paid by foreign powers way influence their elections.

  21. It's heartless, but this is America so it actually does have logic behind it; removing the homeless by legal force is better for the bottom line. Businesses have a cleaner, safer, happier environment with real estate untarnished by proximity to homeless camps and the for-profit prisons that won the state bid make money for every night people spend in jail. Reject that premise and you basically have to reject everything about America, including the skyscraper you're broadcasting from and the suit you're wearing, Trevor.

  22. Now days its hard to know who's the good guy and who's the bad guy. For me, they're all bad until i find out they're not. Its called survival, trust nobody. My city is overrun with as the report and so many like to mistakenly call them, homeless. Yes they are homeless in the sense that they have no home. But most are there out of choice. To them, its easier to live the way they do than getting a job. Personally, I would be more sympathetic towards their problem if the majority of them weren't looking to steal from us, or worse. I am in total agreement with Las Vegas. Cities have tried the designated homeless camps that the city government creates, but that just makes things worse…for them. All I know for sure is they're out there, you cant trust them, they at the least want you to shell out your hard earned money to them so they can buy what? Food? Maybe but in most cases, its booze drugs and in some isolated cases, sex from other "homeless" women. And btw, for those bible thumper's out there who quote scripture as an answer to everything, there is a really good one. The lord helps those who help themselves. It doesn't say go out on a street corner and wave a sign asking for help, it says get your punk ass out there and help yourself, if so perhaps I'll help you.

  23. I'm tired of the homeless here in OR. They are criminals, drug addicts, and trash every area they camp. It's absolutely disgusting. My family and I were homeless 4 years ago but since then have started to get back on our feet. We have also met some people on our journey that were respectful and trying hard to change their fates but the majority don't.

  24. I remember when I called 911 and they thought I was 12 when I’m 20, asked me stupid questions that didn’t relate to my dad having a heart attack. They asked me what color shirt he was wearing… this all happened at my house

  25. You forgot one thing when comparing jail to a house. Putting homeless in jail also gets cheap/free prison labor to clean all those casinos!

  26. You say, OK Google. And say Police Department. Or dial the nearest Police Station. If she was in her town. She should have the number. Everyone should, look it up. Store it, set the speed dial or whatever. Everyone should have their local police station phone numbers. For non emergency calls, information, animal control. You're going to need it!

    So on an emergency, dial 911. Non emergency dial the number direct. And if 911 is down, dial the local.

  27. Lol Trevor has a way of making sad news exciting though. I mean WTF do they mean by fining homeless people? If they had money, they would be home duuuuh!

    Otumfour Kojo Agyemang

  28. I can't decide if that "black guy" code is the saddest, funny thing I've ever heard OR the funniest, sad thing I've ever heard!!

  29. Of all the disgusting crimes taking place in Vegas (human trafficking, etc.) you’re really going to use your time and resources going after homeless people and say that they’re committing a crime by existing !? How about you work on creating a society where no one has to sleep on the streets ??? Give me a fucking break.

  30. This segment is a bit misleading. The law actually says it is illegal to not sleep in a shelter when shelter is available. It's actually a pretty good common sense law but way more difficult to poke fun at when stated that way.

  31. I suppose the upside to the police continuing to be fucking horrible is that if you call them a few times and no one comes then you can just commit a few crimes while your out because they sure as fuck wont be answering them ether…. unless black is mentioned

  32. It's so their are not fine for the prison not being at capacity…… they have to stay at about 85% if they are under that it's a half million dollars fine here in vegas…… so be careful cuz they will put you in for some of the stupidest things…… fine you amounts you can't pay in the amount of time given………. the will try to make you go in to warrant anytime they can……. and if you get a judge that was just pissed off by some dumb ass running the opening in their face you are screwed………. their are ways out of if tho………..but yeah that's good old Las Vegas nv taking everything the lower class doesn't have ahahahahahahahahahah now its kicking them while they are down hananananananahahahahanananahahaha

  33. i live in a neighborhood in vegas that gets worse and worse because of the useless homeless or ghetto shitheads that surround the area, fuck em

  34. Ya then what about the actual NUDES ? 🤔🤔
    Hello Facebook and Instagram

    It's ok to see actual nudes and not ok to see a fruit . Is that what it is?

  35. "….Netflix also recommends Do Your F#cking Job!" 😂😆 Also sadly true that if you need 911 to respond mention a black guy being involved. Except if the 911 operator in my case was a black b#tch with a nasty attitude because she hates her job. I was being harrassed by a black guy and the very mention pissed off the 911 operator. 😒

  36. UBI and just a bit of empathy would solve the homeless travesty. And it would be cheaper. Las Vegas and Nevada as a whole would benefit from building about 30,000 tiny homes. But we punish the homeless for being homeless? Which is a direct result of the top 1 per cent owning 40 per cent of the wealth. Crazy.

  37. I smell an ACLU lawsuit in Vegas. They showed up to my town’s city commission meeting with a lawyer after they started arresting homeless people in encampments here. Walked right up to the mic and said “We’re fully prepared to sue if you pass this motion.” They didn’t.

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