Facebook’s role in Brexit — and the threat to democracy | Carole Cadwalladr
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Facebook’s role in Brexit — and the threat to democracy | Carole Cadwalladr

So, on the day after the Brexit vote, in June 2016, when Britain woke up to the shock of discovering that we’re leaving
the European Union, my editor at the “Observer”
newspaper in the UK asked me to go back to South Wales,
where I grew up, and to write a report. And so I went to a town called Ebbw Vale. Here it is. It’s in the South Wales Valleys,
which is this quite special place. So it’s had this very, sort of rich,
working-class culture, and it’s famous for its Welsh
male voice choirs and rugby and its coal. But when I was a teenager,
the coal mines and the steelworks closed, and the entire area was devastated. And I went there because it had one of
the highest “Leave” votes in the country. Sixty-two percent of the people here
voted to leave the European Union. And I wanted to know why. When I got there,
I was just a bit taken aback, because the last time I went to Ebbw Vale, it looked like this. And now, it looks like this. This is a new 33-million-pound
college of further education that was mostly funded
by the European Union. And this is the new sports center that’s at the middle of 350-million-pound
regeneration project that’s being funded by the European Union. And this is the new 77-million-pound
road-improvement scheme, and there’s a new train line,
a new railway station, and they’re all being funded
by the European Union. And it’s not as if
any of this is a secret, because there’s big signs
like this everywhere. [EU Funds: Investing in Wales] (Laughter) I had this sort of
weird sense of unreality, walking around the town. And it came to a head when I met this young man
in front of the sports center. And he told me that he had voted to leave, because the European Union
had done nothing for him. He was fed up with it. And all around town,
people told me the same thing. They said that they wanted
to take back control, which was one of the slogans
in the campaign. And they told me
that they were most fed up with the immigrants and with the refugees. They’d had enough. Which was odd. Because walking around,
I didn’t meet any immigrants or refugees. I met one Polish woman who told me she was practically
the only foreigner in town. And when I checked the figures, I discovered that Ebbw Vale actually has one of the lowest rates
of immigration in the country. And so I was just a bit baffled, because I couldn’t really understand where people were getting
their information from. Because it was the right-wing
tabloid newspapers which printed all these stories
about immigration. And this is a very much
left-wing Labour stronghold. But then after the article came out,
this woman got in touch with me. And she was from Ebbw Vale, and she told me about all this stuff
that she’d seen on Facebook. I was like, “What stuff?” And she said it was all this quite scary
stuff about immigration, and especially about Turkey. So I tried to find it. But there was nothing there. Because there’s no archive
of ads that people had seen or what had been pushed
into their news feeds. No trace of anything,
gone completely dark. And this referendum that will have
this profound effect forever on Britain — it’s already had a profound effect: the Japanese car manufacturers
that came to Wales and the north east to replace the mining jobs — they are already going because of Brexit. And this entire referendum
took place in darkness, because it took place on Facebook. And what happens on Facebook
stays on Facebook, because only you see your news feed,
and then it vanishes, so it’s impossible to research anything. So we have no idea who saw what ads or what impact they had, or what data was used
to target these people. Or even who placed the ads,
or how much money was spent, or even what nationality they were. But Facebook does. Facebook has these answers, and it’s refused to give them to us. Our parliament has asked Mark Zuckerberg
multiple times to come to Britain and to give us these answers. And every single time, he’s refused. And you have to wonder why. Because what I and other
journalists have uncovered is that multiple crimes
took place during the referendum. And they took place on Facebook. It’s because in Britain,
we limit the amount of money that you can spend in an election. And it’s because in the 19th century, people would walk around
with literally wheelbarrows of cash and just buy voters. So we passed these strict laws
to stop that from happening. But those laws don’t work anymore. This referendum took place
almost entirely online. And you can spend any amount of money
on Facebook or on Google or on YouTube ads and nobody will know,
because they’re black boxes. And this is what happened. We’ve actually got no idea
of the full extent of it. But we do know that in the last days
before the Brexit vote, the official “Vote Leave” campaign laundered nearly three quarters
of a million pounds through another campaign entity that our electoral commission
has ruled was illegal, and it’s referred it to the police. And with this illegal cash, “Vote Leave” unleashed
a fire hose of disinformation. Ads like this. [Turkey’s 76m people joining the EU] This is a lie, it’s a total lie. Turkey is not joining the European Union. There’s not even any discussions
of it joining the European Union. And most of us, we never saw these ads, because we were not the target of them. “Vote Leave” identified
a tiny sliver of people who it identified as persuadable,
and they saw them. And the only reason
we are seeing these now is because parliament forced
Facebook to hand them over. And maybe you think, “Well, it was just a bit of overspending. It’s a few lies.” But this was the biggest electoral fraud
in Britain for 100 years. In a once-in-a-generation vote that hinged upon just
one percent of the electorate. And it was just one of the crimes
that took place in the referendum. There was another group, which was headed
by this man, Nigel Farage, the one to the right of Trump. And his group, “Leave.EU” —
it also broke the law. It broke British electoral laws
and British data laws, and it’s also being
referred to the police. And this man, Arron Banks,
he funded this campaign. And in a completely separate case, he’s being referred
to our National Crime Agency, our equivalent of the FBI, because our electoral commission has concluded they don’t know
where his money came from. Or if it was even British. And I’m not even going to go into
the lies that Arron Banks has told about his covert relationship
with the Russian government. Or the weird timing of Nigel Farage’s
meetings with Julian Assange and with Trump’s buddy,
Roger Stone, now indicted, immediately before
two massive WikiLeaks dumps, both of which happened
to benefit Donald Trump. But I will tell you that Brexit
and Trump were intimately entwined. This man told me that Brexit
was the petri dish for Trump. And we know it’s the same people,
the same companies, the same data, the same techniques, the same use of hate and fear. This is what they
were posting on Facebook. And I don’t even want to call this a lie, [Immigration without assimilation
equals invasion] because it feels more
like a hate crime to me. I don’t have to tell you that hate and fear are being sown online
all across the world. Not just in Britain and America,
but in France and in Hungary and Brazil and Myanmar and New Zealand. And we know there is this dark undertow
which is connecting us all globally. And it is flowing
via the technology platforms. But we only see a tiny amount
of what’s going on on the surface. And I only found out anything
about this dark underbelly because I started looking into
Trump’s relationship to Farage, into a company called Cambridge Analytica. And I spent months tracking down
an ex-employee, Christopher Wiley. And he told me how this company,
that worked for both Trump and Brexit, had profiled people politically in order to understand
their individual fears, to better target them with Facebook ads. And it did this by illicitly
harvesting the profiles of 87 million people from Facebook. It took an entire year’s work
to get Christopher on the record. And I had to turn myself
from a feature writer into an investigative reporter to do it. And he was extraordinarily brave, because the company
is owned by Robert Mercer, the billionaire who bankrolled Trump, and he threatened
to sue us multiple times, to stop us from publishing. But we finally got there,
and we were one day ahead of publication. We got another legal threat. Not from Cambridge Analytica this time, but from Facebook. It told us that if we publish,
they would sue us. We did it anyway. (Applause) Facebook, you were
on the wrong side of history in that. And you were on the wrong side
of history in this — in refusing to give us
the answers that we need. And that is why I am here. To address you directly,
the gods of Silicon Valley. (Applause) Mark Zuckerberg … (Applause) and Sheryl Sandberg and Larry Page
and Sergey Brin and Jack Dorsey, and your employees
and your investors, too. Because 100 years ago, the biggest danger in the South Wales
coal mines was gas. Silent and deadly and invisible. It’s why they sent the canaries
down first to check the air. And in this massive, global, online
experiment that we are all living through, we in Britain are the canary. We are what happens to a western democracy when a hundred years of electoral laws
are disrupted by technology. Our democracy is broken,
our laws don’t work anymore, and it’s not me saying this, it’s our parliament published
a report saying this. This technology that you have
invented has been amazing. But now, it’s a crime scene. And you have the evidence. And it is not enough to say
that you will do better in the future. Because to have any hope
of stopping this from happening again, we have to know the truth. And maybe you think,
“Well, it was just a few ads. And people are smarter than that, right?” To which I would say,
“Good luck with that.” Because what the Brexit vote demonstrates is that liberal democracy is broken. And you broke it. This is not democracy — spreading lies in darkness,
paid for with illegal cash, from God knows where. It’s subversion, and you are accessories to it. (Applause) Our parliament has been
the first in the world to try to hold you to account, and it’s failed. You are literally beyond the reach
of British law — not just British laws, this is nine parliaments,
nine countries are represented here, who Mark Zuckerberg refused
to come and give evidence to. And what you don’t seem to understand
is that this is bigger than you. And it’s bigger than any of us. And it is not about left or right
or “Leave” or “Remain” or Trump or not. It’s about whether it’s actually possible to have a free and fair
election ever again. Because as it stands, I don’t think it is. And so my question to you is,
is this what you want? Is this how you want
history to remember you: as the handmaidens to authoritarianism that is on the rise all across the world? Because you set out to connect people. And you are refusing to acknowledge that the same technology
is now driving us apart. And my question to everybody else is, is this what we want: to let them get away with it, and to sit back and play with our phones,
as this darkness falls? The history of the South Wales Valleys
is of a fight for rights. And this is not a drill —
it’s a point of inflection. Democracy is not guaranteed,
and it is not inevitable, and we have to fight and we have to win and we cannot let these tech companies
have this unchecked power. It’s up to us — you, me and all of us. We are the ones
who have to take back control. (Applause) (Cheers) (Applause)

100 thoughts on “Facebook’s role in Brexit — and the threat to democracy | Carole Cadwalladr

  1. so many empty words,so many "omg facebook infleunced brexit" ofc it did,facebook itself pushes against brexit and people on facebook might be pro brexit,then suddenly facebook is bad and it shouldnt intervene.Immigration is not a problem,look at my home city,no immigrants,yeah sure but then you look at london and its so absolutely fucked that its disturbing how much of a ghetto that city is.overall just a propaganda piece of the anti brexit team

  2. She says theres a law against paying for votes, how about funding our universities to feed out children EU propoganda…..

  3. Thank you for this. You can show Brexiters what the EU enables and contributes. In subsidies and rebates. It is there physically or documented.

    What do Brexiters have to show for their reasons to leave the EU? Er …. Hope, a "feeling" and worst of all certain people "know " (based on nothing intrinsic).

    This cannot be denied. But yes, it is because the evidence of EU contributions are there for all to see. It renders them apoplectic.
    Anger and even threatened violence can occur. I'd like one to try it on with me.

  4. Bullshit actually. People should have a right to comment on immigration's negative effects on their lives. It is not hate crime, sometimes when as an indigenous person your culture and beliefs are trashed you have to speak out.

    God knows the minorities have too much say. Yes, our democracy is broken.

  5. Obviously she’s anti-BREXIT….what about the Remain campaign …..referendum didn’t happen not because of Facebook but because of the centric clowns in Brussels. What about the lies of Remain using Facebook 😫

  6. Well, if Brexit is the result of a hack, why isn't it even invalidated, to start with? If these accusations are true, and the Great Hack proves they are, where are the CEO of Facebook, Google, Cambridge Analytica still walking free?

  7. There had to be a reason that people didn’t agree with those smug middle class liberals it couldn’t be you and your likes are being rejected could it ?

  8. The truth is put to us concisely and effectively by Carole Cadwalladr. Yes, the UK is now a failed democracy for the benefit of a very wealthy and elite minority. Perhaps they want to preserve UK offshore tax havens for their extreme wealth, as well as take power for the benefit of their egos?

  9. She a sore loser liar and a Marxist. Thats all your seeing here people, respect democracy because if you dont we will all be in for a lot of painfor decades to come.

  10. When ever Democrats don't get what they want to cry and claim it wasn't Democratic. EU took out massive ads too.

  11. Note that Facebook is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to intelligence gathering, dis-information and covert influencing of the public.

    Integrity Initiative scandal, where government funded organisation attacked political rivals on the left via fake user and forum accounts.

    Google get let off from Tax in order to influence search results.

    Not to mention the ton of dodgy dealings (including mass snooping) by 5eyes as revealed by Snowdon & Assange.

  12. This has to be the worst TED talk that I have ever seen. The unsupported assertions this crazy left-wing liberal journalist makes would never convince anyone….let alone Mark Zuckerberg!

  13. “Threat to democracy”, The EU is not democracy, the people of Britain have wisely chosen to go back to a democracy.

  14. WOW. We need better laws to stop this deceptive, manipulative, hate-ridden, fearmongering behavior. It is tearing us apart and the world will be worse off if this does not change.

  15. haha "the gods of silicon valley", to quote max stirner ,the great only appear great because we come to them on our knees, it is time we rise!

  16. I've been in the IT industry, which means I read IT publications. For many years before Cambridge Analytica, various Internet civil rights groups and activists have been raising alarm bells about privacy issues with social media in general, that those social media companies were violating our privacy, selling info about us to whoever without our knowledge, and that this could all have devastating impacts on us.

    It turns out that all of those who were yelling about privacy issues with regards to social media was right all along.

    I enjoyed connecting with long-lost friends and relatives on Facebook, so I'm sorry to say that I didn't heed the warning of all those activists until after the Cambridge Analytica thing. Now it may be too late to save democracy in the West.

    PS — please give money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They're one of the groups we should have been listening to.

  17. Does anyone have shared this videos on Facebook actually and noticed how there are no likes or views!!? They only appear on your wall and even if you publish them as public… Facebook is blocking them from sharing… Just sayin

  18. The 2.2k people that dislike this cannot admit to themselves that they've been manipulated, which is exactly why they were the perfect targets to be manipulated in the first place.

  19. And the opposing side (her side) has never done anything illegal. Plus she is allowed to condemn people and no one challenged her.
    She out and out judged all these people and she is getting no arguments.

  20. She’s a remoaner.
    They may have some EU funded regeneration projects but no one has well paid jobs.
    Time to open our markets ,attract new investors instead of relying on Brussels regen project that deliver minimum wage

  21. FACT CHECKER. Honda didn’t leave the U.K. because of Brexit. The car industry is going through huge changes. Electrification and lack of diesel sales was the main factors.
    Plus a new trade deal signed by Japan and Brussels. Would of happened anyway.

  22. The fallacy of those red pill white supremacists. Waking up to the truth. The system hasnt just been broken, the system has always been broken. It was built off lies and manipulation of you, to get your forefathers to do horrendous things. It's only now because of technology that it has become infinitely harder for them to maintain the illusion of democracy and you're finally seeing what coloured people have always seen and have always told you

  23. Yes, watched it twice. So now I know slightly more that nothing. Makes me want to go back to cash, land lines, and written mail.

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  25. perhaps as in the case of Huawei, the FACEBOOK CFO for CIO or EVEN the CEO could be held for extradition. But who would arrest Marc? Maybe the Iranian or the North Koreans. If only he would just fly through one of their airports and stop off for just a little bit.

  26. So that thing about people being smarter than the suspect advertisements on FACEBOOK, where in the absence of facts, people rely on their past experience, and when that fails, they look to the left and right for input from someone else. After all, we are suppose to be social creatures. But modern society has isolated us in our cellular devices, and small cars, and our small or non-existent families. So we rely on the computer or the cell phone to be our moral compass. And if it says, "Fire! Run for the nearest Exit!" We run. So easy to start a stampede. Maybe we should black out internet like in North Korea for two weeks prior to an election? Right!

  27. It's my understanding having be a n there a few times that Facebook has scores of algorithms that monitor Facebook for inappropriate content. So they have the power to prevent this but they don't. What agenda are they trying to push.??

  28. Here we go. Another TED leftist. You know she is a leftist propagandist because no one works for a mainstream newspaper unless they are leftists. What this propagandist doesn't tell you is that the funds for these "EU funded projects" came from the UK tax payer. Yes, that is right. The UK pays the EU a membership fee and the the EU gives the UK a portion back, however the EU decide how to spend that money within, in this case, Wales. This twit talks about "illegal" fund spent by the "Leave" campaign, but doesn't talk about the money spent by Cameron to send Project Fear pamphlets to every home in the UK. She is a typical university indoctrinated fool who doesn't understand history enough to know the UK fought WWII to avoid being ruled by Germany only for people like her to campaign and complain because 75 years later she wants to be ruled by Germany. The EU is dominated by Germany and the EU's Presidents are elected in precisely the same way as leaders in the Soviet politburo were elected.

  29. Thank you for telling me that I just "think" that immigration is a problem because I saw it on FB, I thought that it was because of all those rapes, robberies and much more of all "that good stuff" happening… Thanks for not spreading propaganda… LOL

  30. Yes FB is on the wrong side – they are on the lefties side – why do you think that it's only conservative people being thrown out of FB?

  31. Facebook's role in Brexit and the threat to democracy — VIEWS 400k
    Music videos – Movie videos -Game videos —> Millions of Views

    And u still blame Facebook

  32. Carole Cadwalladr states that the claim that Turkey is joining the EU is a 'total lie'. It takes about 10 seconds to find out that Turkey has been in EU membership talks since 2005 and the talks stalled in 2016. It has signed a Customs Union agreement with the EU. So the claim that Turkey is joining the EU cannot be a 'total lie' when it has been the intention on both sides for many years and may well join in the future if circumstances change. She also states that the refugee poster is like a 'hate crime'. It said 'Immigration without assimilation equals invasion' superimposed over a photograph of refugees. Clearly the poster is a reference to the refugee crisis of 2015 when thousands of refugees were entering the EU at various points and then allowed to travel across the Schengen zone. Germany opened its doors to a million refugees. Let's hope it is doing a good job of assimilating and integrating these newcomers. Multiculturalism (= immigration without assimilation/integration) has been recognised as a failure. Clearly the poster was designed to play on fears but it was Tony Blair who opened the doors to mass immigration and David Cameron who subsequently repudiated the policy of multiculturalism. Of course the poster is provocative, but in a mature democracy we should be provoked into thinking about what is actually going on. I'm afraid this TED talk is in some respects just another example of what Carole Cadwalladr is complaining about. Propaganda without critical thinking.

  33. Shes about to break down and cry because her globalist communist ideas are being rejected.. boo hoo.. that being said. Yeah FB is trash. Leave it

  34. Well, I have no opinion of FB or Netflix, however I am still curious of why Britain – a country run by a Queen – has anything to do with elections in the US, regardless of circumstances.

  35. You live in your little bubble I will live in mine. You are happy to invite voters from other third world countries. I prefer to listen to the votes of my fellow countryman.

  36. Are you guys asleep…we got less than 7.2 years to build a space ark and you waste time on this ffs. Earth is done – let it go: get the rocket and space talks going so us poor folks can build our spaceships like that farmer in Texas

  37. Hey TED. You have hundreds of videos on your channel. All of them allow comments. Apart from the one about Holocaust denial. Why's that?

  38. I recommend reading “10 Arguments to delete your social media accounts” by Jaron Lanier. Book that had convinced me to delete my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  39. Brazil is the next victim of this , we have now in the office a criminal group, that got there exactly claiming do end the corruption. The same people, Zuckeberg, Nix, Bannon and our very own rich men, media, justiçe, military and pentecostal churches joined then. Is a nighmare for democracy. pleas help us.

  40. So Brexit was not the will of over 17 million voters, freely made, but the fault of FACEBOOK? Christ you remainiac people are so desperate.

  41. Great video!
    Hello friends, I just started making videos on youtube; be sure to click on my picture to watch my videos and subscribe. Lol

  42. wow, I find this so close minded… or worse :
    It is not new that people are manipulated and targeted. It is already the case at TV and we know there are huge amount of cash invested in advertising (or other "manipulating stuff" such as politicals clips"). USA Has demonstrated this before the Brexit.
    Please, note that also EU uses tools like that. This is kind of new war. Tools are evolving. Manipulation becomes more efficient. For example, I find this video truly shocking because you are manipulating us too by using distorted argument. Dont defend a democracy that is not a real one, ask a no one where people have control.

    Sorry, im not native english speaker

  43. I would think that people would be smart enough to make decisions without letting Facebook influence their thought process. Sounds pretty weak to think that social media would influence their choices in life. Whatever happened to good ole fact checking before making decisions about our politics.

  44. I don't use Facebook for over 3 years now. Any other intersection is minimum, not unless it is extremely important. Data is our right, a human right. Keep fighting for it guys. Save it from companies and governments. Don't mKe yourself vulnerable to manipulation.

  45. A new college?! A new gym?! A new bridge, railway station, and more?! This helps what percentage of that community? Look it up, shrink back, and shut up you fool. Do you really think your 'viewers' are such easily fooled idiots? If the e.u. did all this in my area it would change my life not one bit. Also, if you think your attacks and bigoted comments – designed to give you some kind of credibility – you obviously believe most people are beneath you. You are in a small percentage of the privileged class and think your words should hold more weight than most because of this. Well guess what, they actually might, just slightly, but they shouldn't.

  46. It’s up to you dumb mother****ers to judge whether the information is real or fake, can’t blame facebook for being stupid yourself. Besides there are benefits to leaving the EU, but y’all don’t even know about it, do you?

  47. The first error, no archive on facebook, That is wrong, people can view what they have commented and seen on facebook using 2 way, browser history, and facebook himself

  48. I agree and lots of this comment are my argument since 10 years ago, the law failed to stop lies, the law failed to keep study the system and society and create a new law to fix the system, network and globalisation destroy democracy.

  49. That why I have said, to fulfil Socrates argument about democracy the election should be based on the vote with questions, and if the questions-answers wrong the vote consider void, in this way we collect quantitive and qualitative data in the same time.

  50. Let's Brexit be a lesson to us all – do not form any political opinions based on what you see on Social Media. No the UK needs to get on with it and leave the EU.

  51. Most people had made up their mind about the EU already. Facebook, buses etc didn't make anyone change their mind, you either want Britain to be an independent nation state or you don't. And plenty of people don't care either way.

  52. EU is a mess for citizens of all nations. Only the EU bureaucrats benefit. And, they do very, very well for themselves off the backs of common folk. The Brits were indeed very smart to exit.

  53. I have seen disinformation has been used as a tool by the people on both ends of the spectrum. It is easy to see in fact. The very people who fall victim used the tool to serve their political agenda and believe. Look at what is going on in Hong Kong and the media tussle between the pros and cons.

  54. Hate and fear are being sown online all across the world, Including Hong Kong, young people are so angry, without knowing they are also being targeted. People should read more books and talk to seniors to form mature idea, not just online-information, because you might be targeted to be manipulated on you devices.

  55. i am here after watching the Great Hack! Is that saying that Netflix is also need to be careful to be the data giant they are attacking ?

  56. I never thought fake facebook news could affect a country like UK, I heard about Myanmar I think where they treat fake facebook news as real and practically only internet news which lead to extreme propaganda.

  57. Thank you Carole, for your factual account of what social media, i.e. FACEBOOK, and the FSB has been and is doing to democracy! The question is, WHO benefits from disinformation in any way???

  58. Nothing is funded by the European Union it's funded by British tax payers as the UK is a net contributer she doesn't understand the facts or fundamentals

  59. What a grave and sobering message she has given here. The cloaked machinations conducted by private and political elites in the "darkness", which Ms Cadwalladr exposed, is an augury of humanity's collective fate: an Orwellian future where opinions, world views and consent are shaped and manufactured. A reality where freedom of thought is a threat to corporate interests and political agendas– a threat to be dealt with in the harshest of terms. A world where discourse between citizens of the world is predetermined, where the topics of discussion are restricted to certain narratives to obtain certain outcomes, where our understanding of reality is provided. As Cadwalladr has shown, the effects of such efforts are very real, ongoing, and highly effective. Moreover, these efforts unabated will, in short time, lock in a collective delusion whereby all that transpires will go unquestioned as to being anything other than "right" and "just" and "natural." We've not much time put an end to it.

  60. Zuckerberg was defiant of not just our Congress but multiple world governments. They need to ban Facebook across the world UNTIL he gives them the information they request and resolves the ease with which his company is being hacked. His company is responsible for damaging not just the USA but the EU as well. Frankly I would ban the company entirely but I am sure millions of idiots would demand it back, as they evidently have no life, no reality.

  61. Why is she using a Ted Talk to discuss politics? Using a small town as an excuse that her remain vote was scammed out of her. Facebook is nothing more than a platform for people to chat and make friends. If you take Facebook seriously, then you’re mad. And if they ever gave in to her demands for information, imagine our privacy would not be safe at all.

  62. Typical – fat arsed middle class elite leftist whamyn trying to blame brexit on ill-informed voters.
    No — facebook book did not swing the vote over brexit & Facebook did not swing the vote with Trump.
    Its called democracy & the only problem being presented here – is her inability to accept the voting results.

  63. "Biggest electoral fraud in Britain for a hundred years."
    Anyone know what electoral fraud happened more than a hundred years ago?

  64. Usa Made …..Facebook,Twitter,Google,Amazon=Data rape ,youre the product!! Say no to it..Or dont complain afther knowing what they do…Its a No Brain…

  65. No mention of the 10 million of taxpayer's money spent on a leaflet to every household in the UK explaining what Brexit meant. A biased missive from an ardent remainer .

  66. Is this perhaps one of the reasons there is ' an undercurrent of fear '. Listen to what Lord Pearson has to say in the House of Lords. Remember this group of ' immigrants ' make up 5% of the general population, and a massive 15% of the prison population. This despite the authorities ignoring and sweeping much of their criminality under the carpet.

  67. The UK pays 350 million in tax to the EU every week, yet we are suppose to be happy when they occasionally spend 7 million on a sports centre? The EU funds nothing, the tax payer does.

  68. Democracy can’t exist in an ignorant environment, filled with right wing propaganda and fear mongering. Hindsight is 20/20, so you’d think we’d understand the consequences of this, but the right is engaging in historical revisionism. Many actually believe Hitler was a left wing socialist and Naziism isn’t right wing extremism. I don’t see how western democracy can continue to function under such a massive rejection of truth.

  69. It’s funny how every time liberals lose an election its, “the death of democracy”. Maybe common citizens believing in fake news is a sign of a failing education system which is key to a successful democracy. People with competent reading comprehension skills can distinguish real news from fake news so if fake news is changing your expectations for an election your problem is poor education not facebook lol. This is why we still have an electoral college in america.

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