Facebook will go after conservative, Christian content: Todd Starnes
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Facebook will go after conservative, Christian content: Todd Starnes

46 thoughts on “Facebook will go after conservative, Christian content: Todd Starnes

  1. Well considering FuckerBurg looks at Christians as"*OTHERS*"he has ZERO room to talk…kettle meet pot😏
    P.S Mark Zuckerbutt backwards spells BIGOT when you squint and look at it sideways through a glass containing any liquor of your choosing!!! Seriously😳 try it!!!

  2. The True American people should BOYCOTT FACEBOOK . And Watch how they will Lost Millions of dollars . I'm a Born again Christian and had Closed my account 3 Times and for Good . Come on Americans BOYCOTT Facebook !

  3. I heard that Facebook , Twitter and you tube are going to merge so that all three can be under one umbrella platform and eaiser to manage . The new name is going to be YouTwitFace.

  4. hey Zuc… when can I move in and be "inclusive"? Look me up. I know you can because you're keeping all my personal information even though I barely used FB and tried to delete my account months ago (before all this has come out).
    Stupid me, I didn't read the fine print in that mound of legal bs jargon to find out that you all don't delete and dispose data from an account but "deactivate". Then keep the data where anybody and everybody can intrude.
    So when can we move in?

  5. If a growing majority of social media networks continuously labeled me & my like-minded peers as 5-star gourmet chefs, eventually, I'd get around to cooking & eating a meal myself.

  6. "Everyone says we're spreading hate speech!"

    Well then, maybe you should stop spreading hate speech.

    The 1st Amendment refers to the government.
    Stop crying like a victim & grow up.

  7. Google is not a private company. It is a publicly traded corporation, the world over in fact, and can't honestly claim to be a private company for purposes of discrimination. If a very privately owned baker business can be sued out of existence for refusing to serve a customer, then Google damn sure can't discriminate on viewpoint. Replace "Google" with Facebook, same.

  8. Facebook MUST be stopped. I am not a conservative but they are holding the fabric of America together and to harm or disparage this form of religion is reprehensible. Cease and desist.

  9. Facebook and all its users who don't worship THE HOLY AND ONLY GOD ALIVE JESUS CHRIST will go to hell, when they die.

    Read the HOLY BIBLE IN REVELATION 20;10 explain IN JOHN 3;16 explain how we get save and restore to normally

  10. They have lost enough money today, No Conservative Support, now, let's stop Supporting The Movie & Music industry….

  11. Hillary scmillary.face book fakebook I'd what I call it.its all a bunch of bs to gather our info for the NWO like China has.uugh.try to delete this satanic account.

  12. Crackpot nonsense deserves bias.
    If your religion requires you to be a racist, a bigot, or a peddler of fraud, then you deserve to be blocked.

  13. I've compiled a vast dossier of how nazibook violates the civil rights of conservatives and republicans.. facebook stores your political persuasioin.. under ad settings you'll find under your information tab what fb ranks you.. liberal, moderate, conservative or very conservative.. contact me to become part of the class-action law-suit

  14. like to hear what zuckerpuke says about a Christian baker who say's his art is a "private platform" and doesn't want to bake a homo-cake!! time to shut facebook down for violating the rights of Christians, conservatives and Republicans.. they are doing it on purpose to try to sway the political environment in the US.. oh well.. gonna lock zuckerpuke up right along with the rest of the globalist traitors!

  15. someone insulted Christianity boldly on facebook with an offensive photo, I reported it to facebook but the post is still alive till date and that was 2 years ago….till 2019 that facebook post is still there, imagine if someone insulted Islam, you would get banned in a matter of seconds

    facebook is bias liberal hell hole

  16. Just got suspended myself and have noticed a definite trend.  Post something that disagrees with their globalist agenda that gets a lot of re-posts, comments and thumb-ups and they will scour your timeline to find something they find 'offensive' and claim that is the reason they are suspending you – my latest 'offense' was posted 16 months ago (who looks that far back on anyone's timeline?!?!) because I referred to jihad-supporting Muslims as 'Muzzies.'

  17. FB is not private comp. It's just a label so it can function as a market subject as opposed to fulfilling the interests of public. FB is an intelligence operation.

  18. FAKEBOOK…and the rest, in silicon valley will one day be a bleep in history, any anti-mankind agenda implodes,and the public trashes it, its not helping anymore ITS DICTATING…

  19. So Mark why don’t you go live with these people go over and live with these people yourself you seem to be able to live above everybody so go live in hell. Hell living with you brings you down to their level.

  20. I can barely watch Conservative channels. I had a post saying Good night God bless and it was removed for inappropriate content and that's the start. If I try to watch Fox or other Conservative channels it's ALL BROKEN with advertisements. It MAKES you lose your attention when watching it if you aren't careful. I'm TIRED OF THIS on ALL levels.

  21. Todd Starnes obviously leans to his own understanding and does NOT pray without ceasing. What an idiotic and phoney opinion! Praying for his salvation and deliverance from a lying spirit.

  22. You dont need any media, stop now and youtube the channel Jyu Emperado, or Gino Jennings, they arent some church asking for money they're spreading the Holy message that God wants everyone to hear. Hopefully your heart goes the right way

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