Tsu censorship by facebook and instagram Facebook and Instagram censored Tsu social network Hello guys how are you? I’m Antonio so what’s happening Facebook and Instagram have started War on TSU! which if you still don’t know is the new social network that pays its users for posting original content as status updates, text, photos or link videos at the beginning you could post a thing on tsu and it would automatically post it on the on your other social accounts as twitter, facebook, instagram now, facebook and instagram (of course Instagram is property of Facebook) decided to not allow Tsu to share links on their platforms Tsu censor by Facebook as a matter of fact I’ve just checked my facebook profile where I was used to post links directly from Tsu and they disappeared is this a case of privacy invation??? of course they’re censoring Tsu because Tsu has now reached 5 million people on the platform so facebook is really afraid of this… of course now it sees Tsu as a real competitor with these numbers 5 million people in less than one year the fact they’re censoring tsu on facebook is just a good advertising for tsu beause it means they’re really afraid because tsu social network is growing if you are still not on Tsu there’s no problem it’s really fast to join tsu tsu is absolutely free it will pay you for the views you will generate on your content you just need the invitation from a user who is already on tsu like myself you have my invitation in the description of this video join Tsu start earning now with your content! thank you for watching and see you to the next video bye!

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