Facebook Tutorial For Setting Up A Business Page (2019)
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Facebook Tutorial For Setting Up A Business Page (2019)

– Need a quick Facebook tutorial for setting up a business page? Well, this is it and the good news is, you can set one up for your business in less than five minutes. Let me show you how. (bright music) What’s up busy people? Welcome to Five Minute Social Media. If you have been struggling
with your social media, feeling like you’re putting way more out than you’re getting in return,
you’re in a great place. Every week, we release a
quick video to help you with a different piece of
your social media marketing. That sounds like something you could use? Take a second, hit
subscribe, click that bell. (bell rings) And that way you’ll be notified every week when we release another helpful video. My name is Jerry Potter and
today we’re talking about how to set up a Facebook business page. You’ve decided your
business needs a Facebook. Well, let me tell you this. First of all, not all
businesses need a business page. But I will say, most of them do. To find out if you’re the exception, I put a video together for that. You can find it right here or in the description of this video. By the time we’re done today, you’ll know how to set up
a Facebook business page and I will tell you how you
can get it verified, as well. By the way, Facebook business
pages, fan pages, like pages, they’re all the same kind of page. Facebook just calls
them business pages now. So, to get started, make sure
you have your company logo or something for your profile picture. Something for your cover photo. A big photo to go on top and then all your pertinent information. What is your website,
email if you have that, phone, address, business
hours, any information about your business, which
I assume you already know. Gather that and you can do
this in just a few minutes. Alright, let’s get started. Now there are a few different ways you can get to the create a page page. But I think the easiest thing
is just be at Facebook.com. I’m logged into my account here. And you do, by the way, have to have a personal profile to
create a business page. So that is a first step if you don’t even have a Facebook account. But once you’ve got that, you’ll see right here at
the top, it says create. Click on that. All these different options. I’m gonna say create page. And that gets us here. Now, if for some for reason, you don’t see that on your page, I’ll include the direct link to this in the description of this video. Next up, you’re gonna choose,
are you a business or brand or a community or public figure. This is paired way down. They used to have way
more options than this. So, for this tutorial,
I’m going to set up a page for a fictional consulting company. So I’m just gonna choose
business or brand. Then I need to name the page. What did I call it? Oh yeah, it was based on a
logo template I found in Canva. Vague Whale Consulting. Next, we’re gonna choose a
category to describe your page. And in this situation, you
just start typing something and find something that works for you. So consulting agency, there I go. I’m gonna choose that. Then hit continue. Next, it will ask you to
add a profile picture. Yes, you can skip this, but, hopefully, you already have it ready. When you’re adding a profile picture, if you are a one person
business or you represent the business, I think
it should be your face. If the company has a logo,
make it the company logo. Don’t make it anything else. Remember, most people are
gonna see it most of the time in a tiny circle on a mobile device, so it should be something
easily recognizable. So I add this logo, standing by. Next up, upload a cover photo. This goes at the top
of your business page. This is a photo that should
represent your business. If you have a physical location, it might be a picture of your facility. If you have a staff, it could
be a picture of your staff. Later in this video, I’ll
point you in the direction more about what to do when
you’re trying to decide what goes in your cover photo,
but I’ll go ahead and upload the one that I chose for
Vague Whale Consulting. Once your cover photo is uploaded, you can drag it to reposition it. Figure out the best spot for it to be. And just like that, you have a page. That’s it. But, you’re definitely gonna
want to do more than that. For example, you’re gonna want to go in and fill out all of your
company information. So you see right here, it
says add a short description. We consult businesses on
how to grow but we never give them specific advice,
just really vague suggestions. I’m sure this company will do very well. Hit save and continue. You’ve got a phone number, put that in. If not, uncheck that. This company is fake. Doesn’t have a website,
but I’ll put it in anyway. Next, it says now that you’ve
updated your page info, see if there are other details you can add that will be helpful to
people who visit your page. Let’s go ahead and click edit page info. This is where you can go through and fill out all of your information. You can add additional categories. So if I type in consulting again. Let’s say I am a business consultant. So I can add that in and hit save. If you decide if you do have
a phone number, email address, location, all these different
details about your company. Your business hours. Fill out as much of this as
possible because, eventually, if somebody’s looking for
a business on Facebook, the more information you have, the higher the chances that
somebody is going to find you. Alright, last step, you’re gonna want to give your page a username. This is where your web
address will be on Facebook. So it’ll be Facebook.com slash
whatever your username is. So click right here underneath
your profile picture and title and then type in
what you would like it to be. Lucky for me. Vague Whale Consulting is available. So I go ahead and hit create username. So now if I look up at the
top here in the address bar, you can see it’s
Facebook.com/vaguewhaleconsulting. So there you go, you have
a Facebook business page. Two more things you should do. One is get it verified. If you are a local business
company or organization, it’s super easy and I’ve got a link on how to do that down in the
description of this video. And secondly, I’ve put together a five minute Facebook facelift. So whether you’ve had
your page for 60 seconds or for five years, these
are some things to look for in a five minute video on how
to optimize it for profit. You can grab that link in the description of this video, as well. Got any questions on
something I didn’t cover? Let me know down in the comments. I read every single one of them. I can help you out there
and if you like this video, give it a second to give
it like, hit subscribe. Thank you so much for watching
Five Minute Social Media. You’re not only supporting me, but also my two tiny superheroes at home.

32 thoughts on “Facebook Tutorial For Setting Up A Business Page (2019)

  1. If you're just starting your Facebook Business Page, let's make sure it's set up the right way! I put together a Five-Minute Facebook Facelift – In about 5 minutes I'll show you how to optimize your page for profit! Grab it here:


  2. The best lesson I had so far! Content clear and concisely presented, well done!
    Your super heros are lucky to have you as their dad!

  3. Great tutorial, very clear and concise. As I was following the directions, I did not get the option to pick Business or Community Profile that takes me to adding my business information. I watched the video several times and heard you say that if this didn't pop up you would share how to get to it. Thank you

  4. Hey; I have really appreciated this video but would be so thankful if you could just let me know how to put user name to my business page, !?? Also I couldn’t find the link explaining how I can find the business page on my mobile so I can add the profile pic.
    Help pls Gerry.

  5. Best five minutes on starting facebook business. I'm not sure how to use it effectively yet, but keen to start

  6. You actually cannot change your user name until you have 25 likes. I think that's ridiculous but then I'm also not a huge FB fan!

  7. Hey Jerry, can we create a facebook business account profile and then create a business page under it? is it possible that i don't use my personal profile account?

  8. When i try put my city in, there is no option. So if I'm Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, it logs Colesburg. How do i get my city?

  9. First of all thank you for this video! Next I do have a question, I'm an independent consultant for Close to My Heart. I would be showing cards & scrap-booking items on my page. I picked Business or Brand it doesn't have independent consultant. Would I pick a different option?

  10. Thank you for your tutorials. Is there a way to publish an article that I have written with pictures within its content? Do you have to post the pictures completely separate from the article?

  11. If I create a business page via my personal page  will friends from my business page be able to see my personal page? I want to keep the two completely separate. I f I use messenger will the message come from my business or from my personal?

  12. Thanks for the helpful video. I tried to create the username on my new page – created this morning – I got the message this page isn't eligible to have a username.

  13. Just a question for this. After I finished creating the business page, will my FB-friends see that I created it? I had a group few years back and after it was created I was the only person who liked it and the whole thing was visible on my feed. Thanks

  14. Hi! My new business is a directory for a specific industry in South Africa and so I don't want my address or even city name displayed at all on the page, because it is irrelevant and my focus is on inclusivity. On your video they don't seem to ask for the address when you choose business, but it does at the moment. I see that I can do that by choosing to create a community page instead of a business page, but that doesn't seem right… I also don't want it to show that I am the admin of the group, as I want the business to at least appear to be a separate entity from myself. Is this possible? Furthermore, I have tried those categories every which way I could and there's no way to just say Directory, or Industry, or Industry Directory or anything of the sort. Isn't there a way to leave it out? And what would you choose if you were creating an all inclusive directory for a whole industry? I can't even get a close fit… Sorry for all the questions! 😀

  15. Any tips on changing the featured photos on the business profile? When I view my profile from a visitor perspective, it's showing three Facebook-generated photos for my featured… Please help! 🙁

  16. Thank you for the tips. Love how clear you explained things and that I didn't have to slog through 10 minutes of nonsense just to get to useful information. Great Job and I'll certainly be using your other video tutorials. Gained a Sub.

  17. Great short vid, to the point! Should we name our business something general, like most people suggest we do on Insta?
    For example, my teeth whitening studio is named Miami White, but that doesnt exactly say what it is. Should I name my FB page something like "Teeth whitenng Ukraine" so its more discovverable? Thanks.

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