100 thoughts on “Facebook suspends conservative comedian’s account

  1. Trump and Williams agree that if you don't like the USA, get out. Guess what? If you don't like facebook, GET OUT!

  2. He's not very intelligent, he just happens to support Trump. Good for him. I don't care for Terrence because he's so willing to stereotype black people that disagree with him.

  3. Facebook is in violation of the FCC guide lines. So I can only believe that conservative web sites don't care if they are silenced.

  4. I don't care what color the young man is he's hilarious he don't degrade nobody he don't curse nobody leave him alone. You bunch of democrat thugs

  5. As long as you vote Democrat you're back on the plantation. They only want your vote they don't want to see you help yourself. After all these years a lot of young black folks have woken up like God.

  6. Um he not funny, I think a lot of people go with who is popular or possibly a little different!!! Believe it or not we a human beings particularly Americans are opportunistic in other words Americans don’t like to lose and everything is a competition!!! If Americans want win something win Souls for Christ!!! And we still don’t have prayer in schools and Faith Community is good with that!!!! Pastor John Hagee and others like him have not said one word about bringing prayer back to schools!!!! When Opportunity Knocks Americans Listen just to the wrong people!!!! I’m just glad Hell has no color because plenty of rainbow color would be down there!!!! I guess I’m confused about what’s going on in America!!!! I guess the religious right don’t believe in prayer!!! It works try it sometime it might help you then you have to rant and rave about Facebook or social media!!! It’s a shame Facebook gets more attention than Jesus!!!!!!

  7. Here is my standing comedy.
    Hello you all ticket payers, thank you for coming here. Seat and relax and I will make you laugh.
    This lost soul states that he is an independent? Does he really know what independence means? Let's kook at his face and try to DISCERN.
    On history;
    This BUFFOON, has no knowledge of history whatsoever.
    On science;
    He must still be believing that the earth is flat, we never landed on the moon.
    On politics; He is sure that Cruz dad had a hand on JFK killing.
    On Demographics;
    That Obama is not US CITIZEN.
    On Child welfare;
    that the Clintons have done exactly what he himself had done.
    On Psychology; that he is looking at his shadow in the mirror and not himself.
    On Reality;
    Give it a bit and all the dirty laundry of this buffoon will be all over fox and friends. Then we all gonna LOL and collect our tickets reimbursement. Lol
    Independent, in his dreams. This unprofessional joker is so funny.
    So Amateur.
    If you look closer, you will see those strings coming down from the ceiling. Those are the strings from the hand if the puppeteer, Crack pot Donald Wacko Duck. "Here have a peanut, now say this" "….." and lets all wahahahahaahhahahahaa.
    History is bananas to this comedian's jokes. As a human being, here are my kudos to him, as a comedian, this guy is not fit to be a comedian. Too many conspiracies from and for people having his "like" mentality who are nothing but buffoons.

  8. Just watched two of Williams' videos. Didn't see anything the least bit funny or entertaining. He takes a dig at a liberal, then laughs about it for 15 seconds. That's humor?

  9. Yap facebook really loves putting us in fb jail, they've put me in jail all the time, just got out yesterday for just reposting from you tube about the movie the HUNT, would love to to walk away from fb but its my only way to keep touch with childhood friends but I don't think it has anything to do with skin color but morevto do with your political views.

  10. "Occupy Democrats", a far left site spreads dangerous conspiracies, lies and disinformation is alive and thriving. But sensor Terrence!

  11. Terrence you are the new buckweed… entertaining the white people you even talk like them straight up sell out…buckweed

  12. You don't mean like fox blocking comments on Epstein. ..or was it utube? ?anyone know. .or is it a conspiracy theorie? ?😮

  13. Facebook and google got there thanks to the internet – they are giving a tool and they are abusing it! They need regulations and need to be investigated

  14. Of course!They do that all the time…The content of leaked email's revealed the DNC's corruption, illegal dealings and bribery,but yet it is the messenger and Russian bots to blame not the DNC's corrupt officials in positions of power…

  15. 1st it was Milo, then Candice Owen's and now Terrence. Terrence is a comedian who has been off work after having an auto wreck on the way to the White House. He broke his neck and has been healing. He will be back on the circuit soon and I hope everyone will follow him and support his show.

  16. Internal memos, whistleblowers, investigations, and lying under oath to Congress will bring these tech giants down. Hard. If you think Facebook Jail sucks, the heads of these companies and their ilk will soon discover what it's like to be a real inmate in an actual prison.

    Bubba needs a new cellmate. I wonder which one of these corporate leaders are willing to volunteer.

  17. Common sense guy BSHIT Trump klan is the only way Terry could make money same reason Baked Alaska switch from rallying for BLM to switching to deplorables he also said Cernovich and ChuckJohnson paid him 5 k for rallies who do you think gave Cernovich budget money ?

  18. One of the coolest things to ever come down the pike was when YouTube came along and we can see what other people do and it is just a fantastic resource. There is garbage on there and their is fantastic information on it, but that Google decided of it’s own volition to ad share gave incentive to people to post videos. This was really a great thing, but since things have become so touchy politically they decided to demonetize accounts that they apparently have problems with and it is some algorithm that has ended up hurting channels that aren’t political but were caught by this algorithm accidentally. I wished that the rules were just straight forward and weren’t subjective in any manner, that way everyone could know where they stand. People shouldn’t have to guess or be subject to a ruling class that might wake up on the wrong side of the bed one day and yank your account, the rules should be posted and the rules should not be subject to change without notice..

  19. Double standards , Democrats seem to be able to get away with everything. The left have done lost their mind!

  20. Facebook is killing my business and is constantly bullying and harassing me by putting me in FB jail! And I am totally compliant!!

  21. This can't be good for the country as a whole, we are getting very close to becoming just another censored country like Canada, North Korea, China to name a few. We have Fake New Mainstream Media like CNN, MSNBC and others dictating what they want us to hear and now to make things worse Social Media's are help with the corrosion of our Constitutional rights. Personally, I can't wait for Civil War 2.0 to kick off, we need to get rid of the Deep State and all those life-long corrupt politicians. FascistBook needs to be investigated and punished for jeopardizing our first Amendment right.

  22. this is so un American I think ur awesome Terrance. I watched an enjoyed all ur video`s I could find, FB needs to put u back on an stop acting like the left is the best hum nooooooooooooooooo, we all have out own ways. ect . but to stop u from voicing urs Is NOT AMERICAN. love u Man

  23. Oh…too bad…"Facebook is stifling free speech! Unconstitutional!" Well, let's educate you conservatives again: Freedom of speech is about govt. interference, not private businesses like…oh…let's see…Facebook?. I thought conservatives were all for hands off private business decisions? Now you change your minds? Make up your minds, girls. What's next? Facebook should go after Hillary? Mueller? Obama? Sleepy Joe? Let's hear your next boogie man, snowflakes. Am all ears.

  24. He’s being punished because President Trump retweeted him and they are interfering in an election and should be charged as such

  25. Terrence needs to sue FB and Youtube on racism and civil rights! they don’t like him because he’s affective and he represents the average Black guy Some attorney needs to represent him Pro bono! I think they regretted not going after Candace Owens quick enough before she started working for turning point


  27. I have screen shots of all the stupid crap FB banned me for 30 days at a time. Last time they banned me, it was because I was talking negatively about pedophiles for hate speech.

  28. This is just WRONG. Maybe he should try MeWe…they don't block anyone (at least none that I know of) and there is some stuff there that maybe should be. I just keep moving and ignore things I might not like or approve of. I have it for a back up.

  29. I shared this video earlier today on my Facebook page. Hours later, I received a 7 day ban for a post I made in November of 2018. It is August 25th of 2019. I have been banned numerous times for "hate speech" for being very active in black conservative groups and speech. Another person I know was banned for a post from 2016. Apparently, they will search your page until they find something they feel violates their "community standards," and can do it until they can ban you permanently, potentially.

  30. What is wrong with the people of this country why don't we in unison stand up against our corrupt government and all these stealing people in office. Why doesn't someone come up with an alternative to Facebook. Facebook sucks. Where are the billionaire conservative people let's create new media sources new television stations and let these other ones shut down because no one will watch them anymore. Whining about Facebook and YouTube censoring information is the stupidest whining thing. Someone should just come up with an alternative to this. I don't watch the news anyway our stupid world is crazy and backward just like the Bible says. let the corrupt greedy lying and Welfare mentality all go where they're going to go and we all know where that is

  31. Oh Facecrap does this all the time…I have 5 accounts and when I go on my so called loud mouth liberal account I can say or do ANYTHING I feel. Then when I go on one of my Conservative accounts I can't even agree on what someone else is said even though I didn't say it and I get banned for 30 days…..There is a number or 2 that you can call…202-224-1251 or 202-224-1700 I called it and they took all my info and name I use on my accounts, and I sent them all my screen shots also. Hope other people will stand up to Communist Facecrap.

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