Facebook Story Tutorial: {NEW UPDATES & TIPS 2019}
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Facebook Story Tutorial: {NEW UPDATES & TIPS 2019}

What’s up and welcome back to my channel.
Now on today’s video, we are doing a tutorial and I am gonna be sharing at
some of the super cool updates that you can now do when it comes to a Facebook
story. So if you want to know what those updates are and how to use them, then
stick around. Now just in case you are totally new to me in my channel, what’s
up! I’m Sherri Brown. I’m the creator of the Mom’s Marketing Lounge and it’s my
passion to really help busy moms on a mission who are looking to build a
business and get it right the first time. And on this channel I do everything from
I’m product reviews and tutorials just like you’re gonna see now as well as
actual social media and marketing strategies that you can implement to go
further, faster when building your business online. So again, if you’re new
here and this guy seems like it’s up your alley,
then consider subscribing. And just make sure that you hit the “Bell” so you get
notified as I upload new videos each and every week. Now before I actually hop in
and start showing you what these super cool updates are when it comes to
Facebook stories, I just want to kind of forewarn you and have you keep a few
things in mind, okay? Because every single time I upload any type of Facebook
tutorial and I upload quite a few and I’ll link some more above and below in
the description if you want to check some more of those out. But anytime that
I upload a video I get comments like this ain’t working. They throw a little a
baby tantrum and then give this video a thumbs down, okay? Not cool kind of a dick
move. So with that being said, I’m gonna share a couple of things again that I
want you to keep in mind. Number one, I use an iPhone, okay? So depending on what
type of phone you use, what model of phone you use, you may not like your
screen may look a little bit different, okay? If you’re on Android, Facebook
stories it’s gonna look a little bit different so you might have to just kind
of like look around and play around with it. Now the second thing you don’t want
you to know is that Facebook rolls out different features at different times
for different people. Again, this depends on what part of the world you live in,
what type of phone that you have, is your software up-to-date? So that’s number two.
Number three, Facebook sometimes just likes to be in Indian
giver. So I might show you a super cool feature and you start using it and then
you may log in the next day and the crap’s gone. So, yeah, sometimes again
Facebook likes me an Indian giver. They’ll give you something and then they
will take it right back away. I know not cool but it happens. Now, the fourth thing
that I want you to keep in mind is depending on where you are accessing,
Facebook stories is really going to depend on what features you have
available and what features you don’t, okay? So if you are adding stories inside
of the Facebook Messenger app, you will probably not have near as many features
as if you actually go into the Facebook app itself, okay? And I’m going to show you
what this looks like but again it just wanted to kind of keep wanted you to
keep those four things in mind. With that being said, let’s go ahead hop right into
the tutorial. So as you can see, I’ve got my phone screen over here and one thing
that I didn’t want to kind of share with you in case you are using a Facebook
stories or stories in general, but on Facebook one thing that I don’t think a
lot of people realize is you can make it to where whenever you post something to
your story that it’s actually archived. And what it means what that means is
that it saves, okay? It saves to your phone where nobody else can see them
after 24 hours but you actually can. And so a lot of times and I’ll show you
where you go so if you are on I’m in the Facebook app itself. I’m on just my
profile. So what I’m gonna do right here is I am just going to going to click on
these three little dots right here and I’m gonna go to story archive, okay? So
story archive again if I wanted to sit here and promote this little Facebook
guide, okay? So it is a free download that I created that people can opt into and
inside of it I talked about the first two steps to marketing. I talked about I
talked about you know the two different ways to grow your business online and I
also talk about nine different things you can
do to make sure that your Facebook profile is really set up to attract
people right off the bat vs. repelled them, okay? I was like the queen of
repellent marketing for a long time, so I definitely know what not to do if you
are looking to grow your audience and actually create a profitable business.
And so instead of me going back in and recreating the story over and over,
what I can do if I archive it is I can just simply click right here on this
with my thumb. I can bring it up and then I can just go right down here where it
says “Share.” Click “Share” then I’m gonna click “Next” and it just automatically
shares it back to my story, saving me time, okay? So that’s why I like having
this turned on. So all you have to do to make sure that when you’re posting to
your stories is that it’s turned on and everything you do is saved, all you’re
going to do click these three little dots at the top and then you are going
to go to “Settings.” I know a little bit of a process but and then just make sure
that this is turned on, okay? As you can see mine is turned on. So I’m going to
now go back. I’m gonna get out of here and I’m just gonna go to my regular
newsfeed, okay? This is just my regular newsfeed and the first thing we’re gonna
do is like I said all of this I’m accessing from the Facebook app. Because
if I go out of here and I go into Messenger and I click to add my story
right here, you do not get near as many features, okay? So I’m gonna exit out and
I’m gonna go back into the Facebook app. Now once you’re inside of the Facebook
app you can do this two different ways. You can just go right here click on your
story and then go down here and click “Add” or what you can do is just go right
here where your face is and it click the big plus sign, okay? So I can go here. Now
if I go here I am just going to click this
and this is a cool little feature that I notice, too, okay? Now I know there’s kind
of like double me there’s double me on my phone right over here and then
there’s double me right here. But right here you see where it says “no filter”
okay? So if I wanted to I could add I could just click this with my finger
with my thumb and it changes. I’m kind of digging the warm. So you can actually add
filters now which is super, super cool. So you’ve got warm if I click it again it
goes to glow which I’m not really seeing too much of a glow but you do, I don’t
know. Then there’s cool and then back to no
filter which again I’m kind of digging the warm look. Kind of makes my face look
a little flawless, okay? So that is the first thing that I think
is really cool that you’ve got some filters. So what I’m going to do is down
here at the bottom you’ve got a couple of different options. If I’m just using
my finger right now to just go back and forth but you can do a boomerang. Those
are those short little clips. So if I wanted to you know…so it’s like short
little clips. I’m just gonna go back that was kind of weird let me, haha. But you can
add boomerangs and you can again right here you can start a live video. So
that’s something a little new and over here at the bottom you can just record a
video. That’s not really anything new and then music. Now music is something you
can actually add music. This is something totally new. If you just click this
little search music you can search by artists. So that’s something that’s
something totally new as well, okay? So let me kind of let me go out of here and
what I’m going to do is I am just going to go and I’m going to click right over
here to access my pictures, okay? So this is something that’s pretty cool.
So if I just click a picture okay one thing that’s super cool now is before
whenever you uploaded a picture like it was just there, okay? Now if you take your
two fingers like right here and I can pinch. I can make it bigger; I
can make it smaller. I can kind of move it around. So this is kind of cool. So
let’s just say you know that is a new feature and I’ll do this a lot. I will
use this pinch and zoom feature a lot whenever I’m doing like YouTube videos
and I wanting to promote it in my Facebook stories and I’ll continue
promoting it like all week long. And so I’ll use this pinch to zoom feature so I
can add like different overlays and stuff like that. Now another thing is
right here if you look down here it says apply selfie effects. So if I just tap
that with my thumb you can see how like my face looks pretty freakin’ flawless.
I’m just gonna say and if you go back so you can see how it kind of adds. Now I
can see it quite a bit not sure if you can. So I’m just going to kind of pinch
and let’s say I’m just going to kind of zoom it right there. Now, what else you
can do is you can start overlaying so if you click this little face right here.
What you can do is you can even go and you can add other pictures. So if I click
right here with my thumb I can let’s say click this picture and if you tap it you
can change the style to where it’s like a circle or a triangle or a heart. So I’m
just going to do this and let’s just say this is like you know a before and after
cuz I literally just recently got my hair cut. So, yeah, you can like overlay
multiple pictures. If I wanted to come back here I could add like different
different effects and things like that. And so I’m just you know clicking down
here on these. Do if I wanted to add like different hearts and things like that I
could. Oops I just click this, okay! So we’ll just do that and again I can pinch
and zoom this and kind of move it all around as well.
So that is a super cool update that I really like because I do
layers just to kind of give my stories to where it’s not just the same old same
old. I like to give it kind of like a variety. Now this feature is also
available as well if like on videos, okay? So let’s say I’m just going to discard
this. I just click this back arrow. I’m gonna click “Discard.” And let’s say that I
wanted to upload a video, okay? So I’m just going to go here. This is one that I
already created. This was a Facebook story that I recently did. But even with
videos you can pinch and zoom on the videos too and add some different
effects there as well. So I’m just going to go back. I’m going
to discard and this is something else you can now tag the people in your
stories which is kind of cool. So let’s take for example, I have this picture I
wanted to go back I’m going to click up here and I’m going to tag the my
hairstylist the one who cut my hair. So I want to take this is a before picture
right here. I’ll just kind of make it a circle and I’ll just kind of like move
it over here. If you click the Aa up at the top this allows you to type so I
could say like before and then right here is where I can change the color of
you know the text. If I wanted to do that if I click right here it’s going to put
put like a little background right here is where you can change you know the
font. So I can move this up here with my thumb and I could say before and then I
could go up here and I could say after you know make it the same just a
different color and then let’s just…If I go up here this is where you go to tag.
You click right on here on the face and then you are going to click right here
where it says tag, okay? So if I tag I can sit here and
type in who I’m with. So the person who did my hair was Brandi and I could tap
this to change the style. And so I could just like you know move this around and
then I could just say let’s add I’m gonna click up here and I’m gonna add a
gif right here. So let me find one that says “thanks.”
Oops if I can spell it so so I could just I just need to pick one. I’ll click
well I’ll do this one. So I’ll click here whoops and I’m just gonna move this
around. So you can see how you can totally like layer. Now, one thing that
you can also do so take for instance because this is only
going to show up as four seconds long. So somebody would have to read all this in
like four seconds. So what I could also do is let’s say I just have before and
after. Then a lot of times what I’ll do is I’ll click “Save” down here so I’ll
save it to my phone. And then I might just add some like layers to it. So if I
wanted to kind of leave that here what I could do is then I could go in and add
the “Thanks.” So go back find it I could just delete these if I wanted to. And I’m
just dragging these down to the little garbage can that you see and I could say
“Thanks” add some words. And then I could click “save” down here.
And here’s what’s kind of cool. This is what I usually do when I layer then I’ll
just click “back” right here. Just give me just give me a little lesson, okay? Just
giving you a little lesson and then I’ve got this particular picture right here
that I can add. And then what I do once that’s uploaded is I’d go back in and
then add this one. And so it kind of creates like a layer and again I’ll do
this a lot for video. So when I’m promoting let’s say I’m promoting like
my YouTube videos let me go out of here and I’ll go back to my story archive. I’m
going to click story archive and let me show you how I kind of do this, okay? So
right here you can see where I uploaded this video and I’m just going to hold on
to it for just a second so it doesn’t move. But you can see kind of I’ll put
the thumbnail to the YouTube video I’ll say new on YouTube then I’ll add like my
handle you know @Sherri Brown Coaching and then on the next one I’d like an
arrow. And that way because each of these clips are like four seconds. So it kind
of creates the layers and gives people time to actually read them, okay? So that is
just a little extra ways that I you know how I do stories sometimes that feel
free to take it use it yourself. But another thing that I wanted to kind of
share too and show you in case you don’t already know this, is down here at the
bottom where it shows let me click back so I’ll have a little bit more time,
where it shows the amount of people. If you click that, it’s going to actually bring up
all of the people who viewed it. So you can actually see all the people who have
viewed your story, okay? So this is great too I know check out that video that’s
from last week. But this is really cool too especially if you are in business and
you are you know growing your audience and you’ve got something that you really
think can help people. When you look at people like you’ll start noticing like
certain people who are constantly viewing your story.
Those are great people will reach out to strike up a conversation. I’m not saying
striking up to like pitch them or anything but just strike up a
conversation and kind of chat with them and start building up that relationship.
Now the last thing that I want to show you this is a new update too and you have
to do it. The only way that you can get this right now that I’m showing from
from my actual phone being able to add it to stories is if I want to just do a
plain text then I’ll just go to add story right here. I’ll just click this
and I can start typing. So this is where you go to add just plain text, okay? And
right here if I click this this is where I can change the color of the background.
I can have it you know be whatever I want. And then right here you can change
it like this too and it just changes the background. When you click “done” it adds
it right here. The only thing is, is with this you would just have to kind of save
this because you can’t layer over it but I do like if you just have like little
one-liners or something that you wanted to put up in your stories, that’s where
you would do it. I so far cannot access that when I’m doing it like when I’m
going to my already previously done stories and I’m adding it from there.
I’m not able in any way to get that plain text on there. So that’s the only
way that I can access it is by going right here,
okay? So, so, yeah, there you have it. So I showed you how to turn on your story
archives. I’ve told you how you can add at different filters to pictures you
take. We talked about how to do like just the plain text, how you can pinch and
zoom and you can add like multiple pictures to one, how you can tag people,
you can add music, you can do boomerangs now in stories. You can see huge feature
stories and and different like filters and side effects. So hope you got some
value from this video. If you did be sure to give it a thumbs up and if you
haven’t already subscribe to my channel. I’ll also not only in the cards above
but below this video I’ll also link to some other tutorials and videos that I
know that you’re going to find helpful. If there’s something that you don’t see
just drop it in the comments and let me know like what you want me to do a video
on? I’ll be happy to do it but with that being said, I hope you have the most
amazing day and I’ll see you back here later on for another video. Bye for now!

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