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Facebook Seattle Engineering – Join Us

(mellow music) – I work on videos. – I work on performance. – I work on save. – I work on search. – I work on Facebook marketplace. – I work on machine learning. – The thing that really
surprised me is how easily we scale projects from
a few thousand people all the way to billions of people. So we have projects
here in Seattle ranging from Infrastructure to
Messenger, Marketplace to Games. – I was really excited to have
the opportunity to work on basically one of the largest
iPhone apps out there. – Facebook has a really open culture. Makes it easy to get things done. You can just talk to someone
in a completely different part of the company, like
“Hey we should do this.” And it’s like, “Oh that’s a
good idea, I’ll give it a try.” – So everything that I work on here, I’m never going to have to build again no matter what company I go
to because we will open-source all of it and share it with the world. Which means that the overall
global human knowledge of computer science is
actually growing with Facebook. – We use machine learning
pretty extensively to improve the quality of search results. I think we have a good
community of machine-learning engineers within Facebook,
we share a lot of our work through TED talks, through posts. – So the growth of the team
actually provides a lot of opportunities of mentorship,
leadership positions. – It’s growing in terms
of people, of course, it’s growing in terms of
projects that we are working on. At this point, very critical
and core parts of Facebook app have projects which are in Seattle. – I call my team here my work family. We land as a team and so everybody
helps everybody else out. – The intention of people
searching on Facebook is to eventually connect with the
people they’re looking for. And that ties directly back
into the mission of Facebook, which is about making the
world more open and connected. And I think we are doing the part of helping make those connections. – Facebook doesn’t actually
let me rest on my laurels. Here, it’s always asking
what is your impact and pushing me forward into doing new and different and crazy ideas. It’s pretty exciting and
it’s a little bit scary and it’s pretty awesome.

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