Facebook Search: Searching for Weather Reports
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Facebook Search: Searching for Weather Reports

Hello. This is John Moore from the
National Weather Service in Jackson, Mississippi. And as part of this series on
social media data mining, today we’ll cover data mining using the Facebook
search bar as a tool. The Facebook search bar is accessible on facebook.com but
it’s not accessible on the facebook.com business manager site on which we use to
manage our business pages. But it is accessible on facebook.com site that we
use to manage our dummy accounts. So the facebook.com search bar is located at
the top of the screen. It’s gonna be next to the “F”. And today I’ll [show] you a
typical search that we use this facebook.com search for to find social
media reports for storm reports. Alright, let’s just say we’re looking for tornado
reports near Hattiesburg, Mississippi or in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The first
thing we want to do is type in “tornado” in the search bar and hit “Enter”.
Alright, and that’s gonna take us to “all reports.” But we’re gonna see a broad
range of reports, and it’s not just gonna, say, be for Hattiesburg now. But you see
on the left, there’s several different areas we can filter our results by. Now
we can filter them by who they were posted by, and most of the time you want
to leave this on “anyone” because we’re looking for public reports, and usually
our dummy accounts don’t have any friends. We can see reports that are
posted in any groups that we are in, and usually our dummy accounts don’t have, or
are a part of any, groups. But the two that we will use are a tag location and the
date posted. So let’s say I’m looking for a tornado report in Hattiesburg,
Mississippi. I want to choose location and choose Hattiesburg. And this
will take me to the posts. So I’ll start seeing public posts from “tornado reports
in Hattiesburg.” These are all public posts. Public posts can be videos, text posts, or
pictures, and I can click “see all” to see all public posts. And remember, Facebook
ranks these results. So they won’t be in chronological order. So they’ll be
scattered among everything. So we need to further filter these
results. And one thing that you can do to filter these results is choose a date
when you want to find the report. So I’m gonna keep it brought right now and say
I’m looking for a tornado report in January of 2017. So I’m clicking on
January 2017, and it kind of filters my results even more. And hey and look. This
is something that was taken as the event unfolded of tornado damage. So I’m seeing
a picture or video of tornado damage. Let’s say I’m looking for photos of –
strictly photos for tornado damage. I can further filter my results by using the
“Photo” tab on the bars on top. So I can click “Photos.” And once again you have to
go in and type in “Hattiesburg, Mississippi” for the geotag location. And
for my date, let’s choose January of 2017 one more
time. And look we have photos of tornado damage from January 2017 in Hattiesburg.
And this particular one is at William Carey University in Hattiesburg.
And there are multiple reports. Multiple pictures. All right, now let’s say we’re
looking for videos of tornadoes in Hattiesburg in January of 2017. We’ll
click the “Videos” tab. The photos and video tab will be the two main ones that
we’ll be able to search through. That’s gonna provide us the most information
that we’re looking for. So once I select the “Videos” tab, remember every time you
have to go in and add the location again. So I’ll type in “Hattiesburg.” And I’m
looking for reports in 2017. The Videos tab doesn’t give you an option to
choose a specific month like the Photos and All posts do, but it
does give you the option of choosing a particular year. So a rule of thumb is to
stick with the Post and the Photos tab when you’re looking for reports if you
need to narrow it down further. And also in the Videos tab, you can search through
live videos. There wouldn’t be any live videos ongoing now of tornados in
Hattiesburg, so we didn’t find any reports. Episodes wouldn’t be a good thing
to search. These accounts, you don’t have any friends or groups, but it’ll be
good to use if you have a public account or you have your personal account with a
bunch of friends in that area. Or you can search for videos from links in that
area, which we don’t have right now. So with that said, thank you for listening
and watching this training video on using the search bar to search for
severe weather reports on Facebook. Thank you.

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