Facebook removed false political ad days after Zuckerberg testimony
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Facebook removed false political ad days after Zuckerberg testimony

100 thoughts on “Facebook removed false political ad days after Zuckerberg testimony

  1. So they want to keep their "platform" status and not remove Liberal talking points, but when it comes to conservatives, suddenly they act as a publisher with reckless abandon, scrubbing FB clean. This "judge" always seems to exercise poor judgement….

  2. Google actively burying the visible content of their proverbial "bulliten board" is not the same as just providing a bulliten board for posting. If they don't own the "posts", their hands should be off the posts' usual visibility in response to a search. This is not to say a company should not be able to pay to make their own content more visible in online searches. It means the owners of the bulliten board (search engine, in this case) should not be the origin of this unusual movement of posts (search results, in this case). It should trace back to the firm who paid for it, who is accountable for their actions. And, in the case of political entities paying for increased visibility of their content, this should be a matter of public record.

  3. Wow Judge seems to forget that the people use the media as means of information to make decisions about the direction they want to lead their country. If the media lies our system doesn’t work. Therefore we hold these companies accountable for either creating false news, or censoring the truth. They ONLY remedy we the people get to fight against the lies is the law. These companies should not be immune from the law or accountability. Shame on the Judge for not articulating this point.

    Make it so the ONLY way anything gets taken down or banned is by court order and only in that court’s jurisdiction.
    Rotten book burning must stop.

  5. When you censor someone, you are conceding defeat of your ideas.
    The only moral solution to speech that you don't like is for you to speak up.

  6. Facebook holder's testing their limit's under con trolled envi ron ment.
    Human face's are many fake account holder's who have been working with faces under crypto currency gateway payment's via silicon valley's controlled electronic traffic's.

    Fake news is a fake news. Legally it doesn't matter who put and title of fame or normal person doesn't matter before Law.
    But if a elected representative involved in fake news for political gain is a serious crime and ends in prison and getz no position in government office's. Also if a press, media, print media involves in fake news will also end in prison and sued in Court. Also loses license for press/media operation's.

  7. Old nappy is a perfect example of what is wrong with our legal system. Think it is fair? Think it is balanced? Think it protects you? It does none of these. It protects the powerful and makes snake lawyers rich. Sounds like nappy has a thing for cortez doesn't it? "Profound questions"??? I can't think of one profound thing cortez has ever said. Poor nappy – ready for the home – just doesn't know it.

  8. Libel and slander are still legal terms and are actionable under the law. People should be held accountable for what they proclaim on social media. You are not faceless on the internet nor are you invisible… these people can be punished for such actions..

  9. Took a look at Facebook once. Realized that the intelligence level of those who frequented it was akin to that of a brain impaired individual, so I've never gone back.

  10. Facebook is disgusting I cut all ties with them I don’t do any business or even touch anything remotely related to them they’re a bunch of political hacks associated with the Democrats

  11. They weren't testing Zuckerberg. They were putting a smear on Sen. Graham. PERIOD. The only test there was .. was what they could get away with!

  12. I shut it down before nappy had the chance to open his compromised mouth. Not the least bit interested in any propaganda spilling out of his mouth. 👎. Come on. Get some decent guests. Don’t cheapen your show.

  13. What great insight does judge Napo has? My dog shows better great insight by simply looking at me and wagging his tail when I'm sad.

  14. I want to start a conservative CAT PARTY 😹😹😹🙀🙀🙀🐈🐈🐈 Anyone interested? The TWO PARTY system doesn't work! We need a DICTATORSHIP based on a CAT's mindset!

  15. Nobody with an IQ OVER 65 would believe graham is pro green new deal…if you have a lower IQ, you probably shouldn't be voting anyway..

  16. Jeepers, Judge Nap . . . 'profound questions' from Alexandria Occasional-Cortex?  She can't even spell 'profound', Judge.  Good gosh!

  17. Judge Nappy don't know much…marina, you got a good show, leave Nappy out of it and keep your creditability. Nappy is a never Trumper cuz he got his feelings hurt.

  18. If you were to examine the backside of AOC, you would find a port in the middle of her back where George Soros puts his arm in and turns her into his own private puppet.
    AOC isn't driven by money; but by the idealism of the socialist agenda, which Soros is willing to give her that power if she follows his instructions to the letter.

  19. Why is Napolitano still in air. He is a leftist paid propaganda machine. He has lost the respect of many in his chosen career field. He lies co instantly and Fox pays him for the lies to spread. Of course Fox is falling as well since they were purchased by disney.

  20. Napolitano just told a lie about what Zuckerberg said… what a scumbag that guy is!

    Also, AOC brought up this exact scenario in her questioning. What a rat.

  21. When did Napolitano become an anti-Trumper? Judging from his words NOW, I am SO thankful he is not an active judge!

  22. Zuckerburg and Facebook needs to have strict guidelines. Take it from him.Everyone has the right for free speech. Zuckerburg is a twerp.

  23. This is really dumb. Are we now relying on FB to feed us news ? Lindsey Graham better grow some balls, and sue those people who manipulated the ad.

  24. The "Fudge-Packers-Of-America" we're outraged when the " treasonous snorkel diving, fudge packing, rump Ranger" was publicly exposed to what he is a treasonous traitor who's destiny is The Gallows and then hell for eternity !

  25. Zuckerberg says a Lot of things 'Under Oath'. TRUTH is NOT on of them. NO Trust!
    Didn't obama ALLOW PROPAGANDA to be used in Campaigns? If "Facebook would not verify the accuracy of political ads", WHY remove ad?

    FB "Restrained" by "what its customer base wants". ?? > 'customer base' ?? "WANTS"? Facebook Always gets Sued!

  26. If I could pay a rapper to write a catchy song about how idiotic AOC + 3 are…. I would pay a LOT of $$$. Maybe the uneducated in 🇺🇸 would wake up?

  27. I came off Facebook 2 years ago when president trump won now I try to set up another Facebook account to share and show my support for trump 2020 and as the account was made it was disabled just as fast I had to send pics of my ID to prove who I was and still was not successful with my new account in very angry over this now because I no its to do with my Christian and political beliefs does anyone know if I can do anything bout this? Or even a way to contact Facebook

  28. Just another Judge interested in FAME not Law, If people think they have a pathway to justice outside of a military tribunals your wrong.

  29. When a politician tells a lie, is it a lie if the person hearing the lie is not aware that it is a lie? Fact checking assumes a level of intelligence and knowledge.

  30. Like Napolitano said Facebook is a private organization and can censor their content as they wish that's not the problem, the problem is them being forced to do so by the government and being held accountable for the content of its users that are in no way affiliated with them whatsoever. Newspapers and Media organizations have made factually incorrect statements before and have never been mandated by the government to remove the content, for the most part the content gets removed on it's own after being publicly chastised. The video in question stated at the end that it was not supported by any candidate or candidate's committee. If this was a legitimate commercial made to legitimately defame senator Graham's political position it would have eventually caught wind that it was a false video and would have devalued the organization's credibility if they were to continue making more videos.

  31. I just learned that Zuckerberg is allowing Breitbart on Facebook’s newsfeed, calling it a “trusted news source”. What’s next, Russian state propaganda?

  32. The video on Facebook to me is a form of slander. Slander is already something that can be brought into court and I would have no problem with someone doing so of it were to happen to them. I don't feel it's necessarily Facebook's responsibility to look for these types of videos but if it's flagged and brought to their attention I think it's in their best interest to bring them down for the sake of those being libeled against. I say it's a form of slander because it falsely distorts an image a person wishes to portray themselves as. But holding Facebook responsible for finding and taking these ads down in my opinion sets a dangerous precedent, this wasn't a banner ad, it was a post by a political group's Facebook account and videos like the one they posted can be posted just as easily by any other person that uses Facebook.

  33. So Republicans and Donald Trump can't lie on Facebook??? No body else can okay it's all about money I don't trust Republicans Or Democrats ((I'm all in for Bernie))

  34. There is no law that says we the public has the right to Face Book, YouTube, Twitter or any thing else we enjoy on the internet. If we cannot appreciate that, then the day will come when we will have to pay for everything we research or do on the internet. Think about it.

  35. AOC 'profound questions' hahaha.. Really deep questions from someone who thinks cauliflower is racist, and that there is a singularity in her garbage disposal. She is doing pretty well, learning the dark art of false predicate entrapment.

  36. The judge is right. Let the people as individuals and then as a whole decide what is true and what is not. As soon as we start to sensor any one thing, all things are open to censorship in some fashion by some group of any persons. Letting the ceo's of companies or the government step in to apply censorship to the people is giving them too much power. Let the ideas rise and fall in the market place of ideas. The judge is exactly right in that statement.

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