Facebook Pages And Groups: Searching for Weather Reports
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Facebook Pages And Groups: Searching for Weather Reports

Hello. I’m John Moore with the National
Weather Service office in Jackson, Mississippi and as part of this series
on social media data mining I will show you some great locations to data
mine for reports on Facebook starting with the obvious, then going to the not
so obvious. Alright, let’s start with the most common place to find reports on
Facebook, and that’s our own page. So we want to go to our page, be a business
manager. And once we get on our page, typically, these pages – well the
reports are posted underneath comments on posts that we’ve already made. Or they
will be posted on the “Posts” to our page section, which can be accessed by
clicking on posts. And once it populates you’ll see a section called “Visitor
Posts.” And this is a location where, typically, people are going to post to our
page, or post reports for our page, post damage pictures or videos of things
that they’ve seen through our page. It’ll typically show up here. So what are some
other places, other locations, that we can find posts at? One great place that I like
to use is the pages of our local partners, mainly the media. Some of these media
pages will have hundreds of thousands of followers and likes. Maybe
even a million in some cases. So to access these media pages, we want to go back to
our Facebook homepage and search for a local media outlet. So I’ll go to this
local media outlet here in Jackson, Mississippi and in the same location
that we found them at on our page we’ll find them on our local media page. So
under the visitors post tab you’ll see everything that’s being posted to these
media pages. Like I said before, this is probably the best location to find
posts at during an event. Like I said these places have hundreds of thousands of
likes and followers and this is the most common location where people will post to.
And this is not relegated to only media pages, but local
partners such as local government officials, local emergency managers,
several different entities, several different partners of ours. You can find
posts from the public underneath their pages or on the visitor posts section of their page.
Alright what is one uncommon place that we find posts that are not so known? One of
those things is the local Facebook groups. In this case I’ll show
you how to search for a local Facebook group. So let’s say we’re looking for
reports in Clinton, Mississippi. So I’m just gonna search for Clinton, Mississippi.
Or if you have any knowledge of any group or a group name that you can use
that as well. So I’ll click on the group tab and I want to search in the public
groups. Most of the closed or private groups you won’t have access to
see their reports, but if you search for public groups you’ll have access to all
the posts of that page without actually asking to join the group.
So let’s go to this “Let’s Talk Clinton” page. And if we scroll down we can see
the activity of that page and we’ll see the top recent posts. Let’s say we want
to see all posts. So we’ll click on “See All Posts” right here. And we can actually
search this group for different types of posts. So let’s say we’re looking for
“hail” posts in this group. And look, wow. Here’s the post of hail from 2015.

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