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Facebook Moms Against Dabbing

[Hila]: What up invaders!
[Ethan]: What? [Hila]: That’s my-
[Ethan]: That’s the wrong channel. Start over. [Hila] What up, Hilakleiners! Today, we’re looking at old people facebook. [Ethan]: Whooaah! That was sick, dude! That was a dope intro. Keep going. [Hila]: That’s all I’ve got. [Ethan]: We’ve made a couple videos about our favorite subreddits before, and there’s just some really great ones out there. This one probably consistently cracks me up the most. Hila always hears me giggling in here by myself, she comes running, “What is it?” She doesn’t want to be left out. She wants the laughs. Is-are you-do you come for the laughs or the Gaffs?
[Hila]: Um, probably, the laughs.
[Ethan]: Yeah, it’s just a pure laugh.
[Hila]: Yeah. [Ethan, cont.]: And it’s almost always this subreddit: “/r/oldpeoplefacebook.” This subreddit is for the antics of old people who completely missed any wave of technology. You guys are gonna see; it sounds dumb, but I swear to God, this is, like, wonderful storytelling. And these– these old people let me tell you what: they’re a fucking riot. So, Jo Ann writes (to) the Green Giant: “Your celery is ALWAYS FILTHY.,” but celery is always pretty dirty. It’s like a root, you just… you wash it off. Then they respond and they go, “Hi Jo Ann,” you could tell she’s old as fuck by that name “Jo–” No one has been named Jo Ann in, like, 70 years. I’m sorry to hear that we appreciate the comment and I’ll be sure to pass your feedback on to the rest of the team actually it’s like what do you even do with that feedback; “We’ll make sure to rinse our celery more” and then she responds “WHUP TEE DOO!!!!!” Dude, Jo Ann is savage as fuck!
[Hila]: What- what’s the whup tee doo? Like- [Ethan]: It’s like, wow, good for you! Like, who cares, whoop de- that’s old people shit. At the turn of the century, whoop-dee-doo used to be fighting words on the street. Yeah if you dropped
[Hila]: Really? a whoop-dee-doo on the streets expect some trouble. (Hila: ok) So Jo Ann is definitely throwing the gauntlet at the Green Giant and I have to say if, Green Giant, if you’re watching this, wash your filthy ass celery just give it a rinse you fucking savages. *instrumental* Post by the police force group, probably a local police force, okay? A woman died and her four children were injured after a crash in blank Valley. Very somber very real guys this is- this is serious people lost their lives let’s be serious here. Sharon writes post dog waving GoHODBYE! A woman died and her 4 children were injured and Sharon posts this dog, this cute dog waving goodbye and the dog is just so genuinely happy ,you know what I mean? Like the dog is just so genuinely happy to say good bye. Bye! [Hila]:What was she trying to do and went wrong? [Ethan]: Well, let’s see if we can get some insight cause see if we can get some insight because someone says this seems a tad inappropriate and she says sorry don’t know how to remove yet still learning. she’s still learning but she knew how to find the dog bye emoji. [Hila]: There’s something so rude about that bye [Ethan]: No it’s fucking horrible! This cute dog.. there’s something special about the way that dog just dismissed the death and destruction of a whole family of people. That dog in one clean wave, just crushed that whole family. The grief was nothing compared to the dog dis Laid out. Dude, at that point if they… if the kids saw that they would’ve been like I Wish I died in that crash too. because Sharon just destroyed my whole life with that dog wave, bye. I wouldn’t mind having that dog on my gravestone. I don’t want a eulogy, I don’t want an epitaph, I just want this dog waving goodbye “Bye!” ♪ Rump doopy doopy dah ♪ [Ethan]: Jennifer says “The love the sun” [Ethan, quoting Ruth]: “Who doesn’t! Oh wait, me since my diagnosis of lupus [Ethan, quoting Jennifer]: *Sad face* [Hila]: Oh god.
[Ethan]: Jesus, tone it down it’s just a picture of her cats. [Hila]: Old people’s Facebook is pretty dark. [Ethan]: It’s kinda dark. These old people they’re like on like knocking on the end of their lives a little bit they’re just dropping some fire. [Hila]: Really dark comedy.
[Ethan]: Real shit. *Ethan’s mating call* [Ethan]: “That lasagna looks crisp!” “That’s my daughter!” That lasagna looks CRISP! *HahSQEALaha* [voice cracking] Christian Moms Against Dabbing! Here’s a page on Facebook called, “Share If You Are A Christian Mom Against Dabbing.” [Hila]: No way… [Ethan]: I’m not sure that I’ve ever still properly done a dab. Can you dab? [Hila]: We should check the Facebook page. Ethan: Can you dab, though? Hila: No. Ethan: Dab! Hila: I can’t. Ethan: Are you a Christian mom? Hila: [laughing] I’m a Christian mom. Ethan: Grab my arm, Hila.
Grab it! Don’t let me dab, dude! So, then, she replies, “I’m [Ethan reads the comment] Okay, so then, yeah! You’re against dabbing! Good. [Ethan reads again] Hila: How is this real?! Ethan: This is real– This is on Facebook RIGHT NOW! We just found this! This isn’t from the subreddit, this is just a fresh meme. This is what happens when you open Facebook! [Ethan continues reading] “If there’s obvious signs, you may need to seek out an exorcist because he is the only one that can help.” “Thank you for seeking help from us.” Hila: Oh my god. Ethan: Whaat?! [helicopter sound] Hila: Weesh us lahck, and pray for us through this terrifying journey. –What?
Ethan: It’s just dabbing! [helicopter sound] Holy shit! Hila: The devil is dabbing. [helicopter sound] Ethan: But, I like how she’s, like, talking about her OWN child! She goes, But th– They’re suggesting, “but there’s a good chance if he’s dabbed too many times, you may just wanna–” Hila: “Bye.”
Ethan: –let him go.” You MAY want to send him the, uh, Together: “Death in the family” Ethan: Yeah, “still learning.” Sean isn’t sure where to type his password– Is that Sean Spicer, for Christ’s sake?! Is this Sean Spicer? He’s verified, who is this? Did it twice! IT *IS* SEAN SPICER! That’s the White House press secretary!
Hila: Nooo wayyy! Ethan: He posted his password TWICE ON TWITTER! [falsetto] Nooooooo! This is the best thing ever! He’s probably got DM’s with the president talking about launch codes! I have fucked up shit *my* DM’s, imagine what HE’s got! [Ethan Klein Cough™] This guy… posted some picture of his rafting and then he says, [Ethan reads] Hila: What?! Ethan: Jesus!
Hila: God, these people are rude! Ethan: TWO likes! TWO likes! I thought in the 50s everyone was like nice and polite and then you all the kids came and ruined it yeah they were wearing the 50 shit happened else into that shit was good in the fifties They’ve seen some shit since then They should have said in all caps whoopty-doo whoopie doo motherfucker can you handle this much sexy I think I can handle all that sex grandson looking good love you grandma No didn’t come out good sometimes I feel like old people talk about their children or grandchildren in a way that’s just a bit much they’d be like if I was your age I would date you you ever heard that before buy a old person not sure it’s like eh, doesn’t sound right I can’t handle this much sex grandson guy looks like a stud though I used to work at Walmart I did for 10 years thanks for your support we’re happy to have you as part of our team shut up damn this guy comes out of his away thanks for being a part of our team shut up good because he didn’t have a good time their Walmart’s like damn why’d you what? like I regret responding to you trying to be nice hey Rayma I’m glad you’re my friend I’m glad we are friends also that’s wholesome but it’s really funny til it’s apparently two Grandma’s talking through each other. Hila I’m glad we’re friends. me too. this woman printed 15 pages of facebook posts and it’s just reading the comments on the subway oh my god holy shit that’s kind of fucking interesting though like a Facebook newspaper yeah she doesn’t have a smartphone but that can’t be cost-efficient I’m that’s expensive I recently just paid six hundred dollars for photocopies I know that is not cheap it could be cheaper to just get a cell phone plan with data that’s super interesting I’ve never I’ve never even thought anyway that ever existing like blowing my mind kind of oh this one’s great yeah so this one so friends please listen to this nine-year-old boy with the voice of an angel sings amazing grace while is this your son no he is not okay you should be very proud he’s not my son bill regardless you have a lot to be proud of thank you Bill it’s so wholesome so great I love it still I stick with my first statement you should be proud you have a lot to be proud of and she accepted to thank you so fucking gold my sister-in-law died on fire her Bible was beside her bed on a stand burn mark on the Bible awesome miracle from God yeah wait what somebody died when it’s a miracle does the Bible didnt burn, but her sister burned alive and it’s a miracle It’s awesome everybody died oh my god my sister in law died in a fire her Bible was beside her bed on a stand not a burn mark on the Bible awesome miracle from God you think that God would have fucking saved your sister-in-law stood up burning her in a fiery death holy shit Beverly you’re the fucking champ did I love your optimism got eight likes yeah I love her optimism well guys I feel like I have definitely something to look forward to I can’t wait to be a part of this exclusive community you’re not no I’m gonna fit right in this is my calling I want to be a member of old facebook and you can’t stop me just gonna answer no to every post oh you you’re trying to out old facebook me you want to take me on dude? anyway guys thanks for watching so much, and uh, bye! Hopefully no one in your family has died, but if so, I only have One thing to say. Play us off DeathInTheFamily.png

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  2. The dabbing is actually a demonic mind control ritual they cast onto people. It’s true their probably seeing their children turning into demonic Individuals.

  3. why does ethan and hila's videos always feels so short, like it always suddenly ended, its too addicting.

  4. Ah yes dabbing, that was before ghosting riding the whip and licking ice cream and then putting it back and kicking caps off bottles, ahh yes. Sheeeep

  5. How do I get my christian son to stop dabbing. You have to grab a ruler, then put on a black and white set of clothing like a nun, then you do the rest

  6. Hola! I want to say that after a week I do love you! And I love that Ella asks a lot about the American culture cuz I learn with her. Son una chimba

  7. Look at Hila @8:20 playing with her hair turned on by the "sex" context ^^

    p.s. hope you guys don't get offended by this post…

  8. Yo this video is old but that Christian moms against dabbing page was created as a joke and most people on there are in on it (last time I checked at least)

  9. So, u know dabbing was smoking weed concentrate with a hot plate (dab rig) and a torch long before the arm dabbing fad., it proceeded "dabbing" with your arms, and it is what all the early rap songs were referring to when the fad started, aka: let's dab some wax, 710 dog

  10. My 48 year old mother doesn't like or comment anything on Facebook because she fears she'll fuck something up or make someone angry, I feel like that was a good choice.

  11. I'm a christian and I believe that the Devil exist and I think dabbing is cool, but I've never heard of dabbing possessing your children with demons that sounds like something a retarded person would say… (no hate pls)

  12. My dad wouldn't let us watch that witch movie with Bette Davis or listen to The Offspring bc it was "of the devil". We snuck out and watched and listened to it all and now we're part of a satanic cult – the church of hamm. Listen to your parents, kidz.


  14. To quote my grandfather a few days before he died: " John I dont fucking care I'm gonna die anyday now. So I'll say whatever shit I want to ".

  15. Bibles dont burn because they are thick books which already dont burn well but are also printed on paper that is hard to burn this can be repeated with phone books all bow before the text of the yellow pages

  16. What's up past h3h3 I'm a fan from August 2019, hila you are gonna be a mom and Ethan only gets fatter. Much love ya boi charles

  17. you have to admit that dabbing and the floss plus orange justice is one pretty gay thing to do like level -10000000 IQ for you to like it

  18. Make dabbing, flossing, and being a cringe lord in general, carry the sentence of capital punishment. Problem solved? 😀

  19. 10:24 Miracle from God. The woman burnt to death in bed, but the Bible next to her didn't burn. Thank God.
    Edit: There are more copies of the Bible than humans on Earth. Which is more valuable?

  20. i bet the moms against dabbing is reffering to smoking T.H.C. concentrate esp how they say it the devil "enters" your body… it is still hilarious just not quite as absurd unless they are catholic christians cause what is the priest doing with the alter boys… is that god entering your childs body? … ugh im sorry for that … ill just leave this here

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