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What’s up and welcome back to my channel
and on today’s video, I’ve got something pretty special for you and that is I am
pulling a training out of my group coaching program called The Mom’s
Marketing Lounge and I am giving it to you putting it up which is today’s video.
And it’s all about how to create like better and more effective posts for
social media. If you are totally new to me in my channel, what’s up! My name is
Sherri Brown, nice to meet you and I help a busy work-at-home moms to rediscover
their voice, build a solid foundation for their business, and show their kids
what’s possible. And on this channel, I do everything – from product reviews,
tutorials, as well as actual social media and marketing strategies that you can
implement to go further, faster when building your business online. So, if
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Just make sure that you hit that “Bell” so you get notified as I upload a new
videos each and every week. And finally right before we hop into this and I move
out of the way to show you the training I do want to let you know that this week
The Mom’s Marketing Lounge is open for enrollment. I will drop below in the
description all in the details but without further ado, I’m gonna go
ahead, and move out of the way, and you can get right into the training. Alright,
super excited about this training which is going to be all about how just to
make better posts when it comes to social media. Now, we’re not going to be
talking about a lot of like the value driven type of posts because we did that
in the previous training. So this is just all about just a regular social media
posts to create just more engagement on your profile. And so, a couple of just
reminders now this is actually I had to go back and re-record this so there’s not
going to be like Q&A at the very end. So if you have any particular questions
about this training, then just go into the group The Mom’s Marketing Lounge
group under the announcement section which is at the very top and that shows
the upcoming schedule for different pop up sessions. And if
you aren’t able to make a pop-up session, then just post your question in the
group or just under this particular video. Now, I also want you to schedule
time as always in your calendar over the next few days or weeks to start
implementing what you’re learning. Because obviously you can train until
the cow’s come home but it’s not really going to make an impact or a difference
if you aren’t implementing the strategies that you’re learning. And then
also as you’re watching this, of course the replay, you’re already going to be
watching it in your member’s area. But just as a little reminder, I just want to
kind of pull up and show you on your website like you just go to BackToTheBasicsAcademy.com/login. This is where you created it. This is where all of your
trainings are going to be. So, you would just hover over my library. It’s going to
pull up what courses you have available from me. You would just click on view
product and this is where all of the core training is going to take place. The
pop up sessions, the replays, those are always going to be just in the Facebook
group but the core trainings are all going to be under here back here. So, this
one you’ll see it under Facebook marketing by foundation training that’s
definitely the place that I suggest everybody start at first. Just so they
can identify their brand, their target audience. They’ve created that you know
that brand statement that one-liner that they can repeat over and over as well as
content training in general. So that’s where you’re going to find all major
trainings. So back over here and so what you are going to learn today? We’re going
to talk about again it’s all about Facebook marketing. So we’re going to
talk about how often you should be posting, when to post, what’s supposed to
stay on brand, the types of different posts that you can create for just a
more of a variety, and also how to create better and more engaging social media
posts. We’re going to talk about some big No, No’s
and then I’m going to give you some final tips at the end. So let’s go ahead
and kick off with how often should you be posting. This is a very common
question and I will say before you know even back in you know 2017, I would say
like it pretty much kind of stopped I would say by 2018 but I used to tell
people because this is what I learned you know three to five posts a day. Well,
that’s kind of change as more and more people have come on the platform and
it’s now over two billion people and it continues to grow every single day. And
so, just understand that when it comes to Facebook that it’s very much more about
quality than quantity. I would say one to two good posts a day is plenty, okay? So,
anything more than that, I would recommend post to your stories, add them
to Trello which you know Trello is just it’s a free service that you can use.
It’s like a software where you can organize. Now if you don’t have Trello or you don’t use Trello, you can literally just pull up a PDF, a Word document, a Google
Doc. You can use the Notes app on your phone and or you can even schedule them
out like if you’re if you have a business page or a Facebook group, they
allow you to schedule posts in advance. So if you’re, you know, just in one of
those places to where your brain like you’re just your creative juices are
flowing and you just have like all these good post ideas, schedule them out or
just put them somewhere and kind of like sort stock pile on them so you can use
them later on to where you aren’t just posting like multiple times a day. And
also I would recommend spacing them out. I would suggest at least four hours
apart you know and and the big reason here is as more and more people are
coming online as your friends as your friends continue to expand as you start
building up more people that you’re connected to, understand that if you
start posting like multiple times a day competition like to get in the newsfeed
it’s pretty fierce these days, okay? So just understand that you don’t want to
make it to where your own posts are competing against each other. So that’s
why you want to post you know one to two good posts a day. You want to space it
out to where there aren’t they aren’t overlapping and competing with
themselves. So that’s my suggestion on how often to post. Now we’re gonna move
into when to post? Now the first thing I’m going to say is test it out. People
always want to know what’s the best time. When should you post? And again, I would
recommend just testing it out and kind of seeing you know when it comes to your
profile and I’m gonna give you some tips on you know when it comes to posting on
your profile, on your business page, on your you know inside of your group, but
first and foremost test it out. I’m also going to give you a pro tip to say post
on their time and not yours and I’m gonna give you an example of this. I’ve
got a friend, a really good friend, her name is Jelena.
She lives in Latvia which is over near Russia. However, her ideal customer like
she targets people in the US and so obviously she’s like way ahead like
several, several hours ahead of US time. And because of that she wants to make
sure that in order for her US audience to see those posts that she’s posting
when they’re online. Obviously, because you know a lot of times she’s staying up
in the middle of the night because people are still up in the US and so
she’ll sleep in later on in the day you know later on in the morning so that she
can be up and producing content when people in the US are up. So hopefully,
that makes sense tiny. She’s also somebody who is inside
of The Mom’s Marketing Lounge and she lives in the UK and of course she’s
wanting to target as well people in the US as well. And because of that you know
again she wants to consider when people in the US are online. What’s their
schedule looking like during the day? When are they most likely to be online
and be most active? And that’s when she would want to create content.
I also want you to understand like human behavior and where your ideal customer
is at during the day. So for instance you know, a lot of times in the morning
there’s an influx of people who are getting online. They’re coming online,
however, you know they’re just checking their phones
you know when they wake up before they start their day but they’re not spending
like tons of time online in the morning. Generally, they’re spending more time
online like at night time like after they’ve already gotten the kids to bed
they’ve made dinner now they’re sitting down to relax. And so because of that you
know, you would want to like in the morning when you know that people are
just popping on to kind of check, that’s when I tend to post like you know just
shorter or like shorter type post and I would say like those longer posts for
nighttime when I know people are more apt to say online and more apt to read
them. So just kind of consider again you know where the ideal customer is during
the day? What’s their schedule look like? What are they doing? And then again post
on their time and not yours. Now, another thing that I’m going to say is I
want you to look now when it comes to your business page, you’ve got analytics
and same thing with your group. And I’m gonna be popping over and kind of
showing you where you can find those but on your profile there’s really not a big
indicator like there’s no analytics when it comes to your Facebook profile. And so
this is just a little hack that I learned that I started using. And you can
see over here like on the left hand side. This is just a snapshot of Facebook
Messenger for me. And understand that this look could be totally different
because Facebook likes to change things. But right now, at the bottom in the
middle, you can see these two little people right where it says 14 unread
messages which I have way more than that but we’re not going to talk about it, but
you can see we’re in green it says 715. And so, that tells me when it comes to my
profile how many of my friends connections are online at that time.
So that is really a big indicator of when I will generally post. Now, you know
I’ve kind of gotten this down to a science from testing it out. You know
when the ideal numbers like how many people are online? So, if I see that that
you know that I’ve got like 400 people online, I probably not gonna post you
know. And I also won’t post if I see that there’s a nine hundred plus people
online, okay? I will generally post and again you will have to test this out
based on your connections and how many people that you are connected to. But you
know, I generally find that when mine is between like six and seven hundred, seven
hundred and fifty like that’s usually a pretty good ideal time for me to post.
But that’s kind of how I will you know kind of look when it comes the profile
to kind of tell me or give me a direction as far as when to post for me,
and I’ll kind of look at that. Now, another thing that I want to do is I
want to talk about if you have a Facebook group or a business page, a
great thing that you can do is a look at your analytics. This is golden
information, okay? So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to back out of here and I
am going to bring up I’m gonna bring up over here, I’m going to show you where
these analytics are. So give it just a second I’m gonna pop over here to my
business page and I’m going to show you where this is that over here. So on your
business page and again this could change as far as where it’s at but what
I do is I go over up here across the top. I click on “Insights” and then over here
on the left hand side I am going to click on and and up here this is just
the page summary. So you can check this and you can put it on 28 days or the
last seven days. I’ll keep it on 28 days for now. And what I’m going to do is I’m
going to go over here to where it says, “Posts.” And if this gives you what’s
called a well report this is pretty golden, okay? Because this time
the times of day that are shown like in your local timezone as far as when your
audience is online. So, this is based on my audience people who like Sherri Brown
Coaching my business page. And so you can see that people start popping online. You
know, five, six, and then it kind of peaks out. In the morning I’d say we’re like
around nine and then people start getting online and it peaks out again
around like 5:00 p.m. Now, I can click on each day over here hover on each day and
you can see the well report kind of changes but it pretty much stays the
same, okay? Like the numbers are pretty consistent. There’s not a huge jump and
when people are online. So, what you know one thing that I’ve learned is you don’t
want to post like you can look at these analytics but you wouldn’t want to post
like once everything’s peaked. Like, the best thing you could do is post like
somewhere down here like earlier in the morning and then kind of ride the wave
as more and more people are getting online. You know, as far as at night time
you know if I waited until you know seven o’clock or you know even right
here at five when it kind of peaks, well you know I’m not gonna be able to kind
of ride that way. So I’m gonna post when the maximum people are online but then
people just start dropping off. You see what I’m saying? So, it’s best to kind of
post a little bit before your max amount of people are on. That way, you know, the
post it gives it a little bit of time to gain attraction as more and more people
are hopping on and that gives you a little bit better chance as far as you
know your post like catching and getting some engagement. Now, one other thing that
I’m going to do is I’m going to go over here to my Facebook group Back To The
Basics Community. I’ve got you know a couple of groups obviously The Mom’s
Marketing Lounge but if you go if you’re inside of your group over here on the
left-hand side you’re gonna see where it says “Group Insights,” okay? And again, this is the last 28 days. So I’m gonna click on right here where it gives engagement
details. And again, this is for the past 28 days.
And if you scroll down, it’s going to give you popular days and popular times
that people in your community are online and they’re engaging. Now, if you hover
over the question mark, it tells you exactly what this means. The average
times per hour that members post comment or react, okay? Popular days, this is the
average times per day that members post comment or react. So the most popular
days in my group for the amount of people who are on engaging are Mondays
and Thursdays. So, if I’m going to do a post you know that post if I do it on a
Saturday that is when the least amount of people are inside of my group. The
least amount of people are engaging. So if I’m gonna take a day off to where I’m
not gonna post something, it’s probably gonna be a Saturday. Now if I look over
here, you can have this little drop-down menu and you can you know change the day
and you can see over here the analytics change. So Tuesday’s a pretty active day.
Thursday’s active. So just you know pick whatever day you’re on. And let’s just
say Sunday and again if I were to post I would probably want to post somewhere
down here and then again ride the wave as the maximum amount of
people are over here posting around this time, okay? So, look at these analytics.
Excuse me! Look at these analytics and that can
give you a great guide as to you know the best times for you to post based on
your audience and when they’re online and when they’re engaging, okay? So that’s
just my little tip as far as when to post and a couple of little hacks I use
especially when it comes to my profile as well. So I’m going to go back down
here. We’ll get back to the slides. The next thing that I want to talk about is
really how to stay on brand when it comes to the types of posts that you’re
doing. So you aren’t all over the place, okay? So think back to
what you said that your brand was about, okay? And in the last training, we talked
about your Facebook profile. Now, if you went through the foundation training
you’ve already identified your brand. You know like what problem you’re wanting to
solve. You know kind of what you want to be known for. And then we kind of move
into how to you know create a Facebook intro that’s really gonna pop, that’s
really going to stand out. So when it comes to your intro I like to think
about this is you know kind of who are you, what you’re about, who do you serve
like you know you’ve got those likability factors, your relatability
factors in there and so this is just a little snippet of mine. And as you can
see mine says marketing and branding nerd, productivity junkie,
mommy, wife. You know when I’ve got a little animal emoji kind of representing
that I you know I have fur babies as well as a tiny human as well. And then
helping you stand out online. And so really this is the guide when it comes
to the types of posts that I put up on my profile. This is a guide of what I can
kind of stay in, okay? So I like to make sure that any posts that I put up is
going to fall or represent like one of these categories, me as a woman, me as a
mom, a wife, you know. Something about productivity or something in regards to
marketing and branding. And so I’m not just talking about a bunch of random
things that have nothing to do really with my interest or what I help people
with. So think about that when it comes to the type of content or the types of
posts that you put up on your own profile. You want to stay within the
realm of what you have in your intro, okay? So, a big pro tip here is it’s not always
and this is something I learned from one of my mentors is that, it’s not always
about what you talk about that matters but it’s also what you don’t talk about
that really matters as well. And so there’s a reason that people don’t come
to me when it comes to them wanting to get their website to rank on the first
page of Google. I’m not really known for SEO. It’s not just because I don’t
it’s not because you know and I guess the big reason they don’t is because
obviously I do not talk about it. That’s what I was trying to spit out and you
could not spit out. But you know people there’s a reason why people don’t come
to me when it comes to how to build their business on LinkedIn or Twitter
because again it’s something that I don’t talk about. And so that’s why you
know this little quote, this little pro tip, is such a golden tip when it comes
to you staying on brand with the types of posts that you put out. So, people come
to me when it comes to marketing. They come to me when it comes to branding and
video marketing and you know productivity things like that like those
foundational pieces because I talk about them and then they don’t come to me for
other stuff because I never mentioned them. I never talk about it. And so think
about that for yourself you know. What do you not want to be known for and make
sure that those topics like you’re staying away from them. That way, you can really stay on brand and burn into people’s memory. You know what I mean? Like, what you are that person to come to for, okay? And so what I want to do is I want
to go back over to Facebook. We’re gonna go to my profile and I want to kind of
show you that some of the posts that I’ve been putting up if you look at them
they’re all gonna kind of relate to something that goes back to my intro,
okay? So I’m gonna pop out of here, go back over to Facebook. I’m gonna go to my
profile and so this is a recent post I did not that I really wanted to start
with this post but it’s about my dog. I ended up having to put my old lady Daisy
down. Very, very heartbroken over that and I’ve cried until I feel like I don’t
have any tear that’s left. But of course this is a type of post that you know
obviously aligns with I’m a huge animal person. I love my animals. I’m begging to
rescue. You know, all the animals that we have right now they’re all and they’re
all they came up from rescues. So did Daisy, my old lady Daisy.
You know, scrolling down here this was another one. We
had a dog that came up and I couldn’t get in touch with her owner and so this
was kind of funny. You know what I mean? Just call me Caesar since you know I
don’t know I really do believe that these dogs around the golf course just
tell you know tell give each other memos on when they can come. Alright
you know that our house is the one they should come to because you know here I
am putting a dog bed out there covering her up because it was raining. And then
this is just quote. I love quotes. I’m a quote junkie I will say that. Now quotes
are not gonna pay your bills but I am just obsessed with quotes. So I do post a
lot of them. And so you know this one you know did you did you lose members in
your Facebook group? This is very much on brand. It has to do with what with
marketing and branding. This is just something funny related to being a mom.
You scroll down this is something else related to you know marketing and
branding. And so, all of the posts you can go back and look on my profile like
they’re all going to be on brand. That’s how I do it. I kind of use that
intro as the guide and so I’m not just posting a bunch of randomness. And so you know, go back and look at your own profile and kind of take a look over the
past you know week or two weeks to kind of see, okay? Are the types of posted I’m
putting up you know are they kind of staying on brand? Do they relate to
what’s in my intro? If not, then that you know use that as kind of a learning
guide as to kind of what to stay away from, what you don’t want to post later
on, okay? So now, what I want to do is go back over here and we are gonna talk
about some different types of posts that you can that you can put up just to
create a little bit more of a variety when it comes to your profile. And so
that way you aren’t just posting like the same thing every single day. And so,
you can do just a regular text type post. You can you know put up post and you
know have a picture. You can ask questions. I love asking questions you
know. And now here’s the deal when it comes to asking questions. I’m not saying
like do you like Coke or Pepsi? Or, are you know are you more of a chocolate
or vanilla? Like, those are just like the kind of questions like I’m just not a
big fan of I think they’re pointless and I would say kind of steer clear of those.
I did use to put up post like that even you know 18 months ago. And you know just to try to get engagement because you will get engagement on those. But to me, I
just think they’re kind of irrelevant like they there’s no value in it. You
know what I mean? It’s almost like you’re putting it up just to get engagement but
then they’re I mean what can you do with that engagement? You aren’t gonna be able
to go and pay your bills with it. So again, if I’m asking a question. It’s
you know I’m just being more thoughtful with the questions that I ask. And the
same thing you know, I would recommend is be thoughtful in the questions. Don’t
just put up a random questions that again have they’re of no value, okay? You
can do quotes. You know funny people love to laugh. I love to follow people who not
only make me laugh but educate me. You know what I mean? Like, I just love funny.
And so I love to laugh. So think about how you can kind of you know put some
funny stuff that stays on brand when it comes to your post. Watch parties, watch
parties. I’ve gotten pretty big lately. Don’t know if they’ll be so big two
years from now or three years from now. But this is a type of post that you can
do. You know that will give you a little bit more of a variety. Lifestyle, you know
take people behind the scenes. Show people you know your lifestyle. That’s my
stories are so big. Same thing with like behind the scenes. You can do these as
far as regular posts like on your profile or they’re great too for stories.
You know Facebook stories, they’ve gotten bigger and stories have kind of blown up.
And you know, they’re huge on Instagram, Facebook. They’re getting big. YouTube right now
has stories and so stories I love like the lifestyle behind the scenes things
like that. You can also do polls. I love polling my audience to kind of
find out okay. I’m thinking about these different topics to talk about. You know,
what’s your, what’s your favorite? And I’ll kind of show you an idea here
here in just a second how I did that to really give me an idea of what order. I’m
gonna create some content and you can do interviews. You know interview other
people, other people in your space. Interviews are great before and after. I
have you know done before and after. These are great for like weight loss, or
skincare, or you know just other types of things. Now, when it comes to before and
afters, if you’re posting those like say on your business page, they when it comes
to like Facebook advertising, they generally won’t allow you to boost or
run ads two before and afters. They just they don’t. So you can put them up and
I’ve even put them up on my profile and I’ll kind of show you an example of how
I kind of used it and it was just more like from a lifestyle perspective. It was
a before and after. I’ve not anything that I am really known for, but I’ll kind
of show you how I weaved it in to my profile. Again, it’s more of like a
lifestyle behind the scenes of this is what’s going on in
my life, okay? Also, events if you’re at events, you know, document that. Take some
pictures like post about it. Moving on videos that videos are huge little
one-liners and what one-liners are if you put up a post right now like on
Facebook. If it’s a certain amount of characters, then what it does is it kind
of makes the print bigger. And so, it makes it stand out a little bit. So I
love like these little one line just short just you know impactful little
quotes. I love those. So, that’s a different type reviews. You can review
products. You can review books. You can you know what what’s something when it
comes to your niche, your industry, or brand that maybe you could do some
reviews on? Tutorials, testimonials, people who have gotten a result like you’re
teaching somebody something they’ve gotten a result like you can share a
testimonial, you can give recognition, trending topics. So what’s trending when
it comes to your industry? So for me, for example, you know if the Facebook
algorithm changes that’s something that’s trending. You know, when it comes
to let’s say if you’re in fashion. Each year you know what I mean? Like, there’s
different maybe some different trends going on. So you can look and kind of see
in your industry like what’s trending? What’s something brand new that people
are you know talking about? Like, right now that you could put up as a post, okay?
So, we’re moving on from here. I want to talk a little bit about videos, too, okay?
Because when it comes to videos, there’s a couple of different types of videos
that you can do. One is live videos. Of course, you know what this is. I’m sure
you’ve watched them and they definitely get the most engagement over any other
type of video. You can do now you can also do pre-recorded videos. So if you
aren’t you know if you’re a little gun-shy when it comes to getting on into
in live videos, you can still do pre-recorded videos and then again
upload those natively to Facebook, whether it be your profile, business page,
group, something like that. And then there’s also like little teaser videos.
And what teaser videos are basically you can take a little snippet out of
that longer video and you can create a short little snippet of a video that you
can then drive traffic back to a longer piece of content. So for example, this is
Sonny Leonor Josie. She’s really big when it comes to teaching people YouTube and
things like that. She also has a podcast and so she created like a short little
like 15-second snippet and then you can see what she’s doing in the description
is she’s driving people back to her latest podcast episode, okay? So that’s
what she can do with teasers. I’ve seen quite a few people do this. I’ve done
them a few I could probably do some more to be honest with you. I just haven’t yet,
maybe that’s something that I’ll add into it but I just wanted to give you
you know some different types of content again that you could do, okay?
Also moving on to polls so in we know when it comes to polls I want to show
you this well I want to kind of tell you when it
comes to polls on your profile pages and groups. So when it comes to your profile
and your business page when you go to add a poll it’s only going to give you
the ability to add it two different options, okay? Now, on your if you’re doing
it from your desktop they do allow you some like extra little options
like you can add pictures you know if you’re given two different options and
you’re saying yes and no. You could add a picture or a little gift you know if
somebody’s shaking their head yes or somebody’s shaking their head no. So
that’s something like you can’t do right now from your phone but again Facebook
might change it. But you always are gonna get some different options on your
desktop or laptop versus phone. And then when it comes to your groups here’s
what’s called when you do a poll in your Facebook group. You have the ability to
add way more than just two things. And you also have the ability to add to give
your audience the option to add extra things, okay? So you just have to adjust
the settings and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna hop over and I’m gonna show
you what this looks like, okay? So let me go back to my Facebook group Back To The Basics Community and I’m gonna show you what this looks like. So over here, if you
click these little dots this is where it kind of pulls up and it gives you you
know different options. You can add a gift. You can you know add a feeling. But
if we do a poll so you can you know ask a question and then you can you know add
in like you can have as many options as you want. But now if you click this
little drop down right here and you have these checked this is where you can
allow other you know anybody else to add other options to the poll. You can also
allow people to choose multiple options. Now if you don’t want those you simply
uncheck them. You know what I mean? So you can check them if you you know want
people to be allowed to add multiple options but you don’t want them to
or to be able to choose multiple options like pull options but you don’t want
them to be able to add any other option, just make sure that this one’s not
checked in this. You know what I mean? It’s totally up to you, but now if
you go to your Facebook profile, if I leave this page go over to my profile,
and I go as if I’m going to do a poll here. I click “Poll.” Now here, you only get
two options but you can add a gift you can add a picture and this is something
that you know you don’t have that ability to do in a Facebook group. You
can also have the ability to have this poll expire. So you can have the poll up
and you say, “Hey, this poll ends in a day, in a week.” You can have it custom
whatever you want, okay? And so just understand this is little something
extra you can do when polling. You know on your profile that you can’t do in
your group and so you know just understand like just play around with it.
But I do love this poll option and again even if you didn’t want to do a poll so
let me just refresh this I’ll go back. I’m gonna leave this and I want to click
what’s on your mind, okay? So again, over here you have the ability to do you can
create a list that’s something I didn’t even talk about a few minutes ago as far
as you know one thing you can add just to kind of switch up that variety. A
one-liner of course like I said if you’re doing a short quote it’s gonna
make it a little bit bigger when it shows up in the newsfeed. You’ve got
these options to where you can change the background. So that’s pretty cool and
so you can see right here let me scroll down this is one that I did where it’s a
little bigger because it was just like a short little quote and of course the
text is bigger versus if I were to do like right here you know a longer post
you can you can kind of see the difference in size of the font, okay? So
just wanted to kind of it keep that in mind as well. So now, we’re going to hop
back over because I just like to hop by back and forth. And we’re going to
talk about how just to create better posts in general, okay? So the first
thing I’m going to say is always have your ideal person in mind. Thinking back
to who is that ideal person or person that I want to attract you know when
you’re creating post, talk, and speak, and write as if you’re talking to them, okay?
Also, stay on brand and we talked about how to kind of sound branding when it
comes to your social media content. This is a quote I heard from John Melton that
I absolutely love, “Be a human first and a marketer second.” When I first started out
online, I was definitely not taking this advice, okay? So I was just pitching
and I was promoting and it was all about me and what somebody can do for me. And
it wasn’t like intentional it was just I didn’t understand marketing at that time.
And so it was like when I started a business I was so excited about it.
I just stopped being a human you know what I mean and it was more like just
and that’s I think a big reason why people were running from the hills, why
I was getting ignored, why I was not getting any engagement and what I
definitely wasn’t making any profit those first four years. So just
understand that, be a human first and a marketer second. Also, make your posts
easy to read, okay? And now you can do this simply by you know if you’re
writing a paragraph instead of bunching that paragraph altogether and I’m gonna
show you what this looks like in a minute, but instead of bunching it all
together like space it out. Put some space like use the return bar to where
there’s some white space in between it. And it’s just you know a lot easier to
read. Add some emojis to draw the eye now just like anything else. You can overdo
this and so you don’t want to sit here and use an emoji like you know every
other like character is an emoji. But use some emojis just to kind of draw the eye.
And then I also want to show you kind of my thought process, okay? My thought
process on how I can take content. Now, in a previous video when it came to content marketing, I talked about lots of
different ways that I come up with ideas you know to post. Not only ideas for like
regular value-driven content that I do every week on YouTube or on a Facebook
live but just also you know posts ideas in general. I use it as inspiration my
favorite place to find inspirational type post or not
inspirational meaning you know just quotes all the time. But just inspiration
to create and come up with social media posts is Pinterest, okay? It’s one of my
favorite places. So, let’s kind of show you how I’ve taken and transformed a few
different posts to just make them a little bit different to put my own spin
on this because this is important for you as well to always put your own spin
on things. Now, this is a post that I found on Pinterest. It’s a quote, “Your
kids don’t want a perfect mom they want a happy mom. Now, I could have easily
just you know taken that picture put it up on Facebook and I would have still
gotten some engagement, okay? But I want to show you how I transformed it. This is
how I transformed it. I took you know found a picture of me and I went online
and I want to say I might have used either Canva. May see a couple of the
different apps that I use I use Canva. I also use an app called WordSwag. I have
an iPhone so I’m not sure if these are available like if WordSwag is available
on Android. I know Canva you can take I create a lot of graphics just to Canva
it’s free. You can use it like anybody can use it. And I put the quote at the very top, okay? So this is a quote unknown. I put
the quote on the picture then at the very top your kids don’t want a perfect
mom they want a happy one. And so you can see how I put space in between it to
make it a lot easier to read. And so, I was just thinking back when it comes to
just what I wanted to not only tell myself but what a lot what I find a lot
of moms doing? So that’s why I said your kids don’t want a perfect
they want a happy one. Then the rest is just me adding my own spin to it. So stop
beating yourself up, putting yourself last, thinking you’re a failure. These are
all things that we do as a mom at one point or another. You know what I mean?
Stop telling your kids to chase their dreams while never pursuing your own and
instead make yourself a priority. Find something that sets you on fire because
at the end of the day what you don’t do or what you do and don’t do are going to
impact how you feel and how you feel is going to impact the way you are around
your kids. And no it’s not selfish it’s just plain smart and so then I repeated
it. So again, this is a way more powerful. I got great engagement out of this. I’m
very much geared towards them mom which is really the ideal person that I’m
wanting to work with. Now there’s a lot of people inside of The Mom’s Marketing
Lounge who are not moms, and that is okay. I’m not saying that the only person I’m
gonna work with is a mom, because that’s not true. So you know but again you can
see a huge shift in how I transform my post. And so this is another post that I
did I found this picture on Pinterest I create Pinterest boards and just you
know different categories. And I took this post you know, “If you ever feel like
giving up just remember there’s a little girl watching who wants to be just like
you. Don’t disappoint her.” Again, I love the quote and I could have easily put this
up on Facebook. But what I did was I transformed it into this. I didn’t even
add anything extra because I feel like the picture itself really proved a point
and created just thought up that it just made it so much more powerful. Because I
was a cheerleader all through school even I you know in college during the
summer one summer I was a cheerleading instructor and so I went around the
entire eastern part of the United States putting on cheerleading camps for junior
high in high schools. And then my little girl now is in gymnastics. She did go to
a cheerleading class and so when we came back from that first class, I was like,
“Hey, let’s just try something. You want to do some stunts?” And so this was like us
doing stunt for the very first time and it was so
much fun. And this quote stuck out to me like I remember seeing the quote on
Pinterest and it was on Pinterest for a little bit and I’m like I don’t know how
I’m gonna use this but eventually I’m gonna use it. And then after we did this
stunt, I went I pulled out some of my old cheerleading pictures and I just used I
used an app to put our pictures side-by-side and I just put the quote.
And you can see the engagement is you know a great engagement on it. Couple
shares, people were commenting, and I just thought that this was such a powerful
post. Just to remind moms you know what I mean? That, you know, just to remind moms
that our actions and what we do like we’ve got somebody there watching us. So
you know to constantly make sure that we’re setting a good example. And again, I
just liked how I was able to kind of transform that. I didn’t add a big long
description. The picture spoke for itself. So moving on, at the very top and this is
the Rachel Hollis quote from her book called “Girl, Wash Your Face.” And so I took
the quote just put a picture of me and I just added you know just gave her a
shout out. I did you know some little extra stuff on here. If you ever want to
slap in the face straight kick to the butt, boot in the pants book to get your
butt moving grab it. And then I talked about you know I love how she empowers
women to stop feeling sorry for themselves and giving in to the
excuses they keep telling themselves that serves no one. You and only you can
change your situation. So crying out then get your ass back up and go make crap
happen, okay? And so again you know gave her some credit, very much still on brand.
And it was just me adding just a few extra thoughts to that quote. Moving on
to the next one. This, I remember seeing another Rachel Hollis quote
because a few of these pictures are just when I was you know on a Rachel Hollis
kick it was after a you know read her book, “Girl, Wash Your Face” which I probably read more than once. But she mentioned about how just other people
opinions other people’s opinions like they’re none of your business. And so I
just took kind of like that thought and then I just kind of created this. Let
them judge you. Let them misunderstand you. Their opinions aren’t your problem.
Stay kind, stay committed, stay authentic. I added whitespace, I added a couple of
emojis, and again this was a post that got some really good engagement. Very
much on brand, very much issues, that we face as entrepreneurs about how other
people are human beings in general you know because a lot of times I remember
before just you know I used to let other people’s opinions and thoughts like just
shift and I don’t know just kind of like mess with me and so I just got to a
point where it’s like you know what? You’ve got to be happy. People are gonna
talk. It doesn’t matter what you do. You’re not gonna please everybody and this is
very much I guess an issue that I think a lot of people, a lot of human space
entrepreneurs, and none entrepreneurs. So I just added the picture of myself and
just came up with something short. It wasn’t a novel. Just something you know punchy
that I thought did really well. This is another just regular post. This is and I
will say I got this from Pinterest, okay? Now I’m gonna be totally honest. I give
credit where credit’s due. But every now and then I have been known if I find a
little quote or something on Pinterest that does not have an author and I do
not know who it’s from then I might post it up, okay? Like, don’t judge me but again
took a picture of me and took this little thing, adding it short little like
punchy force and it says and that was it and again it got great engagement. Very
much saved on brand, added the white face the emojis and that’s how I created that
post. This one this was another poem that I found on Pinterest added it to my
Pinterest board. And again I could have taken the poem and just posted the
picture but I was outside and me and my little girl were taking some pictures we
were playing and so I thought at this poem that this picture would go super
great with this poem. I gave credit where credit is due and it was just you know a
message a poem that although we’re busy like we need to stop and take time. We
need to take time you know to spin with our kids because that is very important.
I am an entrepreneur to my core. I love my work I could sit and do this non-stop.
But I also like I know that my little girl’s my life. She was the number one
reason like why I started this and so just a message to never forget to stop.
And you know just not constantly hammering and work all the time but stop and
make memories. And so that again is how I transformed this particular post. Now, I
also want to take you over to Facebook and I want to show you how I created
some you know just some different posts that generated leads for my particular
business as well. Now, I will say you know you should have already created like
your content marketing plan okay for your value driven content. So that’s why
a lot of this is still just how to create just better social media posts.
But I always have people that say, okay well what kind of posts can I do that
really showcases or can generate leads for my business? And I don’t do this very
often because when it comes to generating leads for my business that
comes from the value-driven content that you should have created when you created
that content marketing plan. But I also wanted to add in some more of these
examples so that you can check out, okay? So take for instance this particular
this particular post was I created a Mom’s Survival Guide, okay? Because a lot of
moms we have an issue when it comes to just getting our crap together. And so I
created an e-book this is another picture from when me and my little girl
did the you know get did some pictures outside but I have my laptop. It goes
really well I created a work-at-home Mom’s Survival Guide okay and I just said, “Hey,
it’s finally completed, a twenty-page workbook to help you get your crap
together.” I’ve broken it down into three phases. Phase one, walking you through
identifying your priorities. Phase and I gave kind of like the benefit no more
mom brain where you’re staying over being pulled in all these different
directions. Phase two, taking control of your calendar. I talked about what that
does. Phase three and so I just said, “Hey, if you want a copy let me know” unless
you’re this is me @ mentioning my Facebook group. Instead of a writing out
like a big long HTTP yes Facebook.com/groups just @ mention your
group name, just @ and then type in the name of your group. And that’s gonna make it to where this is not only clickable but it stands out because it’s in a
different color, okay? So I said, “Hey, let me know so I’m awesome driving traffic to
my group as well.” And then you can see you know I had a lot of people wanting
it and then there were people in my group as well who were able to grab it. I
also emailed it to my list. Once it’s done, I posted it on my stories. I will
still go back and post it on my stories. I will reuse and repurpose a lot of these.
Like this is one of one of the things that you know that I do when I have when
it comes to ebooks and things like this. And you’re gonna learn how to create a
guide to like a free e-book of something free that you can give away to your
audience. That’s going to be under an email marketing section that we are
going to be starting in February. But yes, so that was how I was able to do a post
a write-up and generate leads. This is another type of post I collaborated with
a couple of my buddies and we did a Facebook challenge. This has been I
mean a while back but I just created a short little teaser video and this is
what the video is. It’s nothing special just that’s what it says. Added some
music to it, that’s it. Drop “I’m in” for access. So that’s all that the video was.
And you can see it this is on my profile no ads, no nothing over 1,800 views. You
know 261 comments, there’s six shares and so all I did was you know and this was
not even the first time that I did this. We collaborated on this challenge. I want
to say maybe two times, three times. So this was the last time that we did it
was you know it’s back for one final run. back
pop up demand, a five-day attraction marketing you know. By nice challenge to
teach home business owners how to increase their engagement on social
media can I get a yes please? And you can screenshot this because it’s not on the
slides but it you know we just said hey if no one’s engaging or this is me
saying it they didn’t write it here’s the deal if no one’s engaging then guess
what Facebook is they’re going to show it without eyeballs that’s you know
it’ll be tough to do much online. Trust me on that. So the last time this is me
like showing some social proof we had over 560 people, take part and the first
one that we did and we were you know, “Hey, and we’re gonna looking to make this one
even bigger. If you’re ready to grab your spot drop ‘I’m in’ below.” I would probably
switch that you know and do like a down emoji now. You have to kind of switch
things up every now and then. To make sure you get in, we talked about when it
started and instead of saying like share this out because that is a phrase that
the algorithm catches and so you know I kind of change that thing, spread the
love and mention a “rockstar” below who you who you know what what might want to join. And so again this was just a regular post out of this short little
video generated a lot of leads. This is another one that I did. Again, I when it
comes to I’m not somebody that ever pretends to be some health and wellness
guru, okay? So, I struggled with my weight and it’s something I still have to be
very conscious about. I was always very, very tiny until after I had my little
girl and I don’t know what happened just getting older about metabolism is that
what it is but I am like I can just put on weight easily and so I struggled
behind the scenes for a few years after she was born just trying stuff just to
get back down because I’m short I’m like 5’4″. And so I started using these
products and one thing that I started doing just from my profile. I never
emailed this to my list. Never posted it in my community. Never posted it on my
business page and I definitely didn’t run any ads to it because Facebook
wouldn’t have allowed it anyways. But this was just me sharing my journey. You
can see the engagement. I generated tons of leads for this. Got
lots of signups for you know just these products. And so all I did was me just
documenting my journey although Sunday will officially be my four-week check-in.
I could not waste weight to post this. I went from a 10 12 to a 6. I wear just in
case you’re curious I buy my jeans at Old Navy. You know that’s just my
favorite place to buy them. And so I used the same brand of jeans always have. You
know when I said when I took my old lady Daisy to her follow-up appointment on
Wednesday which kind of makes me sad considering I just had to put her down.
You know I decided to run by Old Navy so I’m sharing a little bit about my
journey and I thought, “hey, what the heck let me see if I could get in these sixes
you know and I could.” And I haven’t been able to wear a size six in five years
since before I got pregnant. I’ll be going live to share a little bit about
my results, what I’m doing, how I’m feeling. And I just said, “Hey, four weeks
three product changes, twelve weeks.” And again tons of people just tons of
comments, shares, I mean tons of engagement. I generated a lot of leads
for my business but I wasn’t sitting here trying to come from some expert you
know point of view. It was just, “Hey, this is what I’m doing.” I was sharing my
results every week and you know that’s how I was able to generate a lot of
leads for that. This is another one. This is the 12th week. After I finished the
12th week pledge and again you can see the engagement you know what I mean? Lots of
people were commenting even after that. You know even after three months of me
posting a weekly progress like I was still able to have that. And it was just
me again sharing my journey. This was a longer post of course I don’t do super
long posts very often. And you know but if you want to kind of take a screenshot
of what that looks like that’s right there and then I’ll scroll
down and that’s how it ended. And you know think about different ways
that maybe you could do that. I was somebody who because this isn’t really
my brand, I’m a health expert. I was not like you I
never showed other people’s before an action. I wasn’t posting other people’s
before-and-afters on my profile like it was just me. Like, I was just sharing my
journey, okay? So just wanted to share that and then
let me see here. This was just I already showed you a picture of the poll. But
this is a poll that I did and this is just you know some had a bunch of
different content ideas that I was wanting to do. And so I decided, “Hey, you
know let me post this in the group and see you know what what they want to
learn about.” And so you know take it to them. Take it to the people I’m creating
it for, right? And this now all gives me an idea of, “Hey, this is the order where
I’m going to create this content,” based on their opinion, based on what
they want to see. And so now, let’s scroll back over here. I want to kind of talk
about some different things to keep things to keep in mind when it comes to
posting on social media. Understand that most of the engagement that you’re gonna
get is gonna come within like the first 90 minutes, okay? The first 90 minutes
after a day I mean I rarely have posts that get engagement three days after I
posted it, okay? Most of it is gonna come within those first 90 minutes so also
when it comes to like you replying back space space out those comments, okay? So
whenever replying back when people start commenting on my post if I put up a post
they start commenting I’m not gonna go right then and reply to every single
comment. I’m gonna wait and I’m gonna do it like I’m gonna space it out and kind
of reply in batches, okay? So again, that’s a great way to keep the post out there
to keep it going. And for the love, for the love, please do not copy and paste
other people’s posts. I think when I don’t know how many times that I’ve put
up a post you know some of the examples I’ve showed you and I turn around and
you know people are like copy literally copying pasting that post. I think it
makes you look super lazy. I think it’s rude.
You know, it just and Facebook look at it as duplicate content and so the
post isn’t going to do as well. Understand that your audience is
different. It’s you know probably going to be
different from my audience and so always put your own spin on it.
Use posts for inspiration now again I’m not saying like a little one-liner that
I found on Pinterest that didn’t have an author so I posted it. But I’m talking
about the longer just content that you know understand that it takes people
time to come up with this. And so put your own spin on it, don’t copy and paste
it just kind of makes you look like a Jackhole when you do that. Also be
mindful of how much content you actually share, okay? Because I’ve done lots and
lots and hundreds of profile reviews on Facebook. And you know there’s been times
where I’ll go to their profile and all it is is them sharing other people’s
content. It’s like no original content from them. So just be mindful if you do
share make sure that you’re sharing content that is relevant to your brand,
okay? So even for me saying that I do a Facebook live or I put up a video and
you know it’s a really good. But you are in health and wellness you know what I
mean? It might not make sense for you to share my video over on your profile. Now,
it might make sense for you to share it let’s say you’re in network marketing
and you’ve got a team of people like it might make sense for you to share it to
your group, you know what I mean? To your team group or to a page you know if it
is related to that. But it may not make sense for you to share to your profile.
So again, just be mindful of how much you do share I want to recommend sharing
about you know one on a ten posts. You want the rest of them to be original content
from you that you’re doing. And of course if you do share if I’m gonna share like
I’m gonna make sure it’s a good piece of content that’s gonna make me look good
that’s relevant to my audience that these are gonna entertain, educate, and
inspire them in regards to what I do you know what I’m about who I serve, okay? So
just something to kind of keep in mind. And then also don’t be negative okay
because it’s only going to attract more and I’m sure those are definitely and
not the type of people that you really want to work closely with. Also, ask
yourself if it’s aligned like before you post always ask yourself like is this
aligned with my brand? Is this aligned with what I’m about? And if it’s not, you
know like, don’t post it. Lastly, watch external links. Understand
that when it comes to Facebook, Facebook makes money by somebody staying on the
platform and then serving up ads. So they make money through advertising through
creators advertising on their platform. And so when it comes to links that take
people outside of Facebook, Facebook doesn’t like it. You know what I mean?
Because they want to keep people on the platform. Now, I’m not talking about like
your Facebook group that’s not taking somebody out of Facebook. I’m talking
about like YouTube or putting a blog article it’s taking somebody off the
platform taking them to your website. Usually, if I’m going to I’ll give you a
couple of hacks for this, okay? First of all, I’ll say if I do post
external links number one if it’s ever on my profile I know that it’s just like
it’s not gonna be shown to many people. So I just have that expectation. Also,
usually if I do it I’m gonna do it in my Facebook group where I’m driving traffic
over to YouTube it to a piece of content that I did. Or, I’m putting it on my
business page and I know that I’m going to run ads to it, okay? So, if I’m gonna
put money behind it to push it out there, then I’ll post an external link in the
description. Another thing, you could do is also you know put it on a picture
like maybe you create a graphic and then you post the link on the picture. Or,
you’re doing a video and you talk about the link in the video. Make it something
easy, something easy, somebody can remember, like you know SherriBrownCoaching.com. You know, that’s pretty simple. That’s something easy people can
remember. And again, if it’s if I’m driving traffic to a Facebook group that
doesn’t really count but you can just @ mention them and that way it brings up
the group and it’s clickable and it just looks cleaner and nicer, okay? We’re gonna
move into why your post may not be getting a lot of engagement? Now, first of
all it could be post timing, okay? So, it could be just the fact that
you put up a post and maybe it just wasn’t the right time, okay? So again, go
back, you can check your analytics. See how many people are online which I
actually already did so I’m not gonna walk through that again.
But it could be your post timing. It could be that you just share in a post
and again if you share a post they just rarely get much engagement. They are, I
rarely see post shared shared content show up in my newsfeed. So just
understand it just could be that. It could be that it contained a link, okay?
You know again go back to think about how Facebook makes money. It could be
that maybe it was a little bit too pitchy. It could be a little bit too
spammy. It could be that maybe you aren’t connected to the right people, okay? Again,
quality matters. So, when it comes to you know you just want to make sure
what I say quality matters, this matters too when it comes to your Facebook
connections. Like, I never recommend just adding people to add people and try to
get your numbers up. Because if you’re adding people who don’t have an interest
in what you’re talking about and aren’t really people that you know like have an
interest or a problem that you can solve like it’s just it’s a waste you know for
you to be connected to a bunch people who don’t have an interest in that. So
again, it could be just the the followers that you have, the people that you’re
connected to, just you know aren’t the right audience. And it could be that you
aren’t inviting people into the conversation. So a lot of the times
that’s when I will add like I’ll ask a question at the end of a post. Now, I do
not do this always, I don’t. Some posts, I don’t but some posts I do, like I’ll you
know come up with a post and then I will ask a question at the end to get people
coming, to get people engaging, to start the conversation. So again, you can go
back to the you know some of the posts that you’ve done. You know, look at them
and kind of use it as a guide. What could you have done to kind of make this post
a little bit better and use it to learn? It could be that you just haven’t been
consistent for now. You know it could be that you haven’t
taken the time to really build up your audience. When I was first starting out
like I didn’t have any connections. I mean I just had a couple hundred
connections no it was with and so obviously like you know the bigger that
my audience got like I was able to kind of build up that engagement but again it
could be just the fact that you just need to focus on building up your
audience. And you can use as far as this, I’ve talked about this before. You can
use the follow method. You can go to different groups you know one or two
different groups and really become a member of that community connect with
people in there. On your Facebook profile you can go to the discover tab and you
know it’s gonna show you a list of people that you have things in common
with that you know you could possibly you know connect with them become
friends with them on Facebook. It could be the fact that you are engaging in
other people’s content. It could you know you’re not creating recent engagement so
your content isn’t showing up in the news feed, okay? And this definitely
matters if you’re new if you’re just starting out if you don’t have a big
audience. So just kind of understand that because you know you can’t ignore
everybody else like you can’t ignore everybody else’s content and never
comment, never engage on somebody else’s post, but then expect you know your own
posts to get a ton of engagement or get mad when your post doesn’t. If you are
never going and engaging on anybody else’s content. So just kind of
understand that too and it also could be that you haven’t given it enough time.
Meaning you know you’ve maybe you’ve been kind of a spammer. you haven’t
really been consistent on the platform and so you just started learning. You’re
creating you know you’re starting to create better content but you just
haven’t given it enough time and you’re like okay well I’ve been at this and
I’ve created three good post and I’m not a six-figure earner by now. Well, no, like
it takes time and I make that very clear like marketing takes time. It’s all about
getting a little bit better every single day. Now, here’s a little hack you know
conversations and Messenger like they do play a role in your post showing up. So
do understand that when you’re talking in messenger again
that does play a role in the algorithm that’s part of the algorithm. As far as
you know the closeness they call it affinity like the closeness of a
relationship. So if you are messaging people you’re having conversations like
a lot of times you will see their content a little bit more likely to show
up you know in the newsfeed. Now just a few things that I want you to remember
before we wrap up this training. Understand, too, that as of right now only
about 10% of your connections are even seeing your posts in their newsfeed, okay?
Now this was close sort of like 15% before. I know when it comes to your
Facebook business page of all the people who follow of all the people who like it
only about 2% are seeing it in their newsfeed. So on your profile it’s about
10% or less, 10% or less, okay? And you have to understand that it’s because of
the amount of posts that everybody that you’re connected to not only you but
everybody that you’re connected to posting. And so that algorithm like has
to kind of filter that and determine and decide okay which post are we going to
kind of show in the newsfeed? And that’s why a lot of times if a post like
doesn’t do too well like in the first like 90 minutes, it’s probably not going
to be shown like it’s not gonna continue being pushed out. It’s kind of probably
gonna be like whittled down and shown less and less and less, okay? So just kind
of understand that. You know I already told you about the business page, get into a
social rhythm or this is something else that I’m I recently added to this is
turn on your “Follow” button, okay? And I will link if you do not know how to turn
on your “Follow” button. I will put below the video just a short little tutorial
on how to actually change it to where like on your profile you’re only allowed
5,000 friends, okay? But you can have as many followers people following your
content like you can have millions of followers, okay? Millions of people who
follow your posts but this is a setting that you actually have to turn on, okay?
You have to edit the setting on Facebook and so if you don’t
have your “Follow” button on or don’t know what that is look below and just make
sure that is that your “Follow” button is on. Also, make your post public. I get if
you are you know posting pictures of your kids and you don’t want those to be
public like I get that. But when it comes to any of your value-driven content,
inspirational quotes, funny stuff like there’s no reason for you to have that
“Set to Friends Only,” okay? So have that public because otherwise it’s just kind
of saying that you’re closed for business. And when other people who don’t
know you who aren’t connected to you are coming to your profile and they’re
taking a look at you, if you don’t have those posts set to public and they can’t
really see anything about who you are, what you’re about, then they’re gonna be
less likely to want to connect with you or less likely to want to follow your
content, if they can’t even see anything. So just make sure that your posts are
public. Also get into a social rhythm of daily activities that you can implement
so you know whether it’s hey I’m gonna engage on for however long whether it be
15 minutes twice a day or I’m gonna sit here and you know just you know I’m
gonna go through and I’m going to spend 30 minutes just connecting with people
in Messenger like get into a social rhythm of daily activities that you can
implement. Not only that, but stay consistent with, okay? Because if you
aren’t consistent then people are gonna move on. They’re gonna, they’re gonna say
you know what, “Hey, this person consider mess and I’m gonna go find somebody who
is going to help me with you know what problem I have.” So again, stay consistent
with it and this means posting consistently, adding new connections,
removing old ones, engaging on other people’s content, so that you can create
recent engagement. So those are just some examples of some daily activities that
you can kind of add in. Also, focus on building your influence. I remember when
I first got started, I wasn’t really focused on influence. I was focused on
sales and here’s the the hard reality, the hard truth, like if you don’t have
influence you will not have sales, okay? So switch the mindset. Focus on serving.
Focus on you know helping people and building up that influence first and
then you can kind of focus on sales. And that’s a big reason why Hiney a member
inside of our Mom’s Marketing Lounge she was doing and she started doing Facebook
challenges and because she’s so new with everything that she’s doing I was like,
“Hey, you know, instead of focusing on just making a pitch, you know in this
challenge, just focus on serving. Focus on building it up. Focus on
getting more people into your community and helping them solve a problem and
then we can focus on the sales after we’ve been able to kind of build up your
influence.” Also as always marketing takes time, so don’t don’t get discouraged like
if you aren’t seeing a results right away. Stay the course, trust the process,
stay consistent, and if you need money right now if you’re looking to just
build your income like super quick, then I would focus on adding in and
making sure that you very much are prospecting every single day on top of
marketing. So continue prospecting. Continue getting better at those
conversations while you’re working on your marketing. So eventually you can get
to a point where you’re generating leads and you’re not having to message people
that you don’t know. Don’t get mad or think that there’s something wrong with
you if people unfriend you, unfollow you, leave your group, stop ordering,
because they aren’t really your true tribe, okay? And it only makes room for
those who you can really impact, okay? So just kind of understand that because I
know that sometimes it can get a little frustrating, it can get a little
upsetting, and so that’s just something that I just wanted to kind of mention is
just understand that it comes with the territory. There’s gonna be people who
unfriend you, unfollow you. Don’t let it hurt your feelings. Focus on the impact,
okay? Focus on the people who are showing up, not on the people who don’t, okay? Now,
also understand that you’re not always gonna be super creative and on when it
comes to creating content. Like, it’s totally normal. There are some
days where I can plow through and I can create some really good social media
posts like some of the examples that I’ve shown you throughout this training.
And then other days like I’m just not. I’m not creative and that’s okay. Like,
it’s normal there’s nothing wrong with you, there’s nothing wrong with me, it’s
just a part of life. It’s just human nature and so that’s why being able to
batch and have some of those built up on the backend for on the days where you
aren’t on or on the days where you just aren’t feeling super creative like you
still have something. And on those days too that’s when sometimes I might just
post something short and funny. You know what I mean? When I just I don’t have
like nothing’s flowing ideas aren’t flowing like sometimes that’s what I’ll
post that. And you know having Pinterest again Pinterest has been my best friend.
Feel free to use it, too. I highly recommend it and you know just kind of
use it for inspiration. But don’t just don’t get discouraged and don’t get
upset. And then also if a post isn’t hitting within like the first 90 minutes,
don’t delete it. This is something that I used to do. I used to delete the post and
then you know somebody else was saying you know like all that all that does is
it makes it to where like you’re taking away anything that you could have
learned from it, okay? So, instead of deleting it just change the setting to
“Only Me.” That way again you can go back and you can kind of look and say, “Okay,
why didn’t this post hit like what’s something I could have done to make it a
little better.” And then repost it another time. Maybe it was just the timing. Maybe
you could have added a question. Maybe you could have added a picture you know.
So just let it like you use those as learning tools to allow you to grow
instead of just deleting it. So with that being said, that is the end of the
training. Hope you got some value from this. Hope that it helps you to create
better posts. Alright, alright! You have completed this training. Super, super
excited! If you got some value, be sure to hit that “Like” button. Also if you haven’t
already, subscribe to my channel. My hopes are that this training really
opened your eyes to how to just think a little bit differently, how to go out
there and really create content that’s really going to you know speak into that
ideal person that you want to attract, that ideal person that you want to work
with. And so again, I hope you got some value. If you want to know more on The
Mom’s Marketing Lounge and how you can get into into my group coaching program,
again just look below in the description. And it feel free to share this out.
Sharing is caring! But with that being said, I hope you have the most amazing
day and I’ll see you back here next week for another video.
bye for now!

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