7 thoughts on “Facebook Live With OBS Studio

  1. Hello Ashley, thanks for the great info and the way you simplify them. It took me almost a year searching videos to learn OBS; problem is, in most videos presenters fly through the content and I was never able to grasp the basic steps. But, I found out from your video that I missing lots of others addition I can do. Like the overlay, slide deck, and how I can turn on and off the slides. I did a live FB session days ago, but still need to improve the graphics, overlay… I am bad in creating graphics. I also liked that you mentioned Linux, many presenters don't mention it. I just want to ask you a question if you could help with? I teach Linux command line on Udemy; however, I am trying to use FB groups to start building an audience and I don't get responses or views. Wonder if promoting a course works like other product in social media. By the way, I used YT a lot but got no result, so I gave up. Thanks.

  2. Very useful video, thanks Ashley! Do you mind sharing how you get the text subtitles on your video? I found them very helpful when I needed to have the volume turned right down. Also what do you recommend for screen recording? Thanks! 🙂

  3. Great video. I went live and once I rewatched the live I noticed that the mic sounds weren’t timed right. Kind of like the old Kung Fu movies. As I was live the mic was synced properly as I watched in the obs. Any advice?

  4. very good, but could you explain how to bring another person in please? as I would like to interview. x

  5. Hi Ashley, I cannot find this on Facebook – it might have changed the interface. Do you have any tips on how to flip between Facebook live and sharing screen using OBS currently? Thanks.

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