100 thoughts on “Facebook Live with Multiple Presenters: How to do 2 person broadcasts!

  1. Justin great video!! I did a test run with this in a group on facebook. However when I went to add the person to share the broadcast with I didnt see the option to do it. I have a Note 5 and they have iPhone 6. Can you help or offer any suggestions? Thanks

  2. Love your videos! They are so clear and practical! Well done, sir! Do you have videos on how to make branding videos?

  3. Is there a way to live stream two remote broadcasters simultaneously to youtube and Facebook? Thank you very much!

  4. Justin, great video. I tried to do it on my iPhone 6 and I only get the options of pin, comment or block…why am I not getting the option "Invite to Broadcast"? Also, is this out on PAGES yet for you? Thanks for your help

  5. Hey Justin, messaged you a month back about how to set up my iphone to shoot from above. I purchased a tripod that allows me to remove centre post and turn upside down as you suggested thank you. Now, when I do a facebook live though and I have my phone sitting sideways in the cradle the picture does not come up landscape on monitor. How can I remedy this? Because I am a crafter and need more of a wide shot from above, this is why I have phone sitting in sideways (landscape) position.

    Been trying everything and just cannot get it to work, please help 🙂

  6. How do you do a live stream with two people being on at the same time? We are both using Mac OS X and 1080p USB Logitech cameras and want to live stream either using YouTube or Google hangout. I hope you can help, thank you…

  7. Hello I'm trying to figure this out. I downloaded the vidcon app and connected it to Facebook but when I go live and click on the persons face I would like to join. It only gives me the option to pin comment or delete

  8. Hi, Justin! Thanks for this tutorial! I have a question. Before adding the second presenter, you limited the audience to just the person who you wanted to have join you. Once that person joins the broadcast, when/how do you open your broadcast up to all your fans/followers so that other people can watch?

  9. Hi Justin, thanks for this very clear video.
    We have been trying it without success so far… when clicking on the participant to invite them, a little menu comes with some options, but not one to "invite them to broadcast"… do you have any idea where the problems lies? (we are using iPhones/iPads, latest iOS, latest facebook app…)

  10. Hello Justin!
    I have a Samsung s7 edge,
    would you describe exactly how to do, and how do you do with settings

  11. Haha Justin based on the lack of any other video showing this in action, it seems you and your friend were the only lucky guys to get this feature!

  12. Fantastic. Quick question. Is this two person option available for pages? Go live on one page and another page watches then gets the invite for interview?

  13. What happens when the party you want to join comes up as this person isn't able to video ?

  14. hey guys I would like to use this feature to record a dj set with 2 phones just to get 2 diffrent angles of the same shot , can anyone confirm how the audio is used from 2 live devices – does it only use audio from the main live users phone or does it record audio from both phones cause then it will be an absolute mess . please and thank you !

  15. Hello Justin ! Thanks for your videos they're great and help me a lot ! I have a question that maybe you could answer. I want to realize a live in a conference room but I want to add in the facebook live, images of a another place, distant from 5 km ? How can we film in the other place and send the stream to the conference room by internet, so I can switch between this 2 places during the live ?

  16. Hello,  I lost the audio when I got a second person on. have you experienced something like that? https://www.facebook.com/luciamitro/videos/10214341246512114/?hc_ref=ARQuNF0Jr-DwOXICzKlTMbFXzlqUFomKKymCoyM1-VQk_PmitAPA9mXLJpYDdrDdztc&pnref=story

  17. Hey Justin, Is there a minimum of participants required to make this 2 person live podcast? while trying this moment to go live, It seems I have not the option to invite to join the live, I can only block/delete/pin or like comment

  18. Hi Justin, my queries are : –

    1. If while doing an FB Live Session I have added someone by mistake – his name gets tagged too. How do I remove his name from my post ? I have tried everything nothing worked.

    2. If I login to an event with same id from other phone can it shoot a multiple angle FB Live Session ?

    3. Can multiple users do the same FB Live event ?

  19. I invited someone to join my broadcast and it worked fine, but I couldn't hear her speaking. Everyone else could hear us both, she could hear me, but I couldn't hear her.

  20. i have 2 computers side by side, and if i open up facebook live video on both of them then they are not in time sync.

  21. When I add a friend in my live video,His friends also become able to watch that video,,,Can i talk with my friend in facbook live video without adding a 3rd person

  22. Any way for them to become full screen and you move to the postage stamp pop up? This way you can have viewers see them when they are talking and then go full screen back to you when you are talking.

  23. What do I do to get the notification on my Mac Pro 2018? And join in with us seeing each other? I was to join a broadcast and they sent the invitation to me, but nothing happened

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