Facebook Live Stream Gear: Ultimate iPhone & Android Facebook Live Setup!
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Facebook Live Stream Gear: Ultimate iPhone & Android Facebook Live Setup!

64 thoughts on “Facebook Live Stream Gear: Ultimate iPhone & Android Facebook Live Setup!

  1. I have a Sony Handycam PJ340E which has Wi-Fi and NFC. Can I do Facebook or YouTube live with it? Please help. I'm confused about how to connect the camera to my laptop.

  2. Now I'm really tempted to get a lens for my phone. I'm hoping that Santa brings me some other goodies this year too to help me step things up!

  3. As-usual Great bro..one request.Please make a video about explaining "How to Make Facebook live poll Voting" like this

  4. Great video, Justin! Will the Rode VideoMicro pick up audio from 2 people or just intended for single person? Considering purchase.

  5. i'm looking at getting into Facebook live, how frequent should i be broadcasting and for how long? or does it really matter as long as its consistent?

  6. Great! And if I may add, if you add this $45 LED light (https://www.amazon.com/Aputure-AL-M9-Amaran-Light-Camera/dp/B01ITRLJIW) you will have yourself the ultimate super professional setup! 😉 You just have to find a 3 cold shoe rig, but I believe it should be doable.

  7. Thanks as always Justin! You are prepping future YouTube Stars with some professional and extremely vital content. Keep the vids coming, be well and stay encouraged!

  8. This is great information, Justin, I just subscribed to your channel! I have been thinking about getting into video — both Facebook and Youtube, to film some of my workouts to pass along to my clients. Does the equipment you describe you work for action video as well, or do you recommend something different — perhaps a GoPro camera? Perhaps you have covered this elsewhere? Thanks so much, Michelle

  9. Happy New Year Justin! If I'm doing one person and two person Facebook Live videos on the go, would you suggest using an iPhone setup or the webcam setup with my laptop? Do you think the Logitech C922 is Wide enough for a 2 person shoot? I'm also considering ease of reading comments, etc. Also at the end we're you shooting in portrait mode? Thanks!

  10. Hi Justin, very helpful video, thank you. Can we use the same setup for the new Sony FDR X3000? Is there a way to rotate things so the mic wouldn't enter the field of view of the wide angle of the action cam? Thinking about using this setup for travel/food videos. Would you recommend it?

  11. Great info! Do you know of any Bluetooth remotes that will pair with this set up that can start/stop Facebook live?

  12. Hi Justin, i'm looking for a compact directional mic i can use with Facebook Live while using my phones 4G network.

    Rode's Video Mic Me and Video Micro has this issue with RF Interference.

    i have tried it myself and the RF Interference was really loud.

    the solution they recommend is to put the phone to airplane mode, but if i do that, i cannot use my phone's 4G network.

    I really hope you can help me choose a mic i can use because it's work related. thank you.

  13. Justin, thank you very much for creating this video. I'm very impressed by this setup and was wondering, once it is all connected can it move easily from right to left, to capture movement without loosening from the tripod? If it can, then this is something I would seriously consider purchasing to use when I preach on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. I tend to move around and away from the pulpit when I preach.

  14. Thanks so much for this video. Question, did you have any difficulty fitting the Arkon mount onto the hot shoe? Unfortunately, I ordered and it does not fit 🙁 will I need another extension?

  15. How difficult is it to read comments/questions from your audience with this setup? Handheld you are obviously right up to the camera but with this it seems you (and a guest, potentially) are several feet away and can't see the comments section.

  16. can you please tell me while doing a live facebook video on my samsung S5 mobile how to flip the screen so writing can be read the right way around I have tried clicking on the little wand but it only gives me different scene settings eg black & white Beauty etc it wont let me flip the video horizontally or verticle

  17. On which smart phones is the Facebook Live AUDIO feature available ? And any updates on having this on desktop version.

  18. for android what do you recommend as an alternative to wirecast go where i can add overlays etc to the facebook live stream?..thanks

  19. Hi~ Justin, I think you are really good at live stream part!! Could you figure out how to do this video? You always bring some new for your fans!! need your comment!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfYjIZJH4a4

  20. Hey Justin to ever experience audio lag when using a mic to do LIVE? I get this once tje video is posted to FB when using a plug in lav and my iphone. It's subtle but enough to be distracting. Thoughts???

  21. I regularly do Facebook Live events but I am typically recording other people so I am wondering if you would recommend this same set up for a more interview style video. I do the FB live events in kitchens sort of like food network with multiple people so a lav mic wouldn't work. Any suggestions?

  22. Justin, I picked up the RODE VideoMicro Microphone but the Lyre shock mount threads do not match my own tripods. Thought I would ask if you recommended an adapter if I am not using the Estone Hot Shoe Extension Bar?

  23. I want to do live stream using my GoPro camera using wifi or Bluetooth by connecting it to YouTube mobile app.

    is this possible?

  24. Been searching for this for several days!   Great presentation.   Been trying to find a way to do a set-up like this without breaking the bank and BOOM!   You brought it!   I have actually already purchased the Akron stand and will complete the setup!   Appreciate and GREAT JOB Mate!

  25. Hey I got the complete set here. No matter how I adjust the lense you can see the ring in my shot. What can I do to fix this issue?

  26. But has anyone addressed the issue with the radio (RF) interference cause by the phone's wifi signal that is present when using the Rode Video Micro?

  27. After ordering the set up, I can't get the mic to work on my phone. It works on a computer but even after downloading an app (on my google pixel) that lets me choose to use an external mic, this particular mic doesn't work. The mic is also useless unless it's held close to the sound source. Am I missing something?

  28. This is good except for the crucial issue of where do you put an external power pack? Are there any mountable options? I tend to use newswear lens pouches secured onto my belt and holster it there. Equally a bumbag/fannypack would do well too.

  29. Hi, your video is real useful, but your links no longer work! I have found most of the products but the Arkon Tripod + Phone Mount + Adapter I'm still unsure of…Can you point me in the right direction? And thanks for the video..

  30. I love your videos. I'm learning a lot from your content. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. The amazon links seems to be valid only for the US. What about UK and other countries?

  31. i see that the phone is vertically aligned in this setup.. if you turn it horizontally is there enough space for it and the rode mic?

  32. Awesome videos! Subbed instantly. If you're using external mics on your android device, can you easily use it for Facebook live or IG live, since I needed to use Open Camera on my Huawei Mate 10 Pro since its native camera doesn't recognize an external mic? Open Camera doesn't seem to have a FB Live link. Halp! 🙂

  33. Great stuff. I've been looking for some additional equipment for this very thing…FB lives with my iPhone.

  34. Hi! Just wondering if you can add a third cold shoe mount onto the bar? For example, to have the light, mic, and phone on the bar on top of a tripod.

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