Facebook Live Stream Gear: Best Tripod for iPhone & Android!
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Facebook Live Stream Gear: Best Tripod for iPhone & Android!

– Hey it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video. In this video we’re gonna
take a look at the best tripods and phone holders
for Facebook Live. The reason that we did
a video talking about the best microphones for
Facebook Live to help you make your Facebook Lives
look more professional. I’ll put a link on screen now in the cards and below in the description. If you haven’t seen it yet,
make sure you check it out. But another way that you
can make your Facebook Lives look more professional is
by getting a stable image. The easiest way to do
that is to get your device out of your hand and into a tripod. Obviously, it’s why we’re here. Now it doesn’t matter if
you’re going to be presenting sitting down or walking
around or even standing in a static location, there
are tripods and solutions for you, so we’re gonna
jump straight into it. Now the first thing you’re going to need is a phone holder or a
phone mount which is gonna hold your phone and allow
you to mount it to a tripod. Now this one was introduced
to me by a friend of mine Sean Cannell from THINK Media TV. If you haven’t checked out
his YouTube channel yet, make sure you do, I’ll put
a link up in the cards. So this is the Arkon Tripod
Adapter with phone holder and it sells on Amazon for $12.95. Now this is by far the best
phone holder that I’ve used. It works on all of your smaller devices, right up to your larger
phones like the iPhone 7 Plus. The biggest advantage with
this holder is that you can rotate it so that
it will hold your phone in either portrait mode or in landscape. So this is something that
I’d recommend no matter which tripod you’re going to use. So now let’s have a look at
the tripods that are gonna hold your phones in one
of these Arkon mounts. The first one that I’d
recommend is the Arkon Tripod, so, same brand. But what you’ll get with this
for 18 dollars and 95 cents on Amazon is that you’ll get
the tripod and you’ll also get the Arkon Tripod Adapter
with phone holder. So you get both for $18.95
whereas you could just get the mount for $12.95. So that’s an awesome deal. Now the tripod itself is sturdy,
it does have bendable legs so that you have some flexibility on where you’re gonna mount it. But really it’s perfect for
just sitting on your desk, or it’s incredibly portable
so it’s easy to move around. Moving up from there, and
also a desktop tripod, I’d recommend the Velbon EX-Mini. These sell on Amazon for under 40 dollars and the build quality
on these is fantastic. These will raise up much
higher than the Arkon Tripods and it’s actually what I’m
using right now to hold my DSLR for this video. Another tripod that I’d
recommend that you check out for Facebook Live is the Joby GorillaPod, so it’s one of those bendy tripods. You might have seen it, it’s
very popular with people like Casey Neistat and
other vloggers for creating their daily videos and
having the portability and flexibility to mount
their cameras anywhere. Literally you can mount
these things in a tree or wrap them around a pole
so you have great flexibility to go live with Facebook anywhere. If you’re going to be walking
around or moving around while you’re live on
Facebook then I’d recommend mounting your phone to
one of these Joby tripods. That would give you great
flexibility if you wanna pull up and stop somewhere,
you can just set it down, or even just for holding
it you’re gonna get a much more stable
image because your phone isn’t in your hand. Now as for a regular tripod
to use for Facebook Live, something that goes up
to full standing height, I’d recommend the Slik Video Sprint II. These tripods sell for
around 90 dollars on Amazon and having full height
adjustable legs means that you’d be able to use this either on a desk or extend it all the way
up to full standing height. They’re also compact enough
that when they’re packed away they’ll easily fit into most backpacks. So those are my top
recommendations for tripods to use for Facebook Live. Now if you are using your
iPhone or your Android device to create regular content
videos, then make sure you grab our free pdf
download which is the complete guide to creating
professional videos faster. I’ll put a link on screen now
and below in the description and I’ll see you next time.

19 thoughts on “Facebook Live Stream Gear: Best Tripod for iPhone & Android!

  1. Great day in the morning! Your channel is the Remedy for post election blues. The US needs you Justin, keep the excellent content coming! Be well and stay encouraged!

  2. I suggest this one 360 degree phone tripod mount ,only $9 , fit all tripods. will it Ok?

  3. Hi Justin! The tripod you have in the back of you, what smartphone holder should I get? The screw is big on mine.

  4. Hi Justin, do you think my Samsung S8 with it's case will fit the holder? Also, I read that some people's phones were too heavy, and would not stay leveled.

  5. Hi Justin, do you think my Samsung S8 with it's case will fit the holder? Also, I read that some people's phones were too heavy for the Tripod, and would not stay leveled.

  6. which one has the microphone attachment like on DSLR? i haven't seen the phone mount with the place for microphone yet. if you know some, please let me know.

  7. Hi Justin – love your videos! They have helped me take my iPhone videos to a whole new level. I have a question about tripod setup. I am an artist and I film videos demonstrating step by step how-to tutorials. So I need a setup where I can film a straight top-down view of my table, and then ideally have the ability to swivel my camera to face me. Do you know of anything that would work? Thanks in advance!

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