Facebook Live Event Video Streaming  – Is YouTube Being Left Behind?
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Facebook Live Event Video Streaming – Is YouTube Being Left Behind?

Periscope, Meerkat, Snapchat and now Facebook.
Hey everyone this is your energetic video marketing expert, Derral Eves. Now the Live
Stream Video Battle is on! Facebook just recently launched a new live streaming feature that
I believe is huge! A game changer, especially in this live stream battle. So if you are
interested in video and live stream video, then you need to stay tuned. derraleves.com.
Now most of you might already be familiar with Periscope and Meerkat. Now Meerkat, what
a weird name for an App. Well anyway, these apps allow mobile users to live stream right
from their mobile phones, here’s how it works. Live feeds can be shot from an Android
phone, iPhone, iPod, iPad and watched through smart phones, desktops, laptops either through
the app or the Twitter site. The app allows you to watch a live broadcast from across
the world, meaning that you can watch some concert in Russian and someone making some
Mate in Paraguay. Now some of the major differences between Periscope and Meerkat. Meerkat, once
you’ve broadcast and you’re completed with your broadcast, the video is deleted.
You can’t go and find it anywhere. However on Periscope it’s actually saved for 24
hours that you can access it through Periscope or even on your Twitter feed. Now here’s
why I think that Facebook Live Stream is going to be a game changer in this battle for the
Live Stream and let me tell you why. First your Facebook Live Stream videos do not delete
after the broadcast. In fact they’re automatically saved in the video area on your public profile
page. Second Facebook is giving this Live Stream feature a lot of Algorithmic love.
It’s showing up everywhere on the news feeds. It’s crazy, I’ve never seen anything like
this. Not even video. It’s really pushing this Live Stream video everywhere. On news
feeds and notifications. It’s going everywhere. Third which I think is actually the biggest.
Is you don’t have to build another audience on another platform. So depending on how many
likes you actually have on your Facebook page, you’ll be able to reach more people and
even get more likes during the process. To do this Facebook Live Stream you actually
have to have an app called Facebook Mentions and the only way you are going to get that,
you can’t go in the App Store and look for it and download it, you actually have to get
an invite from Facebook and the way that you actually get an invite is you have to have
a public figure page that’s verified. That means that you’ve gone through the verification
process with Facebook and they’ve validated that you are that type of public figure. Now
you have to put in your drivers license and some other forms of identification and other
social media that you’re connected to and they are going to go and do some research
to make sure that it’s actually valid. Once you’re able to do that, then they are going
to send you an invite for this Facebook Mentions App that you’re able to download. Once you
download it, you have the ability to engage with your people that actually like your page
and you can do it through posts, through commenting and also Live Stream. Now here’s a couple
of things that I’ve actually learned in utilizing the Live Stream. This application
still is a little buggy. There’s a lot of things that they are working on to iron out
and make sure it works. I tried using it at an event called CVX Live and it was just kicking
me off about every 9 seconds, I tried it several times. I don’t know if it had to do with
the cell reception or what. However when I brought it just a couple of days later I don’t
know if they ironed it out I was able to go for a full 60 minutes. You can Live Stream
for 60 minutes and during that time I learned a few things. The engagements really high.
Facebook really promotes it out there and I’ve also found that people really want
to communicate and crave that two way communication. So there’s a lot of great options for this
so I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think that this live streaming on mobile
is going to take off? Do you think that Facebook is better than Meerkat or even than Periscope.
What’s the better future for this. Put that in the comments below and I also want to know
if you think that YouTube is missing the boat or do you think they have something up their
sleeve, put that in the comments below as well. Honestly guys, I am ecstatic, I really
love it. I think where the future is going is through mobile, through video, through
social and through live and I’m really excited to see this happen on Facebook and I know,
I just know that YouTube has something up their sleeve waiting to announce because all
the signs are pointing to that. So if you’re interested in video content, video marketing,
YouTube, Facebook video, whatever it may be. Make sure that you subscribe to my channel.
Watch another video or two.

100 thoughts on “Facebook Live Event Video Streaming – Is YouTube Being Left Behind?

  1. I have a problem with my Facebook account it don't have the live button to go live what is going on is it Facebook don't want me to go live or what is it because it don't have that button there to go live at all my friends can go live but I can't can somebody explain to me what's going on with that

  2. Can you do this with a small business page? I am verified But can't find a way to do this on Facebook. Thanks in advance

  3. I cant wait to be able to use this option of LIVE . How do I get this on a PC for Windows 10???? Please help 🙂

  4. I'm trying to get that Facebook live what do i do i heard that is was free but I want to get on Facebook live so what do i do

  5. Just starting to use periscope and see what is about. It will be interesting to see what happens with FB but also interested to see what youtube does

  6. sounds good… but it would have to be better then an hour, and hope some were down the road we could hook it up to a video camera from our lap top at church and do the live stream right now we pay a company and we live stream music and live and video 24 /7 so .. lets see.

  7. Derral do you have to use a mobile device for live streaming? Can a high quality camera be used & would the video be able to also be captured & stored on website such as Vimeo? My church has a high quality camera but to live stream, I'm seeing that we would need a hosting/storage for website, video storage, & live-streaming account. The expensive livestream account, I'd like remove, using only FB for live streaming…Possible?

  8. Is there an opportunity to stream on both pattforms (youtube and facebook) at the same time with one device?

  9. youtube has to have something up their sleeves this is too big to be left behind on …. however, when using facebook does it all have to be face to camera or is there anyway of incorporating powerpoint presentation?

    another great post derral thanks fella!

  10. Derral, I just bought a Sony HDR-CX675 Camcorder for the WIFI so I can connect to my cell phone hotspot and live stream events to Facebook. How can I connect the camcorder to my cell hotspot and then stream on Facebook?

  11. I swear not to long ago I got on the FB app [for iPhone] and there was a link to start streaming. It had a 30min cap. so thats Changed huh?

    to get verified for Mentions, is it some what based on how many followers/subscribers you have else where?

    and when is YT going to jump on this Livestream? i read talks but see nothing

  12. I never got verified. But I created a new account and now that account does not have live stream. ???

  13. hey man u are the dude! i love the education THANK U! I am a performer and use all all all platforms …. the one that i am on primarily is Concertwindow.com/iomusiclive and it has the best audio …better than U Tube and better than FB as I CAN ONLY USE THE PHONE MIC to send my music and that diminishes sound quality. You Tube platform has some audio issues and i am working on using a Mic on FB to enhance the audio …any ideas for me to get my stuff distributed better … Concert window has a low traffic number ….thanks mate!

  14. Hi I would love to in form you to do not listen to this video and just upload the add "live stream" and connect it to your Facebook. thanks and happy to help😊

  15. Can you help me? Because my Facebook don't have live video.but my friends Facebook does.i don't know how to fix it

  16. i hving problem with live video?? i need help.my live video is MISSING on my fcebook?? the icon of my live stream…any tips FIX my icon live video …to get bck my LIVE STREAM icon to my fcebook…can you help Derral eves?

  17. Great video Derral, I had a thought, but need some help. I stream from my drone to my mini iPad and save to camera roll,I was wondering if I can send a link or stream live as well to F.B. Thanks for your help.

  18. Check this out > https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yatko/facebook-live-and-youtube-live-streaming-with-came

  19. hi Derral Eves. how are you dude?
    just to let you all know is that you can Live Steam over YouTube as i have on my Laptop & on my mobile phone

  20. Hi, Take a look at this new app, Live streaming for Youtube and Facebook –https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/live-stream-+/id1145902768?mt=8
    Offical Website – https://www.yatko.com/cameleon/

  21. Can you do share your screen live via Facebook? I'm talking about I go live on facebook but I want people to see my computer screen instead of my facebook page.

  22. If YouTube is left behind it won't be because of this, it will be because of YouTube silencing peoples speech and deleting videos they don't agree with. This will be YouTube's Achilles heel they have spat in the faces of those that made YouTube great and now people are abandoning YouTube and I'm sitting on the sidelines with my popcorn as I watch and clap each time something she takes away some of YouTube's popularity and steals the spotlight. Now I hate Facebook too, but I hate YouTube more and we will come across the road of facebook once we get there but the first beast that must be slain is YouTube, then Facebook and Twitter

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