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  1. I STILL do not understand what happened. Did the new Timeline page makeover kill the "see me on Facebook" links we had before?

    In the past, on my website (not WordPress) I had the little "see me on facebook" icon and people could click and go straight to my page preview. Now clicking takes them to a Facebook sign in page.

  2. Whoops! It turns out you CANNOT HAVE country or age`restrictions. That's all.

    Man, the solution was extremely difficult to find — you would think it is a common problem. Guess not.

  3. Ever heard to Wix Page? I tried creating a landing page from there but had no luck..I'm kinda a noob to this so may that's why…

  4. Hi! I used your guide, and its great! But my landingpage stoped working, its just simply not there anymore? What can i do about that?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Many thanks, Line

  5. is there a way to create a landing page that will pop automatically when visitors click on the regular facebook link on facebook without making a new link?

  6. Wow you made a thing that is very complicated as described by Facebook into something very very simple! Thanks!!

  7. question to the publisher; How is it possible to create a landing page to like, then share and then register to my site using iframe form? basically to have content area->fan content area-> another fan area. cheers

  8. I don't get it… I see that you created custom fan page. But is there a way to set that page default instead timeline? That's a whole point, directing visitors to custom page giving them promotion codes and staff if they like you page… I thought this is about that…

  9. Quick question. I was at first under the impression that I could set a tab so that when you click it, it goes to one of my other fan pages. Am I correct in the realization that each tab is a whole new page? Anyway to redirect it to an already established fan page?

  10. Pat,
    That video was very helpful, I am glad I stumbled on it when I was looking for something else..:D

    Thanks a million

  11. after I click "link to tab" same message come out as below. Is it because I have copied the picture from internet ? the video say little and very fast about and after this process. Not quite understand pretty link .

  12. Mine says when i click the "link to this tab " it says "Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content
    Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users." Help PLs???

  13. ok i got it all just one problem , i wanted to add this not on a fan page but my personal page and the app dont allow me.

  14. maybe I'm doing something wrong? Can someone take a look at mine? My welcome page works but why have a welcome page when non-fans can still see your wall page? I want my welcome page to to be the first thing they see before they "LIKE" my page. here's my url (add the beginning part) /pages/Kpop-Hawaii/179293668826868

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  16. thanks….i understood and made it happen on my facebook page. "preety link" – how do i get it if i dont have wordpress?

  17. You are a real Clever Boy. Thanks for All Info. I was searching my facebook url and I found You. What a Surprise..Wish you nice Holidays.

  18. thanks Pat, so glad to meet you. First noticed you on a YouTube about creating a FAN page on FaceBook. Appreciate your eagerness & willing to help attitude…

  19. in your wordpress admin area, click on plug-ins and then Add New. Search for pretty link lite and install it and activate it on your site. Then it will appear on the left column, below settings. Click the Pretty Link to create your new link.

  20. Hi Pat, thanks for your generosity of information. I have a dilemma . . .I use different names for the different services that I offer, but am finding it most confusing. I want to use an edited version of my birth name, but it's the birth name that comes up on google with all my achievements. Can I combine or link all, but prioritise one over the other? It has become particularly confusing since using business FB, twitter and LinkeIn.

  21. Everytime i click on add IframeTag to the page i select nothing happens and i not redirected to my page to take it on from there.
    Can you please advise

  22. Hi Pat, I have a problem. Having created my first tab, I am trying to customize it and the page on my screen of the site (Static HTML-IFrame Tabs) is not the same as yours. I am looking at options tried using Fangate, nothing in the preview…HELP!

  23. Hi, Pat. Thank you, by your video, you help me to understand how to setup a Facebook page, wich I though it was very hard to do it. I need to know what things I have to avoid to be not banned from FB, and where can I found those rules? Thank you again.

  24. Thanks Pat – Once again, your tutorials are helpful, to the point and help me get the job done.

  25. Hi Pat.
    I made a mistake on the landing page, I add my page link in somewhere, but when I click the icon it will directly go to my page. I tried to find the way to change it, but whenever I click it, it will directly lead me to my web page. How can I delete all the information and start over, thank you!

  26. You do not admin any pages for which this application can be installed.., ????? help me. Your attempt to become a fan was not successful. Please try again.

  27. Thanks Pat. Needless to say, I will be implementing this strategy as well. 🙂 God bless.

  28. I have the right code for the welcome page; however, for the thank you page it is the same code. I am unable to switch the addresses for the two different pictures. Whenever I switch the content address the fan content changes too. What have I done wrong?

  29. Hey Pat – should we create a totally NEW Facebook account if we intend to use the FanPage for Internet Marketing? The people I'm linked to through my existing page are mostly co-workers and they poo-poo anything to do with attempting to create an income outside of our 'real jobs'.

  30. when i go to my welcome page i don't have those two boxes for fans and fans only,mine looks different and it has a green and a blue preview tab and another page that says admin options with a bunch of icons and the link to my page

  31. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. He promised that He will return. Seek JESUS CHRIST while He may be found.

  32. Very helpful, but Facebook have updated and some of the tips here no longer works. But never-the-less, still good info.

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  34. Is this only for business facebook pages or for your own? I've just opened an account a few days ago and am finding it all very complicated but I would like to have a business page eventually for my artwork and healing business. Thanks.

  35. Thank you Pat very help full. I have a community page on FB. AN DJCARLY page and a shopwithmecarly. SO CAN TURN THEM TO A LANDING PAGE? OR WANTS I DO THE LANDING PAGE WITH THEM, DOES THAT CREATE 2 MORE OF THEM?

  36. Hi Pat, Could you please help me. I did try to follow the steps shown in your video. Am Deepti and I created a page on FB as Deepti Soni Gupta Makeup And Hair Expert. Now, I tried to create a landing Page so I added Static Html Iframe Tab to my page, but when I click on it, its BLANK, I dont get that settings where i can choose from Fans only or Content….so can you please help me. Thanks

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  38. Warning at 13:33, what's up with that?  A bit confusing…U show us what to do, but the warning seems to say don't do it.

  39. Mind blown. This video is almost two years old and I feel so dumb for just now seeing it. Thanks so much for the video, Pat!

  40. hi pat, for your info the iframe tab static is no longer what u mentioned in the youtube.  It need clients to provide mobile and from the mobile it ask for your facebook account password if not another alternative way they want your credit card.  This since like this app is no longer free to use.

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