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Facebook Integration

Hey everyone it is Josh from SocialEngine.net and for this video I’ll be showing you how to quickly integrate the Facebook Connect feature
with your Social Engine website. Before we begin, make sure you’ve
signed up for a Facebook account. So let’s begin the integration
process. To begin, we’ll need to create a Facebook
app. So point your web browser to developers.facebook.com/apps And once you’re here, click on the create new app button on the
top right of your screen. And you should be prompted to input information on a couple of fields. So in the App Display Name, input the name
you want your users to see when they view your app. So I’ll just input Social Engine TV. And in the app space name you can just choose to skip
this as it is not required to fill out. And then afterwards, make sure you read and agree to the Facebook platform policies. And just click on continue. Now that you’ve created your own
Facebook app it is time to add your website to the app, so scroll
down and click on website. And then input the URL that
website here. Don’t forget to input the http part
of the URL. Then just click on Save Changes. Now that we’v added our own website to
the Facebook app, it is time to integrate it with Socla Engine. So go to your Social Engine web site admin
panel, and under Settings, choose Facebook Integration. And under the
Facebook app ID, copy this code from you Facebook ID, and then paste it into this field. Similarly, go back to your Facebook app, and copy the App Secret ID and then paste into this field. And now that you have done that, in the integrate features section
choose which feature you like for the app to utilize. So either choose login only or publish
to Facebook. Which basically means both login and
publish to Facebook. Now just click on Save
Changes. Congrats. You’ve successfully integrated theFacebook App into your Social Engine website.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Integration

  1. Have this done for my site, but, It insists on you signing up for a NEW account with my social site, doesn't give option to log in and integrate to an existing account. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

  2. I've done the exact steps listed in this video. For some reason, when I'm posting to my wall on socialengine and click the "Facebook Share" logo, it doesn't work. It takes me to a page that says An error has occurred. That's all it says. The error is coming from social engine. Why is this?

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