Facebook In The ’90s (Seinfeld)
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Facebook In The ’90s (Seinfeld)

have you ever called someone up and you’re disappointed when they answer the phone you wanted the Machine you know and you’re always kind of thrown off you go oh I didn’t know you were there I just wanted to leave a message saying sorry I missed you so here what we have is two people hate each other don’t really ever want to talk but the phone machine is like this relationship respirator keeping these marginal brain-dead relationships alive and we all do it why so that when we come home you can see that little flashing red light you go alright messages people need that it’s very important for human beings to feel they are popular and well-liked amongst a large group of people that we don’t care for

100 thoughts on “Facebook In The ’90s (Seinfeld)

  1. @ultraclimax that's kinda sweet 😛 – it's simple the seinfeld theme, which is a stretch considering it's really just a free form synth slap bass in a blues key and not a theme at all – what you need it for?

  2. @AuH2O Naww, someone mad that they made a fb account and no one accepted their friend requests so they got mad and deleted it? aw, poor baby. yep, the world advertisers and nsa is going to get me! do you wear a cap made out of tin foil and live in your basement with a shotgun because you think everyones going to get you? have fun dying a virgin and living with your mum. loser.

  3. @BoxxyFan See, this is why I'm smart and you're just a pathetic little herd-following loser: I recognize FB as the privacy-invading entity that it is. FB is one of the world's most evil companies, and I'm part of what apparently soon amounts to an elite group of people who have never, ever had an account there. I am in fact blocking facebook.com in my web proxy. I don't exist on the internet, and I intend to keep it that way. Whoring yourself out in public is only for sheeple like you.

  4. It's very important for human beings to feel that they are popular and well liked among a large group of people that we don't care for.

  5. I love how you can read the AuH2O/BoxxyFan arguement and not be able to tell for sure whether it reads top-to-bottom or the reverse. It could literally go either way. That's how ridiculous it is….

  6. Hence why social networking works. In a way, it's kinda sad, but hypocritical of me to say that as I use social networks myself.

  7. @MrTheRevsOffspring ya maybe eh. the amount of time it took to go completely viral is prolly the shortest of all as well. in face, i can't think of any viral jokes other than 'that's what she said" and that not even a cyber joke. are there any other viral online jokes?

  8. The title of this video and this comedy bit are perfect. You could even say youtube is like that to some degree as well since they have a "friends" option.lol. Really? I mean really? Are they really your "friend" because you talked to them hundreds of miles away for a little bit and you have never seen each others faces or hung out? If that is considered your friend I feel bad for you. I don't care if you have no friends, don't consider youtube people your friends or you will never have them.

  9. @AJ14141414141414 this happens if you're a 13 year old teenager who adds every1. facebook is a great tool to keep in contact and share things with a group of ppl if u can't be with them. of course it doesn't replace human contact but if ur like me who travels away every weekend it's nice to be able to contact all those friends at the same time rather than phone one person in particular.

  10. @AuH2O you dont exist on the internet? Yet you sit behind your screen and throw out harsh words such as that to someone across the web cosmos and say youre not on the net? I agree that facebook is a very compartmentalizing spectrum that holds together stagnant or meaningless relationships but drop the overly anti-establishment charade. Kindness is needed from people, not your pretentious attitude that keeps your facebookless nose from looking down on others. "this is why I'm smart…" sheesh lol

  11. @AJ14141414141414 Look at how much of an individual you are.
    It must be tough having to put up with all the tacitly-crazy looks when you tell others you don't have a Facebook account.

  12. facebook is okay to post videos like the ones you favorite here on youtube or pictures like a forum board, or an interesting aticle, but when people start posting updates about their life and their babies and shit, that's takin it too far. no one gives a flying fuck. i "unfriend" just about 2 people a week, at least.

  13. @AJ14141414141414 You had an account though, and you deleted it 2011 when you heard it was cool not to have a facebook account anymore 😉 Whereas I never had an account with my real name and I deleted my fake account in 2007, 5 years ago. I'm sure you even still have an account, like all the liars who pretend they don't anymore. LMAO.

  14. Wow, very very very good analogy.
    It's very important for human beings to feel that they are popular and well like amongst a large group of people they don't care for.

    That pretty much sums up Facebook, Twitter ect..

  15. I used to call people home, at working hours, viceversa… LOL
    Good old times when not facebook but even cell phones did not exist.

  16. Half the people I know don't even have their answering machines set up on their phones, you can't leave a message o_0 these are different times indeed

  17. Speaking to a machine is like comenting on a Facebook but when a person picks up the phone its the when that same person start chatting with you on FB and that flashing red light is like notification on Facebook.
    Jerry you are a genius. =D

  18. ha, that's another great point.

    this clip still blows me away with it's accuracy. ever since i was 16, back when facebook was exploding, i haven't been able to"get it". i have nothing against being social, but 90% of FB behaviour is just fluff and a whole lot of bullshitting.

    and a lot of people will fucking crucify you if you're not a social butterfly. it's pretty insane what this has done to people.

  19. lol, i'm not trying to impress anyone.it just seems more relevant coming from someone of that age, cause you'd expect them to be part of the big craze.

    yes, no problem at all 🙂

  20. Hey, what about them Mets? Jesus Christ! I fuckin hate this moron. Why, why, why do people think he's funny. Observational comedy in its lowest form. Bill Hicks, now there's a comedian.

  21. Facebook is to remind you that it can be much worse than having 2 close friends.

    Twitter is to remind you that obsession has many followers..

  22. wow……
    jerry Seinfeld should have been the creator of Facebook.
    He knew the purpose of it WAY before Mark Zuckerberg did…..

  23. it is very much facebook indeed. Facebook has its own twists to it too though. Facebook is also a stage, performing in front of the many, always conscious of judgmental feelings.

  24. It's called personal preference, I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I like this guy's show, easy.

  25. Also lets not forget is that he could and can be funny without cursing and using profanity in his humor. He still gets me to laugh and I run Seinfeld marathons easy, Great show

  26. Facebook has over 1 billion users now. they say that if Facebook was a country it would have been the 3rd largest country in the world. so as cockroaches and coffee beans. they would have been all great countries. you just need them to build some houses, airports, roads, cars and you're done! in any way, had it been a country, I don’t think I would have applied for a passport in Facebook. you have 2-3 friends, you wake up in the morning half the neighborhood is at your place.

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