Facebook Graph Search: How to Find People Who Like a Page
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Facebook Graph Search: How to Find People Who Like a Page

Hey everyone, in this video I’m going to be showing you how to do a Facebook open graph search and know who’s liking your page. In particular, we’re
going to be taking a look at the Bellingham hashtag
No DAPL Coalition. And the reason for that
is, a few days ago, I read an article from Ars Technica that the Whatcom County
Sheriff’s Department was seeking data
surrounding the Bellingham hashtag No DAPL Coalition Facebook page, a page with more than a thousand followers provides information about
Pipeline environmental issues, and is used to organize political protests and connect political activists. In addition to demanding
account information about those who have interacted with the group’s page, the
warrant seeks messages, photos, videos, wall posts, and
location information dating from February 4th to February 15th. Now, whether you are for or against this protest I’m not here to argue. What I do want to show you is how you can find similar data that the sheriff’s department is looking for using the Facebook open graph search, namely how to find who likes the Bellingham hashtag No DAPL Coalition. So let’s get started. So, to start off with,
we’re over on the Bellingham hashtag No DAPL Coalition Facebook page. And, as you can see here,
there are 1401 people like this and 1476 people are following this. Now, if you click on that link there, it will show you a graph,
but it won’t show you who actually likes it. So, what you could do is you could go into Facebook open graph and basically,
that is the search tool, the search field up here
at the top of Facebook. It says people who like Bellingham hashtag No DAPL Coalition, so basically, it’s a very basic open search, open graph search and I’m just looking for people who like the page. And Facebook says:
couldn’t find any people. And I thought that was kind of strange. So I started digging
around, and I came across this web site where he talks about Facebook open graph
now uses a STR command. So then I did a little bit more digging and found, that in order to do a search like this, you have to use the Facebook ID. So then I went on a search to find how do you find the Facebook ID? And, basically, you have to go into View Source on any browser. So while you’re on the page, right-click, go to View Source, you do Control F or Command F. If you’re on a Mac, you type in Page, underscore, ID and then, where you find that result, the number right next to
it, that is the page ID. So once you have your page ID, then you can use this STR boolean search to use the proper search to actually find the people who like this Facebook page. With me so far? Okay. So, what I did was I
came up with this search. So it is search, slash, STR, so that’s the string command I was talking about. And then this is the Facebook page ID and then we’re going to do slash likers, and I’m not going to talk
about all what that means but I’ll leave the link to
a couple of sources that you can take a look at and find
out more information about. So I copy this, I’m gonna
paste it in the browser, and I’m gonna come up with this result. Now, the interesting thing is that I’m asking the same thing
in open graph search, people who like Billingham
No DAPL Coalition, but I’m finding the actual
result as opposed to this one. So I thought that was very interesting. So that the Facebook is understanding the STR command, but
it’s not understanding the one that you would actually search for if you were in Facebook looking for this. So now that we know the
actual people who like Bellingham No DAPL Coalition,
we can dig a little deeper from an osint or social media
intelligence perspective, protective intelligence, we
could look at a little deeper and see what people are posting what are they talking
about, that type of thing. But I’m not going to go into that here. This was just simply how to use Facebook open graph
search using the page ID to search for people who
like a particular page. Hope you found this video useful. If you did, give it a like. Be sure to share with
colleagues and friends and I’ll see you in the next video.

28 thoughts on “Facebook Graph Search: How to Find People Who Like a Page

  1. Hello,

    When I use Facebook Graph search on my facebook account (in English US)

    The appears a short list of people,

    Do you know why ?

    Thanks, for you help

  2. great video thanks Larry! Any idea if we can combine that search with a filter? eg I want to see likers from a page but only from France for example ? any thoughts?

  3. hi larry very interesting!!! but if i would like to find a specific name among all one page likes without scrolling one by one.. would i be able to do that somehow?? thx a lot!!!

  4. Can you help me take this one step further? Is there a way to search a person by name from this list of people who like this page?

  5. Thank you so much for this. Another question, xan we download all these data/profiles and store them? Use an SQL maybe, is that possible?

  6. You’re Awesome Bro..Thank you. I have a question, Hopefully you can help me, when I go down to search the results after a certain number of profiles I keep seeing “loading more results “so Can not see more results

  7. Hey Larry, first of all thank you for taking the time to create such useful content. I was able to follow the steps you provided to arrive at a list of users who liked a particular page – HOWEVER, it seems as though the page will not scroll below a certain threshold and i keep getting stuck on the same user. In other words, i scroll down until i see the "loading more results" method, and I AM able to get past it a few times, but around the 5th or 6th time i see that message, the page stops loading, and i remain unable to continue scrolling down. Is there any way for me to solve this issue that you know of? I have tried it on both safari and on google chrome. Thank you!!

  8. This has really worked, but I got a question. Is there a way to find a certain person or certain people? Like when I wanna find someone named 'Michelle'. Or is there a way to download a 'list' as a .txt file?

  9. is there a way to look at people who like two pages? something like "people like x page and y page"

  10. An easier way is to go to particular FB page, then go to "about" tab, scroll to bottom of about tab to "page id". Enter into your formula. 🙂

  11. Tried this a couple weeks ago and it worked. Now, the command is not working anymore.
    Edit: Apparently Facebook turned off the graph search, so any string commands besides on your own profile will not work

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