Facebook Freebooting – Smarter Every Day 128
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Facebook Freebooting – Smarter Every Day 128

Hey it’s me Destin, welcome
back to Smarter Every Day. I want to do something a
little bit different today, let’s start with a story. Once there
was a kingdom where wealth was determined by what sheep you owned. There
was a rich man who had many, many sheep. Even his sheep were rich. There was
also a peasant family who only had one sheep but they loved her very much. The father of the house wanted
her to be the very best sheep she could be, so he
spent lots of time with her. The sheep was basically a part of the family
and it participated in almost every aspect of their lives. One day a
traveller came to town to visit the rich man and they
became business partners. That evening they were
hungry but the rich man was unwilling to take from his
own flock so the traveller pointed out to the peasant sheep. The
rich man’s cook then took the sheep and cut out the tasty parts. Together the
rich man and the traveller enjoyed the feast and their bellies were full. This crushed the family. The father
asked the rich man for another sheep but he was ignored.
Oh man, that’s sad. But it’s real. The sheep is your
YouTube video, and the rich man is Facebook. The traveller
is someone who uploads your video to Facebook so the two of
them can use what’s yours and make money off of it. How do
internet videos make money? You’ve seen the ads at the
beginning of the video and you’ve heard that people
make a living on YouTube right? But what you don’t know is it takes
a ridiculous number of these ads in order to make any kind of significant income.
This is why people jump at the opportunity to get a sponsor for their videos. In fact there will be a sponsor
at the end of this very video. Sometimes the videos themselves take
a lot of time and money to create. Other times people just upload a video on a
whim and have a viral success on their hands. Either way the people made the
video and they deserve to reap any success or profit that comes from it right?
Here’s the problem though. Sometimes people will steal a video and then
re-upload it as if they created it themselves. Flula is a German DJ friend of mine
who uploaded this hilarious video to YouTube called Jennifer is a Party Pooper.
This thing got over five million views in four years, which sounds
awesome until you realize that a verified Facebook page downloaded
this video and then re-uploaded it into the Facebook player where it
received the same five million views in four days. Facebook’s algorithm
prefers videos that are uploaded into its video player. Facebook
ran ads on five million views of Flula’s video and made money off of it. I
wonder what Flula has to say about this. It’s like I made a present for my friends
but then another person stole my present, wrapped it up and said “Hey
everyone, look at this present I made for you!”. Doh. They ate his sheep. Eventually he
got Facebook to take the video down and I’m sure they were happy to do it because they had already made their money.
This is a serious issue and it’s worth talking about. It’s even been given
a name by Brady Haran from Hello Internet. – Freebooting. – Freebooting. – Freebooting. – Freebooting is the act of taking a
creation that someone else has made and then using it as if you
made it, in order to profit. Brady has a dozen channels that are really
high quality so he’s freebooted often. This is a video he created of his
dog Audrey playing with bubbles. You’ll notice that somebody else uploaded
it, and Facebook’s running ads on it. 150,000 people have seen this. This
one’s been viewed 1.2 million times but it’s been shared 34,000 times.
That’s about 34.5 views per share. This one doesn’t even
have a view count on it. If you look, it’s been shared over a
quarter million times and if we multiply times that previous ratio,
that’s over 9.1 million views. What is happening? Smarter Every
Day has also been a victim to this. In September I
uploaded the tattoo in slow motion video and it was my
largest success to date. The largest privately owned
publishing company in Europe called Bauer Media Group, downloaded the
video, cut out all the educational content, cut out my sponsor, and cut out all
links back to Smarter Every Day and then re-uploaded it to
their verified Facebook page. I filled out forms, I sent emails, I
exhausted every option given to me by both of these multi-billion dollar corporations. It was the most successful post
ever made to their Facebook page. So as I’m trying to get
it taken down over here, someone within the company is
re-uploading it and saying “In case you missed it”. It wasn’t
until the followers of Smarter Every Day on Twitter re-tweeted this
tweet over 100 times that Facebook responded. Which is interesting. The slower and more drawn
out the process is, the more ads they can run against the
video before they finally shut it down. By the time it was eventually taken down,
the video had been viewed on Facebook over 17 million times. I can tell you this. 17 million views would have been some
serious, serious college fund money. So after 17 million views, this email was
sent from Dwayne at community operations at Facebook. “We understand
this action to resolve your intellectual property issue.” Facebook
is currently designed so that when you finally do get that viral video, you
can see all of the financial benefit that you’ve dreamed of whisked away
in other people’s Facebook news feeds and you’ll be stuck
with an email saying that they understand that they’ve solved
your intellectual property issue. I am not trying to get you to
feel sorry for Smarter Every Day. I am so incredibly blessed and I am grateful
for everything that I have been entrusted with. But I understand
also that not everyone has a channel with 2 million intelligent subscribers.
So this happens thousands of times every day to people who have no voice
and they have no recourse. They try to make this sound all
complicated, but it’s not. Even my children can understand
what’s going on here. (Destin) But they were hungry, so it’s OK?
– No it’s not. – Why not?
– Because it’s someone else’s sheep. – Yeah but they were hungry.
– And they should replace it, the traveller should.
– Why should the traveller replace it? – Because he pointed it out.
– But what if I told you that every single day the rich man gets another traveller to
bring him somebody else’s sheep. What do you think about that?
– That is enough to go to jail. – Why? – Because he’s stealing every day. – Oh. It’s pretty simple isn’t it.
– But what if there is no jails? – You know he’s got a good point. What if
there are no consequences for freebooting other people’s content? I mean
people are telling me that there’s no way an individual like you or me can go
up against multiple multi-billion dollar organizations. But is that true? And we’re gonna be ruined financially.
Really? I mean if a six year old and an eight year old
can understand the social injustice that’s occurred, we have laws. Don’t you think a court of
law can do the same thing? Maybe it’s just that doing the right
thing is sometimes difficult, and scary. As of the upload
of this video, the two people that ate my sheep, the rich man
and the traveller, have refused to compensate, which I get.
That’s really smart actually. Drag it out, make it hurt, hope that
the offended party loses interest. Facebook freebooting has got
to stop, and you can help. Any time you see freebooted content, anywhere
on the internet, do these three things. Capture, comment, contact. Capture
the freebooting. Take a screen shot or if you really want to document it, video
screen capture the freebooter stealing the content. Comment on the
freebooted material. State that it’s stolen and point
people back to the original source. Contact the content creator and then
give them the freebooting evidence as well as the link to the freebooting. The
creator can then decide what legal action to take. Doing this will let
the content creator spend more time with their sheep. I apologize
if you detected any negativity in this video, that’s not the intent. I just want to be a voice
for people without a voice. For example Gordon, the guy that
creates music for Smarter Every Day. His music was also freebooted and as you
can see here it makes him really sad. Here’s the deal. I pay Gordon so
we’re gonna pay the bills right now with our sponsor, which is Audible.com. If you
want to support us go to audible.com/smarter, download any audio book you choose. I
recommend Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Let me tell you why. When I was
getting ready to make this video I listened to Ender’s Game
and it totally pumped me up. Ender is a weak little boy
that doesn’t like to fight but people always try to get after him. He
uses his superior intellect, even though he’s weaker, to defeat these
foes, and he’s so good at it that the whole human
race selects him to use techniques, tactics and
procedures to defend them against an invading alien species. It’s
so well written that the United States Marine Corps uses it as a recommended book. It’s amazing. So, go get Ender’s
Game by Orson Scott Card. It really helped me understand how
a weak man could even approach a superior foe. I recommend it.
Even if you just read it. Just go experience Ender’s
Game by Orson Scott Card. You can get it for free at audible.com/smarter.
Again, thank you for sticking with me. I’m Destin, you’re getting Smarter
Every Day. Have a good one.

100 thoughts on “Facebook Freebooting – Smarter Every Day 128

  1. What if YouTube forbade Facebook to upload youtube vids? Like make it impossible for someone to simply download a youtube vid (in order to re-upload it somewhere else) without proof that it's their video (like a 'watermark' or something)? I know it may sound simplistic/farfetched, but YouTube is also a giant on the internet and could surely protect its creators from Facebook?

  2. Hey!! No negative in this content. But shall I freeboot this video to Facebook?? I am not paid by Facebook. Just trying fight fire with fire.. please let me know what you think.

  3. I found the same video on vimeo and youtube one day, I replied to both and said "I found your other channel"…. one comment got removed one got thanked. one video was in HD and one was super low-quality so it was obvious which one was the original. can you guess which one my comment was removed from?

  4. It's been 3 years and now we came to know about the biggest fraud of FB i.e selling user data to cambridge analytica and using it to manipulate people for their favourable election result. Shame on everyone involved in this.

  5. Guys, download brave, it is made by the creator of javascript, it blocks ads and malware! You can stop the ads that are on facebook, so that they get no money!

  6. There should be rule to revoke all income generated by freebooted video after taken down. Or transfer the income to the real content creator.

  7. i was a facebook user for a long time and in last 1 year i have hardly used it
    i started using youtube (of which i didnt care when i was using facebook )
    and i saw many of your and other science videos on facebook then i realized they were not made by them but you and other science creators after that i stopped using facebook coz i wanted and got more and more sci videos on youtube
    and gradually stopped using facebook

    now i only use facebook on my birthday
    to see if anyone has wished me or not :p

  8. There should be an international law that allows the creators to sue the person who stole the content. The thief should have to pay to the creator around 10 times the ammount of money the stolen video made with the ads. This would only be fair.

  9. The story in the beginig is a story in the bible. The prophet Nathan told the same story to king david after he had sined.

  10. I love your work. It makes me angry that you aren't receiving compensation for all the effort you put into making your videos. With as many Creators who are being violated this way, is there a Class Action Lawsuit in the future? I know it's several years after you made this video, but this is STILL going on.

  11. Fb should be hit with a class action lawsuit, by content creators who have been ripped-off, based on the grounds of 'Loss of Earnings' laws.

  12. I'll just delete my Facebook account. First they sell personal information, monitor your preferences for ads, the freebooting issue presented here, it is used by criminals to get a profile on you so you can become a target… the best you can do is leave it altogether. We are exchanging personal interaction with digital interaction. That has an effect on the human psyche because there's no bonding experiences with other people, just with a screen, which would also explain why depression has risen over the development years of technology, which makes us feel closer, but it's actually taking us apart. Great video, and as an original creator you deserve to harvest the crops that you carefully cared for. Is it possible to sue Facebook for this? (and also the person stealing the content).

  13. Your children are so cute! And educated pretty well by you! I would take down those greedy thieves, Destin.

  14. I feel sorry for smarter everday. i hope you can upload more vedios. and i understand we need to really stop thing like stolen vedios. i will try to help to find more stolen vedios from you or anybody.

  15. Recently my most popular video was stolen on YouTube, and someone warned me in the comments and I was able to take it down.

  16. Reason number 9,483,753,498,573,459,485,734,444,444,444,458,324,590,840,123,784,432,589,734,257,834 why I don't do facebook.

  17. Try to sue Facebook. You can't. They have too much power. But no one is stopping them. The people that are big and powerful enough to stop them in our government are working with them because Facebook has something that they find useful. They keep Facebook a private company and they can continue to play by private company rules and/or laws.

  18. I like how facebook makes it so tedious to take a video down. Because by the time you do it, the video already has squeezed out most of its views.

  19. So does this still happen? its been three years but i have no clue if this still occours becuse i dont use facebook.
    And in case this does happen why not sue facebook? Sounds hard but with the fan base you as well as other content creators have they wount ignore you, and if you are lucky the court could even make your case an example to facebook. This accualy happened when a women sued MacDonalds for having coffe that gave her worst than third degree burns, instead of just giving them a small fine and medical bills they made an example and forced Macdonalds to fork over millions.

  20. I wouldn't ask Facebook to take down the video. I would send Facebook an invoice ("Thank you for licensing my content"), say 10 cents per view. Then they have basically two options: a) Pay or b) admit that they participated in video piracy (and therefore are admitting they are guilty if it goes to court).

  21. Well it's now many years later, and doesn't look like either FB or Google are exactly in a hurry to change anything.

    But answer me this; do people still actually use F×c×Book? Didn't we all grow up yet? Not even to the point of self-awareness about our own lives?
    No? Ok. Be sure to retweet this, pointing out what a looser I am. I'm sure that's still cool too. And preferably make an Instagram post showing how annoyed you look about it. And probaby some post here about cats playing with a blender or something, too.

    The Internet. Dumber every day/month/year. (Not Destin, Brady, CGP etc. though; them still big on clever.)

    I think I know why they call the 'Smart Phones' now; hopefully all the people using them 24/7 will be run over by busses, and humanity can get going again.

  22. Destin, this is obviously still a problem, and your advice seems sound. And yet…
    I have just spent the last hour trying understand the process and report an obviously freebooted video and got just about nowhere. And multiply that by the number of people who would need to do such a thing to make any difference.

    It isn't an easy process. It is not possible (illegal even, in the EU) to report or even suggest obvious copyright infringement unless you yourself own the copyright. So you have to contact the copyright owner. Many of the freeboots (is that the first usage of the plural, btw?) I've seen are of pretty famous people. People who more often than not make it pretty hard work to contact them directly. And will most likely ignore you anyway. Do I want to sign up to "social" media sites just to stand a small chance of being seen by these people? Um; I'd rather not. I'm actually trying to close down on "social" media because I've completely lost faith in it.

    Essentially, the problem is the sheer volume of work involved. I don't think this kind of judgement can be automated. Even if it could be, it would then be open to abuse of the system. No; it (currently) needs humans to investigate and correlate and make decisions. And many, many humans to collect the evidence. Resulting in vast amounts of time spent chasing the criminals who most likely have already done the damage. Unless a class action is brought; that might make the required difference, but that is a massive task to organise against such big players.

    It's pretty depressing, and I feel deeply for the providers of quality content who are losing out.

    The way I'm fighting back is going to be a bit different. I've often seen alternative incomes from things like Patreon or episode sponsors or merchandise e-shops etc. to be 'do this if you want.' And sometimes I've wanted to, and have sponsored people in that way. Some times I've wanted to, but not had the money. Sometimes I've been irritated by the commercialism of it interrupting content.

    Now. It costs £150.50 a year for a TV license. And I think I spend about 1/2 of my time watching BBC / bought content, and the other 1/2 watching YouTube. So logically, I owe you guys about £150 a year, right?

    I can barely afford that (not working atm), but I'm determined to consciously think about that figure and try my best to meet it if I can.

    TLDR: Support the content you like directly. Advert revenue is severely broken.

  23. I'm a small youtuber, this for what I know hasn't happened. I'm also a fan of educational channels, I only have 1 subscriber so I would not know if it happened.
    (you don't have to watch it just sayin.)

  24. i'm not that dumb, u know…. u dont have to make up that sheep story to make me understand it better….. like seriously…….

  25. People like Tyrese Gibson are BIG video thieves. Ive been a supporter of SED since its earliest days, & frankly I don't even have a facecrook account. I suggest you all delete your accounts as well. No one NEEDS FB.

  26. So here we are some time later. Today I learned that YouTube actually freebooted one of the youtubers for their own twitter post. That's like the top of evil, it can't get any worse than platform stealing from it's own creators who keep the platform alive.

  27. So… Facebook = ThePirateBay (but for streamed videos, and with much more active monetization)

    The only way to stop this is to go after Facebook (legally or financially).

  28. Here's an idea for Google… embed a digital watermark in all YouTube videos. When a Facebook video played in Chrome or on Android includes the watermark, redirect the user to its source on YouTube & automatically file a copyright claim.

  29. It doesn't need a fancy word. It's not "Freebooting". It's Intellectual Property Theft, and Copyright Infringement.

  30. This is sad but why put all the blame on Facebook and leave out the main folks uploading the videos to FB?

  31. Kevin Meredith
    Youve got the right idea, you gotta bring a giant to a giants fight-
    However well Youtube is doing for Google, they are not only allowing FB to steal ads revenue,
    they are letting FB f*ck their content producers, & i can name so many who've quit already, thats more lost future revenue

  32. I understand you, SmarterEveryDay. F*ck those freebooters. They deserve to get f*cked. I wish Facebook (and all the other websites) will f*ck those freebooters ASAP. Hope it doesn't happen to my channel (even though it has only 3 or 4 subscribers and 2 videos).

  33. CaptainDisillusion prevents free booting by inserting his name in his video.
    He shows this in his laminar flow video.

  34. I just love you actually telling a Bible story on your channel! Thanks for that, made my day 🙂 (the story is in 2 Samuel 12)

  35. This is big business. Most big companies are unable to innovate and use small companies ideas and intellectual property for their profit knowing that the small guy is very unlikely to be able to do anything about it. They specifically watch patent applications with the sole purpose to copy, illegally, ideas of others. Patenting, the law process and business is built FOR big business. Thank you for your video.

  36. But im so sick fb doesnt have a customer service phone to call once they lock you up for no reason by just confirming your account they lock and no customer service to contact even a hard to find corporate email are auto answer with no reply only giving you instructions that doesnt work useless unless with scam contact.

  37. This is why I am against piracy in all account. Downloading a movie or song from torrents from a rich company or artist might not seem bad. BUT it gets us used to stealing from other people. And the people creating content get screwed.

    EDIT: After watching this video I noticed my content has been stolen by a local TV network and there is no easy way to flag facebook about it. Thanks for making videos like this and all your vids.

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