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Where did I put my glasses ? Two years ago I made a video about Facebook Today I’ll talk to you about facebook I decided to do a little update Because Facebook has changed a lot since then. Now we can say, like, whatever we want It didn’t exist before and that led to some pretty weird situations You know, those who write a status update and like their own status who comments this comment and like their own comments Have you ever seen people like that? Why they do it, I don’t know Maybe they have amnesia? It was so cool the party yesterday ! Oh ! A status ! “like” Oh ! A status ! “it’s clear you’re right !” Oh ! A comment ! “like” Oh ! Another mysterious thing about Facebook The people who puts their jobs in their names Like…”Kevin Boulet Photographer” It’s very often “photographer” by the way Someone will have to explain to me the point one day. Later what will it be? “Jean-Batiste Pignouf Agent of maintenance of unity of production” The unity of productions , it’s my passion ! Not to mention the guys who put “official” in their name What’s that mean..? There are guys that are “official” ? And others who are not “official” ? Or they have a clone posing as them ? I don’t know. “Hello , Kevin Boulet, nice to meet you” “How are you ?” “IT’S ME KEVIN BOULET OFFICIAL, FAKE.” “oups !” “He discovered me !” There’s another thing that annoys me on Facebook It’s the people who change their profile pictures multiple times per week Not to put a new picture, no But just to change it They put an old one Then, a new one Then an old old one like that, just to change I just want to ask the people who do that WHY ? Oh yes ! It’s because ……. No no no no no Ah! Or they … No, no no, it’s … I don’t see the logic there. Well, the good thing is that today, almost everyone is on Facebook! And that is very convenient In the world of work for example – Cyprien, you must give the file to Julien Pichon – Yes ! Julien Pichon … – Yes of course ! Julien Pichon! Of course, I’ve been in the business for 10 years I know who it is I know his name, of course it can even save your life a little – Hey Cyprien, Anaïs Bouffi from accounting wants a drink with you tonight – Anaïs Bouffi? – No, no no I’m sick tonight, sorry – I … yes I … I don’t feel good I … – I thought she was a man … – I told him “Good morning sir” in the morning .. There are only people’s good sides on Facebook My mother is on Facebook Worst ! My grandmother is on Facebook Worst of the worst! My grandmother comments on my status There, I said no! That is impossible I can’t let that happen. I took the problem at the roots – Mamie What are you doing there? You stop it right now! – How would you like me to comment while we change your diaper? – Beh, it’s the same here! – Stop it ! – If not, I will I come to your nursing home – And I unplug you – Ah, but I do not care! Feel free to share my video on Facebook and join my page And go to Cyprien.fr to see all my other videos – IMPOSTER! shit !

100 thoughts on “Facebook – Cyprien

  1. -bonjour docteur je soufre d'une non-rigolaringite
    -je vous recomande de regardé 4 video de cyprien et vous serez guérie
    -rien que deux vidéo m'ont guérie

  2. 1:52 "aujourd'hui presque tout le monde est sur facebook" 8 ans plus tard "aujourd'hui personne n'est sur facebook 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Mais laisser les grand-parents commenter ils sont libre! C'est pas votre chien! Toi quand tu commente la photo de ton ami ils t'appelle pas pour te dire: eh! T'a pas le droit! Je veux pas sinon je prend le contrôle de ta maison" non! Laisser-les!

  4. En 2019 c'est plus mince il m'a découvert, c'est mais comment vous m'avez trouver, vous êtes vraiment très perspicace !!!

  5. Perso je change de photo de profil presque tous les jours mdrrr

    Pourquoi ?

    Parce que

    Parce que ;-;…

    Je sais pas.

    ( Si tu me vois sur toute les vidéos de Cyprien c’est normal ok? )

  7. Il change peut-être de statut par préférence de goût je veux dire peut-être que avant il trouvait cette photo belle et aujourd'hui il ne l'aime plus c'est juste une question de goût

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