Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testimony on data privacy before Senate committee | ABC News
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testimony on data privacy before Senate committee | ABC News

100 thoughts on “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testimony on data privacy before Senate committee | ABC News

  1. I'll have my staff get back with u….the congressman don't know about data or how by face book works the Russians Kno..no the FBI and cia have been tapping phones and breaching privacy for year this is not about data this is about the election and the Russians investigation to persuade Facebook users to ads to vote for presidents

  2. these questions are so stupid.. most of this we know, and what everyone here wanted to know wasn't passed on to Zuck because these senators wanted to seem smart by making complicated question
    1) does facebook track where I go in facebook? he gave a fair answer, you can choose whether we do that or not
    2) messages we send each other a) can facebook staff read it b) can other people read it
    Congratulations, this is how the testimony went from 6 hours to 5 minutes

  3. I think it's also funny that Snowden didn't have a college degree and got a job working for the CIA because they look for certain people and characteristics to hire

  4. Good afternoon my name is Ricardo Valerio , I from São Paulo city Brazil
    Technology is a reality, the world will not stop personal data are being exposed because the people themselves expose them. Today the most important is the satisfaction of the people and for the companies are the profiles of the consumers, every evolutionary step originates from conflicts like this the traditional and the future. 12.april.2018

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  6. Wait…. I'm not from the us but are those people asking questions really running your country? Making laws? And deside everything? O_o If so…… well good luck! I'm glad I'm not you.

  7. In college did he quit the team which created the platform and then steal it? Yep. Was he under oath? Nope. Didn't Obama use Cambridge Analitica? Yep.Have you ever heard of anyone not knowing shit about how their company operates and the intimate details therein? Never. Does his team have to wipe his ass as well? Iol Did he meet with each Senator beforehand and decide their stories? Apparently all but 4. Do all these out of touch geriatrics own stock in FB, have FB accounts, and make $ insider trading? You bet your ass. Delete you're FB account and bankrupt this CIA controlled douchebag. It's just another My Space anyway. They will make another in a month and now you know. They track data from everyone. Even people without FB. Demand limited terms for politcal seats and end the corruption. Wake the fuck up!!! Thank you for your information and putting your boring ass life online. -Cia Management

  8. Wait until the ‘data miners’ tie your posting IP address together with others… your partner, kids etc
    (They already are)
    So, now they have a family unit, school, friends names, dogs name, car rego, phone numbers and anything else – if they have ever been mentioned)
    The rest is easy – like triangulation in geography.
    A huge amount of contextual information can be derived from those fundamentals. Huge.
    Far more than anyone or yourself know about yourself and closest.
    FB sells the data to Company A, So does Google, ?Microsoft, and smaller organisations with far less spread… Your vet, gas station, caterers, bridal supplies…
    The data can be matched and triangulated.
    At a certain point, the original IP address becomes less relevant… they know your surname, car, card, cat, and all that other data gleaned from multiple sources.
    Move house, change IP address and it all goes with your digital fingerprint regardless. Zero chance of escape.
    Company A knows far more about you than FB or Google individually, or likely, they did a deal to reciprocate.
    Privacy of data is completely dead.
    Change your personal identifiers or security as often as convenient. There is no road back, unless you trust Romanian hackers. Send them a message and ask them (!)
    Changing school or your children’s names is harder.
    And remember, all your data is tagged to your kids and friends, so the cross-reference will always be there if needed. Even after your gone.
    Endless, infinite association and exploitation.

  9. Mr Zuckerberg , Please make sure any body floating political campaign must be authorized from designated representative or SPOC or affiliate from registered political party ! To be more precise and example , Please allow only those political party to float their Agenda listed in Election Commission of India . Facebook can ask list of registered party and their legitimate FB account .

  10. Why did Mr MZ did not voice that FB competitors are LinkedIn , Google+ and Instagram ? He did mention that average american user uses 8 apps . I appreciate .

  11. These people just don't know what the internet is, what data are. You can know how to use a computer, but discussions like these require you to know WHAT is a computer. And no, simplifying words won't solve a single problem. Not even law can catch up with the growth of this world, fix that first.

  12. ‼️👎🏻 Zuck the Schmuck lied , just remember how difficult it was to remove your account when Fbook first started ,
    F.book was created to Steal your personal information from the first day the company started

    Imagine if you use your Facebook Account to sign into another Company's Website,
    ‼️ You are literally handing Facebook your Permission to
    Use your Password to Login to the other Company's website , and Giving Facebook Permission to sell your Login Information to the highest bidder it can find anywhere to different customers like Governments , Political Groups , etc ; and Guess what happens if they are hacked and your Login Password is stolen

    When will people learn,
    Convenience will Undermine your Personal Security

    SuckABird is perhaps a bigger liar than Rump and should be
    ‼️ Investigated and Fined for
    Criminal Breach of Trust and the ReSelling of the personal information of members ‼️ without their knowledge and consent

    ‼️ He's Lying when he says he doesn't sell the Personal Data of the Public, no matter how he claims it to be untrue.
    He Sells Everyone's Data and Personally collects Tons of Money for it.
    That's the Real Crime here

  13. An hour and 24 minutes of near nothing!!! Why not have that playing and have a link visible that will get you to the company's website during that time for those who want to watch an empty room fill? That's valuable TV time there… that's opportunity for commercials, opportunity for other programs… have a bar at the bottom that links has a link those who want to watch an empty room fill. Play a rerun of a show and you'll likely have a larger audience. Perhaps even just provide the news.

  14. Or I mean i don’t know, read the terms and conditions every once and a while and you would know what you are agreeing to

  15. Fuck Facebook. It is only for the week self centered trying to keep up with the Jones. Who cares what you ate lastnight or what your last vacation pictures look like! It was designed for people to stay in touch that live far away from each other. Not what it has evolved into…social status.

  16. the lady in green in the back looks like nick cage. i havent seen a comment about this observation yet. i cant be the only one who sees this right?

  17. Facebook/Zuckerberg has a virtual monopoly on the gold mine that is the information on the behavior of everyone on any of their apps or websites.

    That includes every word spoken, every keystroke, every pause, retype, search, page visited, where they are when they do it, what time of day, what day of the week and what time of the year, along with how each piece of data fits with each other.

    Invasive doesn't even begin to cover it. The amount of shit they know about you, your friends, your spouses, who you get off to, and the world as a whole is goddamn bordering on truly awesome (as in you should literally be in awe, jaw on the floor shocked, and scared to death).

    That information, when utilized properly, gives them the ability to control you and the world. And they are selling it to whoever will pay.

    That is the new world. The people who can gather the new ultimate resource and the people who can exploit it. Facebook is doing both.

    There is no future. Freedom is dead. If you want to help the world you will get off your phone or computer and kill the richest person you can.

  18. I think Zuckerberg's strategy of bringing his poker face (aka "Data" from star trek the next generation) was a mistake. It made him look apathetic. And they should've had IT experts from law enforcement pose the questions, not these old fart congress members who are clueless about IT.

  19. If you had to go before one judge you would be nervous. But he is in front of hundreds. Would you rather him go in there like Tony Stark. Everyone would say he is cocky or a jerk. He is a kid who has grown a company into a billion dollar business that I’m sure many of us have not read the privacy agreements. But you know what the problem is that too much privacy is what is killing us. I’m sorry track us a little so we can stop having so many shootings, killings, and stupid decisions that affect us as a country. America is killing themselves because of privacy. Get it together people! Facebook not sharing your nudes with people or your information that is so important that you decided to put it online. The issue here is privacy and I say privacy is the problem America is having.

  20. This whole testimony is kinda rediculous. Like this isn't even a testimony this is just a bunch of people sitting around one dude telling him their thoughts on his platform.

  21. Its weird how the lady sitting next to him in green, and the lady behind her and the man next to her on some parts you see them and other parts they're gone. But it doesn't ever pause?? It just goes to the senator and right back to them again so how do they keep disappearing and reappearing?? Then towards the end the lady in green is sitting behind him next to the guy so where did the other lady go and why dont we see them or hear them moving around if they were talking all along and no pauses?? Well all 4 of them blinked like 10,000 times while no one else is blinking like them. The lady in the back looks like a lizard and at one point does a weird thing with her tongue. I just cant find it now. Lol. Just really weird. They do act like lizards.

  22. I don't know why they are going after facebook when there are much more aggressive corporations taking our money and enslaving us all. At least facebook is free and we can walk away, but you can't walk away from housing, banks, or the oil industry – all of which are skinning us alive and screwing up the earth.

  23. May the living God bless you all – may the Lord have mercy on us sinners who sinned against him. He is the solution to all mankind!

    Romans 6:23
    For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    1 Corinthians 15:3-4
    For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

    Acts 26:18
    To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.

    Romans 10:9
    that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

  24. All of thee senators will look back on their lives and think wow, this is what I wasted my time with.

  25. يوجد عمليات بيع وشراء داخل فيسبوك وحسابات للمشاهير ¿?

  26. Mark, you show us, what are you doing with our rights! I have no words for this. I am simply human from Poland and I am happy to delete my Facebook account. And this "I don't know" is repeated too many times. I didn't watch this live, but I will study this, and when i detect something weird, i will be convicend of your bloody practise 😀

  27. Youtube: "FaceBook Shareholder Meeting 31.5.2018 (Aktionärsversammlung)" – but warnings: Tools incoming! xD

  28. Fuckerberg also "accidentally'' let anyone read the private messages of over 14 million of you knuckleheads who still use that FUBAR contraption. This just came out today 7 June 2018. Best use of any social media, IMHO, is to use to set up face to face events, only. Y'ALL STAY HUMAN out dare.

  29. This post goes against our Community Standards

    Only you can see this post because it goes against our standards on hate speech.
    BS , I totally disagree . What has kept the black race down is stupidity . Being uneducated is the worse affliction any race can have ..

  30. Just for the record, Facebook just deleted a lot of (right) pages here in Brazil and says that they were deleted becase of "speech of hate" meanwhile, (left) pages are untouchable, Well Mark, you're not doing a great job here.

  31. Okay, folks, watch the lady in the green dress behind Zuckerberg. She stares at the back of his head like a zombie and watch her excessive blinking. It is creepy.

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  33. These videos would be way better if the news casters stopped fucking interrupting and let us hear what's actually being said.

  34. Wtf i wanna know is why tf do you have to give this jew pos access to our phone and sd cards to post pics , videos and go live !

  35. I hope the senators knows somehow how facebook really works. They should have sufficient knowledge about computer programming and information technology. Age is not really factor here. Are their age group as Bill Gates??

  36. Mark Zuckenberg will probably win here. I think data privacy issues is users responsibility. The lesson is do not share information which might potential harm your reputation.
    There is no perfect platform even radio and telephone company.
    I think they need to address here the mental health effects of facebook.

  37. There is no perfect platform of communication in technology unless you have sufficient knowlede of computer programming. If you want really private issues of information to send. Just meet the person personally. These are not all Mark Zuckenberg fault. How about hackers. Why the senators questions them?

  38. MZ said that you can post or share anything which is complete bullshit, I hope his head is blown off and I see it on my TV

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