Facebook Call To Action Button (CTA) Update April 2017
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Facebook Call To Action Button (CTA) Update April 2017

Looking to add a call to action button to your Facebook videos to drive more traffic to your website? I’m going to show you how in today’s video blog. Hi there Internet fans, Ryan Perry here. And in today’s video I’m going to show you how easy it is to add a call to action button to your Facebook videos. Now, for those of you that have been searching and wondering why it disappeared in the first place, I don’t know. If you recall a couple years ago, Facebook launched the CTA, the call to action buttons. Anytime you uploaded a video, you were able to put this, embed this button, that would automatically take people to a website, a blog, wherever you wanted it to go. And about a year ago or so, that feature just disappeared. And there was a lot of conversation in a prior video I posted about CTAs about, is it in the Power Editor, can you just boost a video? What’s going on? And just the other day I was uploading a video, I boosted it and I noticed the CTA button is there. So I wanna show you to add the CTA to an uploaded video. In order to do that, we gotta jump on the computer, so follow me. Here I am on my Facebook business page. And if I scroll down to the most recent video, I have one right here. And you’ll see the blue button that says, “Boost Post.” Now please note you have to upload the video first. It’s not an option during upload like it used to be. When you click on the Boost Post option, you’ll see in the upper left hand corner here, “Learn More”, and these are the button options, the call to action buttons that are available. There’s no button shop. Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Get Directions, and Send Message. You’ll also need the target, figure out who your target audience is, your budget and duration, and of course have a payment. Now I’m not gonna boost this post right now and I’m not gonna go into the details of boosting ’cause that’s a separate video. But I do wanna show you, here is a video from March 29th, that I did boost. This video has expired. So I’ve already spent the $25, it’s done. And you’ll notice that the Learn More button is still here. So at this time, it appears that if you do even just spend maybe $5 and boost a video, that the Learn More button will stay attached to that video. I’d love to know what your thoughts are and what your experience is with boosting videos and the call to action. Let me know in the comments below. Take care.

24 thoughts on “Facebook Call To Action Button (CTA) Update April 2017

  1. Experiencing great success today with the CTA on a video on our page @ImpacktSquared. Thank you for this video! I pulled this off earlier and then forgot how to reproduce the steps.

  2. Hello… I would like to know: Would the call to action button still appear in the video after the end of the boosting campaign?

  3. Hello, Is there any way to add CTA button to Organic Video Post whitout any payment. I was doing that by using https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/powereditor/pages but Video Option is disabled days ago. Bu what I see is some pages are still able to do this type of post. Examplethis page: https://www.facebook.com/hurriyet/?fref=nf

  4. Wondering if you can help…I have created an ad with a video. With my CTA button, I want "no button", and that is not an option. I have seen it, but now that I am setting up my add, it is not letting me use a "no button" Thoughts?

  5. Hi, i have seen many videos with the 'Watch more" button, where do i find this option, as i cannot see it in the facebook boost post section.

  6. I have posted a video views ad with ads manager. I have the learn more button. How do I know what happens when someone clicks that? I can figure out where it goes. Its a dark post.

  7. I did everything explained in this video, but when I clicked boost post on my video, it had everything yours had except for the drop down CTA tab option. My first editing option was the Targeted Audience bit. Any help would be appreciated. LOVE your videos. thank you

  8. Hello,

    I am unable to edit call to action button from my facebook page. whenever I edit it and click on save , saving started but never ends.

    Kindly help..
    Thanks in advance

  9. Hello , and thanks for the amazing video , i just have a question please… , why dose facebook banned me or people who follow my page from from sharing my videos when i added action to button .

  10. Hello, I boosted my posts with a link to my site. My main focus was to drive more traffic to my site by exploiting the video views on mobile devices. Facebook retained my boosted posts for some time. However, I have noted just today that the videos I boosted a while ago no longer open together with the site as before. Is my case isolated or did Facebook make a U-turn on this feature?

  11. Any chance you would know how to post like the below link, it auto plays and has a watch more function:


  12. Same issue here – I clicked to boost the post and the "add a button" feature simply isn't there. I went right through the process and paid for the boost to see if it would appear at the tail end but nothing there either. What are Facebook playing at? Has it disappeared for everyone? Do YOU still get the option on your post boosts Ryan? Thanks

  13. Sir Actually I have included a call to action button (send message), and this was less fruitful for me, because everyone, even non serious, contacts me by just clicking this 'send message button'.

    My customers usually contact me by saving my whatsapp number into their phone.

    Now I am removing this button, but this creating problems, and showing 'please try again later'.

    I have tried many times to remove it, but failed.

    I also have an option to create a new ad, but i have already invested a lot to get 11k likes, 1.3 Shares, and 250 Comments. Creating a new ad and getting 11k likes again would be more time consuming and eating budget with less results.

    Even though it (send message) may be useful for many advertisers, but Kindly help me in removing….please….Thanks

  14. Hey there, great info! I accidentally entered the wrong website on my CTA button. How do I change it? Or delete it? Please help

  15. So what if you ran an engagement post or ad before… Now you want to run the same ad with the same post but this time optimised for messages, is it possible? I want to keep my post with all my likes but this time run it for messages

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