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– Facebook business page templates, when set up the right way, will optimize your page so
that if a potential client or customer visits it, it is more likely to get
them to want to like it or follow or engage. Right now, I’ll show you
how to pick the right Facebook business page
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business page templates. Whether your page is brand new or you’ve had it for a decade, they’ve introduced a lot of new things so it’s a good idea for everyone to go visit the templates section of your Facebook business page. So what do the templates do, exactly? Well, the primary things they do are they control which tabs
you have on the left side of your Facebook page, as
well as what order they’re in, and as well, the order
that people see things as they scroll down your
Facebook business page. If your reviews are really good, you might want those near the top. If your photos look amazing
and help sell your product, you probably want those higher up. In addition, it shows what buttons are underneath the cover photo on your Facebook business page, as well as what shows up
when people visit your page in the Facebook app on their smart phone. So from your Facebook business page, click settings in the
upper right hand corner. Then once here, on the left, you’re gonna click templates and tabs. So this page currently
has the standard template, which is sort of the
generic, catch-all template, and if I click on edit here, it will bring up all of the
other types of page templates that are available. Let me go back to what
I currently have here just so you can see how
these are in action. So down here, these are all the tabs that it just mentioned, and they are in this default order. Now, if I was a venue, for example, I put on lots of events, I might want events toward the top, so I can click on these
three little bars here and I can drag this up and it shows up right after home instead. Maybe I own a painting company and I have incredible reviews. Well, then maybe I want
to have the reviews right up toward the top. So this order not only determines
the order that these tabs will show up on the
left side of your page, but also the order that
things will show up on your page in your feed, if you will. Let me show you. Let me move things to the top that I know this particular page has. It has videos. It doesn’t have any events, but that will still work. Posts. Photos. So, videos, events, photos, posts. Videos, events, photos, posts. Now if I go back to my page, you’ll see videos, events, photos, posts. That same order that I chose, and then over here, in the feed, you’ll also see videos, events are supposed to be second, but this actual page actually
doesn’t have any events. Then photos, and then posts. So again, it allows you
to spotlight what you want closest to the top of your feed, which should be whatever is strongest for your business to make
that first impression. Another thing you can do is
you can click on settings for each of these, and they’ll
have different settings. The home tab just shows
you, basically your URL, if you want to share it with somebody. In fact, that’s true for a lot of these. Video settings, there’s, if you want it to link
right to the videos tab, you could use that URL there, but then others, for example, reviews, if I click on settings, there’s the reviews tab, but I can also turn reviews on and off. You turn reviews off,
nobody can leave a review and it won’t show any reviews. So depending on the tab,
some you can turn off, and some, you cannot. Down here, at the bottom, I can add a tab. These are other tabs that are available. Live videos, notes,
offers, services, and shop, that you can therefore add to your page if they make sense. So I’d suggest scrolling
through and pick the one that sounds most like your business, but don’t stop there. After you choose it, whatever it might be, come down here, move them around in the order
that makes the most sense, and for some of them,
you can turn them off if they don’t make any sense for you. Setting up your Facebook
business page template and optimizing it is part of
a social media marketing plan, but if you’re interested, we teach you how to build a
social media marketing plan the same way that I do
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