Facebook Baba (with English Subtitles) – A film by Sabarish Kandregula
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Facebook Baba (with English Subtitles) – A film by Sabarish Kandregula

When a problem arises a baba rises…
But this baba, to ease “his” problems, he is rising… For all hardships in life, there are many babas to solve them… But for Facebook, we have only online help centre… So to fool us all, he has come in a new avatar “Facebook baba” Om beem deem!! Apashyam-Paam-Kirikiri… Baba, I am facing a problem in Facebook! What is that problem, my child! Nothing baba! I just updated a status saying “I AM EATING IDLY NOW” Oh! Wonderful. So you are that one!? Yeah baba thats me.
As soon as I kept, people started abusing me and my family Even I took active part in it!! You deserve it. Is it a sin to keep a status saying “I am eating idly”? Not at all ma! Tomorrow update a status saying “Aagh! the chutney is finished”, then automatically you will get a clear picture. Tell me beta, whats your story? My dear son, there is an exclusive room for you there, go shy in shanghai There is a hot chick on Facebook, she is poking me, messaging me and going crazy over me and finally proposed me yesterday… Gods must be crazy…
Gods must be crazy…
Gods must be crazy… Who is that lucky girl, my son? Sanjana Shatabhisha You dumb headed ape, its a fake profile How on earth, you know that baba? I created it, mad bro! BABA!!! (with full of agony and displeasure) Still you want to continue? Why will I? I had already thrown a party to my friends. Chill bro! I will send the add requests to your friends too… Gods not crazy…Gods not crazy…Gods not crazy
You are a fake baba Wow! What a discovery. Take right for exit. Well, this is a very good response (Feeling uninterrupted shyness and bombastic cuteness) Are you facing a awesome nervous system break-down? BABA!!! (Bowled) Tell me the username [email protected]gmail.com (Mother of typing) Pass on the password… Cutiepie… Rim Jim 216 baba… Whatttt theee!!!???
Rim Jim ah!? (Shivering with shy) (Something very weird) Suspicion Stage 1 Tension Stage 1 2X2=4
4X2=8 2X5=10 Detected (Malware, hardware, underwear…) What happened baba? Your account is in a grave danger!!! Baba, my account is in a grave danger? Thats what even I said, why are you imitating me? What is that danger baba? Some evil spirits are trying to take away your cover photo in a carry bag… The remaining are trying to sit on your wall and do a hunger strike Last along with the least, your account is in a high probability to get hacked In the coming month 16th… your account is going to get hacked… Then what is the solution baba? If you put a crying face and ask, do you expect me to solve it? Then what should I do baba? You immediately pay 1116 rupees, I have to perform Anti hacking puja… Baba, are cards accepted here? Ya, we accept all debit cards Swipe In Swipe out Now tell me the solution, baba Chillax bro, keep changing your password every week… BABAAA… Hmmm… tell ma! Baba… don’t ask me whether its a day or night Don’t ask me whether its sunny or rainy Don’t ask me whether its a cyclone or tsunami Don’t ask me whether its a pebble or stone…
don’t ask me whether its dirt or dust… Who is asking whom? Baba… Nothing ma, I was wondering that why are you blaming me as if I asked you all these Leave all that baba… I am not having mental peace, due to Facebook (Feeling determined) What happened ma! Baba, which ever photo I am uploading, I am not getting more than 200 likes Hmmm…your good name? Chaitra From how long the earth is bearing you? 1990 baba Decoding… This friday is a very auspicious day… time is also in favour of you If you upload your profile pic, at sharp 5:30 in the evening All the software people will be in weekend fun, and also as sat and sun is off for schools and colleges… There is a high probability that most of them will be online at that time… (Heavy excitement) If you upload your pic, exactly by that time, on that day… I assure, you will get 200 likes, 300 comments… God bless you child Thank you baba! You need not fear anymore, its all Apashyam-paam-kiriri What is this Apashyam-paam-kiriri baba? Who on earth knows… Baba? Nothing ma… it is… Oh it means nothing, baba? You still didn’t get rid of your unnecessary excitement… I will explain, listen to me carefully “What is not yours” “But you assume that is your’s and thinking something and your thing is the samething…” “When that is happening to this, and you think why cant this happen to that…” “That will not happen to this but, this will happen to that…” I just didn’t understand what you just told Exactly… this feeling is only called as Apashyam-paam-kiriri Baba… Now you are free to go child Baba once listen to me Baba…baba… can you look at me once… Baba…baba… Can you look at me once more… BABA!! Baba…baba…ba Do you think I am giving aarti or what? Get lost… Tell me… You only suggested me that there is someone called “Facebook baba” and he is a big hero and can break the ice… so you tell! Are you out of your mind? You only told me that, he is the first man to land on mars… So you tell! It looks like, you people didn’t come here for a solution, but came here to make fun of me… Relax baba, I will tell No way! I will tell baba… Am-phut-swaha (Fire in the hole – ash-whole) Keep calm when you don’t have a dialogue We are committed since 2 years and recently I have changed my relationship status too… But he kept as “Single ready to mingle” You naughty boy… Buddy… ah… ah… You don’t know her baba… She is daily sending me 20 game requests, imagine my situation… You deserve it… Bcos of her unending high pressure, I played farmville once and from then she is forcing me to plough her land also… Then why do I get your high score updates in the middle of the night? Baba…that…sometimes… Deaf Whenever I upload my profile pics, he never likes them… But he likes each and every photo of the girls in his friends list When you had the time to like every photo of your friends… If you would have liked her photo atleast once, I wouldn’t have faced this torture… Baba, whenever I come online, he purposefully going offline and as soon as I go offline, he is coming back online What? Is this a kind of game? No baba, she is manipulating the whole scenario…
Its the other way round… No, I told the truth No, you are simply lying I am not a lier like you If not like me, are you a lier like this baba? Tell me even Il learn from him… Stop…stop…stop… You are always like this!! Ya right! but you keep on changing… Hold in… Hold in… There is a solution for this, listen carefully! (Being over obedient) Exactly! If you stop this sarcastic behaviour, everything will fall in place See ma, first you people should know the difference between artificiality and natural If possible, go for road trips or adventure trips… Strengthen your bonds But further, if you face problems again, don’t show your face to Facebook baba… Why this baba is so hilarious? Swahaaa… Ha, tell me quickly… You don’t want to tell? You want to tell? If you wag your head once more… Heyey!! No baba no… Don’t curse me, Il feel like committing suicide… I’l only tell… Stop it baba! You are making me laugh… One of my friend, whenever I go online, she pings me saying “Hi” Why are you feeling bad, as if she said “Good bye” It doesn’t end there, she says hi and asks me “Did you see the photo I uploaded?” I say “yes” Then she asks me, “is it nice?” I say “yes” Then she harasses me saying, then why didn’t you like it?? Help me out baba… help me out… This time, if she sends you her photo, and harasses you to like it… Take a screenshot of the message she sent you and post it on your wall Tag her along with her friends, then she will feel the heat Why people always cry for small things… Look at me, how relax and chillax I am… Than you baba… Thank you so much! Namaste baba! Baba… One of my friend looks very handsome, baba He was cheated by a fake baba Enough about him, tell about yourself Not that baba, show some pity on him… Show some pity… Don’t you get it? Just tell me about you! What the heck is wrong with you? Cant you listen me? Hey, I think I saw you somewhere… No way you can see me, I took birth recently… I took birth recently… (Stunned with surprise!!) (Fraud) (Double fraud) (Amazed) (Amused) (Fake baba) (Fake babu) Babaa… I will take leave for now… Why are you still speaking in that erotic tone even after you got caught? Patiently, once listen to me baba You twin taboos will not leave me for life? You risked everything to come in this getup, you will never change… You will never change… You still screaming on me, you crazy frog, get lost… I will see your end babaaa… Baba, now a days, I don’t feel like logging into Facebook Don’t go… But sometimes, I feel like going Then go… But whenever I go, I am feeling sad Then die… Baba… Then what? Are you a human or being human? Can anyone in this world would have such feelings? Baba, what is being human? A human being What human being? Its all about being human… I didn’t understand anything baba Who understood it? Just go with the flow… What is your FB ID baba? Why my son, you want to hack it? No baba, just to send a friend request STOP IT!!! If you send me an add request, you will burn to ashes Oh! Is that a new option? No you dumb fool… Tell me your ID, I will only add you Vasu Kissmiss 123 Then the password is “Cashew 456” ah? Baba… Really is that your password?? No baba, you are already in my friends list… Oh! You are screaming about that? U just sent the add request right? But I didn’t accept it baba… You don’t need to accept my son… When I send a request, I need no confirmation or verification, automatically we will become friends… You are a great baba… Can you tell something new? Baba!? Go home sweet home… Its raining! It stopped raining, started getting sunny…LOL!!! The sunniness is over, it started raining again Is he assuming this as a Facebook or weather forecast updates!! Stylish dheeru ah!? My God, what are those spellings? It doesn’t look like he is posing, it looks like he is suffering with a back pain. So, if you add 10 hands in photoshop, can people become almighty? Even the hands look like, as if they were bitten by mad dogs Me chilling… But we are burning my son! Copyrighted by Stylish Dheeru… We deserve this punishment Challenging the sun. He is posing as if he can stop the sun I wonder where he learned the photoshop but I wish the persons who have only hands, leave the weight on his neck… We deserve this!! He looks like the one who does black magic, with those weird hair colours and looks She lost her mental balance after seeing you, and started laughing Are you seriously assuming that you are a bulldozer? Please declared a curfew in that area… I guess this is the malasian flight thats gone missing How many more cars will you swallow, my son? I should have taken the warning seriously. Don’t scare us, show pity on us There are some comments down there… Super buddy
Amazing buddy
Fire in the hole?? You awakened us…
You enlightened us…
You opened our eyes…
You showed the world…
You are the samurai dragon… Why are you taking girly photos with soft toys? Then what should we do baba? Nothing! We boys have very limited options See, while taking pictures, if you don’t like your face from right side, take it from left side… If at all, if you don’t like it from the left side, take it from right side, thats all! If I don’t like both the sides, from which side should I take it baba? If you don’t like any of your sides, take it like this Enough baba, I will make people become crazy I already became crazy Baba, I don’t understand one thing when did you understand anything? Ya tell me… In general, when boys upload upload good photo, most of them won’t get more than 50 likes… Then why in the world, when a girl uploads any normal photo they will easily get more than 100 likes?? Thats a mystery of the universe. Few questions do not have answers my son… Now a days, someone is doing dirty talk with me on Facebook What is her name? Cutie dimple baba… Thank god, thats not me… My dear son, their dirty talk is directly proportional to your responses… I got it baba Good to hear that, open your mouth and say ha..ha..ha.. I guess baba is getting free vibudhi what did you blabber…
Nothing baba…nothing Nothing baba… Nothing… Come again… come again…
Nothing.. nothing..

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