Facebook and Instagram Ads Secret: 75% of people make this mistake
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Facebook and Instagram Ads Secret: 75% of people make this mistake

All right, so sometimes we’ll run an ad that’s what happens there So people are cottony brackets right that it has will be Ricky, but I’m not really interested Okay, so they don’t respond to that advice. Well, you’re paying for it. Okay now What Instagram will do is instagram has to shoot at reduce people to Everybody over that period like fence the second 8:30, right Instagram is learning the trade Yeah, Instagram or Facebook as the case may be tries to learn how people respond to those advanced so that they can determine the best group Right those that will not be trusted. Maybe like me right they will remove me and See those that are responding I’ll do that. I said I try to show you more to those kind of people Do you understand right? So that’s what it does in the first three days The ad is trying to find his feet trying to find the best people that will connect with this trying to find out. Okay, okay These people are no responding to the Sookie. Let me look for another stood That’s what the ad is doing in the first three days. Alright, you can call it the We’ll call it call it. The germination time on the propagation time is tree to find its feet So at that time ads can be very expensive But I’m not really a true representation of what will happen eventually Alright, so that is a very dangerous time to run an ad and stop it So, you know if you study ad right only one D and you stop it only Wednesday Come on, unless they won’t have time to germinate Okay, it’s a problem. So don’t do that Right this post three days of your ads are in germination or propagation time the ad is like a seed trying to grow out You know the plants trying to grow out of the soil Right give it time to grow when it comes out of the soil. You gonna do whatever magic you wanna do with it. Okay, so first the second day 30 Okay Analyzing your ads from the 40 Maybe first daily the second delimiter They start analyzing ad from the 40 at least you would have been able to work and adjust the self within the festivities Okay, so that’s why we say start your ads as low as $1 for the first day Right. Secondly $1 $31 at the end of the fourth day you would have been able to adjust All right at justice audience pick out the best and so and the first only fourth day the ad should be better Right. Now when the ad is Punky from the 14 what you will notice you can take this your pad your your project from $1 To $2 or 2/3 or to 5 as the case may be. All right, but don’t do that with any fresh 3ds The understand is still trying to find his footing okay Now, I know that many of you that are on ads for different companies you covered in my see. Hey, come on We just want to run this ad for 3ds. It’s fine. Right I get it, but very educated All right, you are not gaining anything. They’re actually using When you do that, but you do not know because you have nothing to compare Yeah, no naughty to benchmark with so you want to know we are losing jobs done now. I’ve run a brewery not for yes Many years right? Maybe eight years or nine years, okay This what I found out give the add some time to perform Try just to make all these tests and finally come up with a true binding. All right Conn will come up with you real With real things that the ad can achieve. Okay, then another thing is do not Try to understand that if you run your ads Consistently you’ll be good for you. If you can’t do Wonderlab for him. What would be good for you? Because ads built on momentum, right? So the momentum generated by the ad the momentum would have got to the particular level So ads beautiful that momentum Do you understand dude keeps, you know client from creative got into but when you stop the ad The momentum the drag the power everything comes down to zero. Do you not read the ad again? They’re not speaking of all the things. I just don’t use that picking up doing everything again. Do you understand? Well, so if you can’t run your ad consistent don’t stop Right. If you cannot when you add three, well, right at least not to be DS Run your heart very well, then you can stop. Okay. Thank you for listening to me I already booked on how to run profitable ads. I have the video or not wrong box. It works you can present in the e-book address LED video to help your ministry If you are tired of running ads with poor result if you’re tired of running ads and you’re having issues if you’re tired of Facebook not approving your ads yet out of all that right check out my 10x Video and ebook or not, right? Alright guys. Thank you very much As I said, my name is Victor Anya with a common social media hora fool I’m a social media strategies for manage social media account. We teach and train to show many strategies The founder of social media strategies weapons and tactics group where we teach social media business like discuss everything happening, right and To be part of that group You

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