Facebook Ads Tutorial | Using Facebook Dark Post In Your Advertising
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Facebook Ads Tutorial | Using Facebook Dark Post In Your Advertising

29 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Tutorial | Using Facebook Dark Post In Your Advertising

  1. Although we have been using dark posts, we did not understand some points but you made them clear for us. Should all ads be dark posts?

  2. I did not realize this.. not to say I haven't seen training on it before, I might have been still to green to fully comprehend all of it. You always break things down in layman terms. Thank you.

  3. I apologize for my broken English, but Joaquin, please, help: one thing that confuses me about dark posts is that if you want to promote, for example, the same exact product to different audiences, isn't it easier to create a targeted campaign with 2 different ad sets? The same goes to the AB testing – isn't it easier to use FB's split test function? I mean – why bother using the dark posts function? is there an advantage that I'm not getting?

  4. You are a true master of your craft! I've been learning sssooo much watching your bids, my mind is literally blown right now!

  5. Excellent explanation I watched 3 videos before where they explained it so poorly! However regarding competitors sneaking on your ads, that's not relevant anymore because Facebook reveals any Page ads under "Info and Ads" and I honestly think its a great thing from Facebook! Anyway I was looking at dark posts because I wanted to create a full 1:1 image dimensions ad which is not possible with a regular ad, but IS with a regular post (or dark post).

  6. Could dark posting work to promote web pages such as a twitch or mixer account, does it have to be a product some one can purchase?

  7. I created a new post using ads manager and I noticed I could not target any of my saved audiences. The only thing I could do was to select gender and age range. Is it normal or am I doing something wrong here? Thanks for your help.

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