Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 – Master Facebook Ads In Under 1 Hour!
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Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 – Master Facebook Ads In Under 1 Hour!

100 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 – Master Facebook Ads In Under 1 Hour!

  1. Great video Jason! quick question, i have just made an engagement post, however, how do i see who engaged and see it from there point of view, i cant view it?

  2. What a great video. Anybody who wants to learn the basics of creating a Facebook Ad today needs to watch this video. It's worth every minute. I'm glad I had already subscribed to this channel.

  3. Great video.Is there any blackfriday/cyber monday discount for your master class training?I will like to buy if there is discount please

  4. HI Jason, great info! Quick question. If I want to set up a lead generation campaign for a mortgage lender, do you recommend that I set up a traffic campaign first so I can gather pixels and use that to customize the audience for the lead generation campaign? It looks like lead generation campaigns charges per impression so I'm assuming the more customized the audience is the better. Any insight on my question would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  5. So I am at the 45:00 mark. I am confused because my audience with only the feed checked is 1,900,000. Is that because I selected international since I am doing a shopify store? please answer ASAP!

  6. Appreciated this. But what about cold audiences? You ca not start LookAlike Audience without cold audience… Please enlighten me

  7. Greetings!

    I'm Arnel Cardinal, 29 from Pangasinan Philippines. I work from different direct company/person as FB ADS Manager General Assistant for almost 2 years. They're from Australia, USA, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

    I do preparations like creating pixel, checking of accounts, page making, boosting of accounts, daily checking and financing. I do all preparations so that ADS Manager will only set the real ads campaign. We always see to it that accounts is qualified to avoid easy flagging and account suspension. I do screening and checking for every qualified account. We use Paypal and cards as payment method. we start at a minimal budget and once ads reaches week, we will set the budget to a higher amount.

    I also offer accounts ready to be use for FB ADS, BING ADS and GOOGLE ADS. Attached here are some examples of my report.

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  8. Hi Jason, I am thinking about buying your facebook ads course… But I see you lay it out here in this video. So whats the difference between this free course and the paid one? Thanks Jason.

  9. Thanks Jason! One question… do the lookalike audiences update or change over time? For example if I create a lookalike based on the last 30 days of website views, will that audience be exactly the same as the original in 3 months time or will it have improved as more data could have been collected? Or should I regularly create new audience's to get the most accurate results? thanks

  10. Jason, what's going on my guy? Just wanted to reach out to say that I really enjoyed this video. So much so that I just purchased the Master Class. You do a really good job of clearly communicating the features in a very nuanced way. I can tell that you are proud/excited about your success and that you genuinely want to share the gems that you picked up along the way of your journey. The reality is that I can access the info you have to offer anywhere if I look hard enough, but the reason why I purchased your class is that I TRUST you. Just wanted to share my experience and thank you for your contribution to the entrepreneurial community. I wish you well. Thanks!

  11. Hey Jason, a newbie here. Great content, I am so excited to start applying it for real. I have a question though, not sure if it is possible or even ethical, but here it is. Is there anyway to target people who have commented under certain videos? Like, can you cherry pick those people who have expressed interest in a subject, make up a list with their names and target them? Please, excuse me if my question is irrelevant!

  12. Jason,
    When you were talking about rotating the audience so you can up your ad spend on retargeting campaigns, how do you go about doing that?

  13. hello Jason great content I enjoyed every bit of it
    i went through the link in the description for the cheat sheet but didnt receive it

    i have checked through the spam and all other folders
    my email is: [email protected]

    hoping to hear from you soon

  14. Does anyone know how to ethically hijack your competitors traffic and send it directly to your funnel using YouTube ads? Asking for a friend

  15. Great work Jason….still on my training wheels!! What website are you referring to? I have my own www.wayneamccarthy.com but it would not be known to FB. Am I linking it to FB Ads Manager?

  16. This is awesome information! I knew a little bit about ads so I was able to understand his content quickly, but I think it would be great for a total beginner too! I will be following this guy!

  17. I have a stupid question…. What is everyone selling and how are they getting products to sell? Isn't that a lot of work having to box up products to mail to people? Please help me understand.

  18. I can just brand this video nothing but an absolutely brilliant piece of content but one issue that is troubling me is that as I am a complete beginner and hardly have any "custom audience" then how could I build it up a new custom audience from "audience insights" feature on Facebook?

  19. very helpful video..i just set-up my 1st Ad campaign with your guidance..thanks for the help man..hope to be like u soon

  20. I still have yet to find a tutorial that actually mirrors what's on my screen so while I love Jason's approach, at the 16 minute mark it ceased to be useful and I remain frustrated. This is not a thumbs down to Jason. Just a frustrated comment on Facebook generally! 🙂 Happy to take any advice or guidance to another source.

  21. Jason, there is a question below that really needs answering. Can you help us?? Everything was useful up to the part where you talked about building a lookalike audience. So what do we do about building an audience if our traffic is low and brand new and the lookalike audience has not much info to go off of? Right now I have had like 30 visits to my store. And that is it. Please advise asap. Thanks, brother

  22. Dude!!!!! You’re a fuqn legend. I just setup my ads. It’s 3am but I feel stoked to wake up during the week to growth. I’m def signing up. Do you go google ads as well?

  23. "Hot traffic" = hopefully your friends and family. LOL. Thanks for the concise and yet thorough explanations, Jason! One question though: I created a Facebook PAGE for my company through my personal Facebook account and then I created a separate account for my ads. Is that what I should be doing??

  24. AWESOME Video, by far, the BEST-FREE-FB Ads tutorial/video for a beginner I've ever seen & come across in my last 3+ years of searching and watching!!! Great job Jason Wardrop!!!

  25. Sweet video dude!! One question though, if I'm running a marketing agency and am creating an ad for them. How would I do the identity part of the ad creation? If they already have a business facebook page I dont want to make another in their name just to advertise their ad? Thanks!

  26. When setting up CPA campaigns, do you see significant difference between custom lead pages and these provided by retailers and affiliate networks? Is there any FB policy regarding this? Thanks, great video.

  27. Very informative. I've learned a lot. By the way, I have a question. I am just new in facebook ads. What do you use in making those accounts? is that your personal fb or anything else? Thanks!

  28. thank you for this video, this helped me out an unbelievable amount after a couple solid days of productive procrastination due to anxiety about not having a solid starting point for a client's Facebook Ad campaign. Your explanation of setting up audiences and choosing campaign objectives was a bit more real-world contextual than I had been taught and has honestly saved me so much stress, Can't thank you enough!

  29. if I'm working with a client and I ask them to use their money so I can buy ads how will I be able to access that money? Do they add it to their personal FB account or do they send it to me?

  30. As kind of a converse to the Facebook Pixel: how can you track if someone who went to your company's page ended up going to your website? And I understand the basic process you described is FB pixel –> custom audience –> lookalike audience –> Campaign. Where does "audience insights" fit into this process?

  31. Can I manage ads from personal profile (and not worry about facebook policy).
    I want to run ads on 2-3 different pages and I'm admin on these pages, so my question is -> Can I have multiple facebook pixel and create multiple campaign for different pages, from personal profile without signup onto Business Manager?
    Thanks in advice and sorry about my bad english. Peace

  32. What I love about this is it is so much useful information and not like some videos where they "tempt" you with useful info but if you do not pay for their seminar they won't really get into things. Thanks!

  33. Jason, I want to boost a post as Facebook have suggested. But I want to add a pixel to my add. My website page has a pixel but it’s not showing up on the add setup. Any ideas why?

  34. Dude – you EXPLAIN this FB stuff SOOOOOOOOO well – I'm bragging to my family and friends about how well you explain this stuff!!!

  35. If I run multiple ads fro multiple brands, should I run it on different accounts or I can run it on a single FB account?

  36. Newbie here, SMMA want a be, First of all, thank you for not rushing your speech at 10M per min. English is not my primary language very helpful information, I think I will stick with you from now on lol, Thank you so much.

  37. Hi Jason, thanks for this vid. I have a question… if I upload my cvs of people who have visited my site from other traffic sources in order to create a custom audience, I assume that those people would have to be on FB for FB to target them with my ads. Am I right?

  38. Funny you mention ad fatigue toward the end of your vid, Jason. I've watched the same ad for about 10 times and I just hit skip ad repeatedly. What a waste of advertising dollars!

  39. All over the place. It would be nice to stick to the point instead of an obvious effort to make the video long !!

  40. Thank you for all of your advice. I just started a new job for a landscaping company where I am in charge of all their posting. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but now that I have watched your videos I feel as if I have a pretty good grasp on things. Thanks again and I look forward to more videos!

  41. Incredible information. I've been very hesitant to use FB ads. You've really bolstered my confidence with this info. Many thanks!!

  42. just my $6 gone to waste become I tried fb ads with no experience :'( my account was flagged . I am making affiliate ads from clickbank. Maybe this is not my thing

  43. I just added the Facebook Ads Mini Course & Cheat Sheet. Hopefully this will help me to get unstuck from doing my first ad. I cant get pass the Business manager set up. It won't let me do nothing until that is set up. Don't know why I need the 2 Ad Manager and the Business Manager.

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