Facebook Ad Landing Page Tips: 7 Things to Know
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Facebook Ad Landing Page Tips: 7 Things to Know

You have your Facebook ad campaign all
ready to go, you’ve made all the plans that you need for it, you have your ad
copy already written, you already even have a saved audience inside your Ads
Manager that you know is the right audience for your ad campaign, you have
the image or the video that you’re gonna use and you have the link that you’re
gonna use in that ad for where you’re sending people once they click on your
ad. So let’s say you run the ad and the ad is performing well by all measures
that an ad can perform, but you’re not seeing the kind of activity occur on
that page once people leave your ad and land on your site. I hate to break it to
you but one of the big challenges and kind of one of the big things that no
one really talks about when they talk about how to make your Facebook ad
campaign successful is that the ad part of things is only half the battle and
there’s a big learning curve and a lot of stuff to test and tweak and get right
about your targeting, the media you’re using, the copy you’re using. All of that
stuff. So there’s so much to get right about your ad, but the other part of it
is you want people to complete whatever action that is on your website, so it
could be to opt-in to your email list because you have some kind of
free download. You might be sending warm traffic to a course that you’re selling or
you might want people to buy a product or opt-in to a service that you sell. So
really that Facebook ad campaign is just half of the total campaign. The other
part is how well your landing page is performing, and your landing page is that
link that you’re sending people to once they click on your Facebook ad. So we
want to look at the top 7 reasons why that Facebook Ads – that Facebook
landing page you’re sending people to – isn’t working well for you. Or if you
want to think about it more positively, how to make those landing pages that
you’re using for your Facebook Ads campaign a
lot better. So the first – this is in no particular order. So the first thing that
you want to review or audit about your landing page would be: is it
mobile-friendly. I do run into this a lot still. You could be sending people to
your own website page and it’s not – your site hasn’t been made to be mobile
responsive, or it could be that whatever landing page provider you are using is
not appropriately responsive to mobile. But so much well web use in general is
mobile and the majority of Facebook use is mobile and even when you place an ad
on mobile and desktop on Facebook, if you go back and look at that platform
information, you’ll likely find that like over 90% of the views of that ad were
mobile, so mobile-friendly, mobile responsive, is very important. The next
thing is you don’t want to have any external links on that landing page so
that means someone clicks over from your ad, you want them to just be on
that landing page. You don’t want to send them to a different blog post on
your site or a different product page on your website or to find out more about
you if you’re trying to sell a course or something, no external links because you
don’t want people to leave that landing page once they get there, The third
reason ties into that you want to remove the navigation and you want to remove
sidebar and footer widgets – all of that stuff. You want to strip down on
anything you’re using for a proper landing page or a sales page. So what a
lot of people do is if you’re using your own website versus some kind of third
party landing page tool, it would be great to have your website developer
create a template that you can use for anything that you’re using for some kind
of ad campaign. So usually those third party software that you’re using for
landing pages – they have templates and options –
and it’s not on your site anyways. So they usually are stripped down of all
those things, but again it’s about removing any distractions and keeping
people focused. You don’t want to have a navigation menu that they can click on,
or anything in the sidebar or anything in the footer. You just want to keep them
focused on that one thing that you’re trying to get them to opt into. After
that, it there’s only one goal. One thing that I run into a lot is people
feel like, “I got them on the page! Can’t I mention that I also sell this or
mention that I also have this to offer?” There’s one goal and one focus for each
campaign and for each associated landing page. Everything has to be cohesive and
everything has to be focused towards achieving that one goal. After that, I
would say one of the big issues is that the copy in your Facebook ad doesn’t
align with what you’re saying on your landing page. So that could also impact
whether or not people decide to buy from you or opt in because they have an idea
of what it is that you’re offering by reading the copy, seeing the picture, or
listening to the video from your Facebook ad. So if they feel like, “Okay
I’m kind of confused. What is it that they’re offering? What they were kind of
presenting over here isn’t really being reflected over here.” That’s gonna cause
them to click away instead of purchasing from you or signing up for
you. Next I would say you need to showcase your expertise. Even if you’re
giving away something for free, people are more and more savvy, so just saying,
“Hey, I have some free worksheets to give you or free mini-course or free whatever!”,
it is – even if it’s free people, still want to know who you are, why they should
care to listen to you, and they want to have an idea of who this business is
that they’re giving even just their email address to. I mean I know emails in
some ways seem that they’re so expendable but people get so much junk
email they don’t want to just keep giving it away to people if they don’t
have a reason to trust who you are and the value that you’re providing in
exchange for the email address you’re giving to them. So lastly I would say
your landing page needs to very clearly state what they’re gonna
receive, when they’re gonna receive it, and what the cost is. I’ve seen things
that are being offered for free and I’m thinking, “Well, is this free? Because it
doesn’t say anything on the landing page that it is free.” Or if it’s something
like some kind of training or webinar, do they have immediate access,
are there certain dates and times they have to sign up for. You don’t want
people to get to your landing page after paying to get their attention on
Facebook and put them in a situation where they’re confused or don’t have the
information that they need in order to take that action from you, so your
landing page needs to be thorough and clear and cover all those different What,
When, Why, How types of questions in order for people to feel like they’re gonna go
ahead and perform that action on that landing page. Just to recap the
seven biggest mistakes that I see for landing pages that are being used in
Facebook ads would be they’re not mobile responsive, they include external links
because you don’t want external links, they do have like navigation or footer or a
sidebar, so you want all that stuff stripped out. Remember you’re focusing on
just one goal so only talk about one goal. I know you pay to get people there
but don’t try to sell your other stuff; just stick to that one goal that you
were advertising. You want to make sure your copy and our offer aligns with the
messaging that’s on that landing page, you want to make sure you showcase your
expertise so they understand why they should trust you or listen to
what you have to say, and you want to make it really clear what they will be
getting, when they will get it, and what the cost is for for what it is
that they’re getting. So if you have any questions, please leave those in the
comments below. I also have a blog post that I can link up there too if you’re
more of our reader. You all have a good rest your day. Thank you.

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