Face To Face With LUCIFER!!!
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Face To Face With LUCIFER!!!

100 thoughts on “Face To Face With LUCIFER!!!

  1. With God the day he gave his life to Jesus Christ everything bad thing he did is rubbed he is as new as a baby

  2. The wisdom of this man amuses me th Joshua, I see Jesus in him , by him following the footsteps of Jesus so selfless and humble . Live long TB Joshua

  3. He should burn everything that was associated with witchcraft. The outfits, the artifacts, three structures, everything!

  4. Who is watching in July 2019?
    Jesus is thesame yesterday today, tomorrow and forever🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌.
    Thank you Jesus.

  5. My God is so Great, so Strong and so Mighty there's Nothing my God can not do.. Jesus you are the one
    Powerful and Strong. Thank you Jesus.


  7. praises the Lord. thank you king of glory. you are a merciful God beside you there is no other God,I worship your Majesty…. Amen

  8. Oh God thank you ad thanks to Man of God and scoan at large this great deliverance ad a reason to learn God am your side ad i know am safe

  9. I wish I got this in my last years but it's never too late. My name is Betty from Uganda and I need some prayers by prophet TB Joshua. Amen and I'll be greatful

  10. Satan and evil are real. Renounce Satan and all his works. Rest in the arms of Jesus Christ until this earth is finished

  11. Fire on strong woman in my house who not want my daughter Danielle to get married ìn jesus christ Amashia satan is under my feet in jesus christ Amashia name

  12. Are there idiots that actually believe this Nigerian mambo jambo scams? 😂😂😂😂
    This is the reason why Africa is 300 years behind the rest of the world 😂😂😂😂

  13. Lấy chúa con cầu nguyện thai cho mẹ con tên là Ngọc sinh chúa thương xót cứu giúp đỡ cho hết bệnh và nhiều sức khỏe amen

  14. I wish someone could send me these water to India.. I do not have money to come to SCOAN. I wish I could find a sponsor. I want to belivered too.

    God please help me get that water

  15. Amen…….!!!! Amen…….!!!! And Amen…….!!!! GOD Is With Us…….!!!! Hallelujah…….!!!! As from now're days; we all will actually known ' That All The Universe has Belong. And Based Under HOLY TRINITY Belonging AT all the Time; unto Thou THEE Are THY WILL, our Heavenly HOLY FATHER…….!!!! YOU Are HOLY FATHER = THE GOD, YOU Are GOD = THE SON And YOU Are THE GOD = THE SPIRIT…….!!!! Without our Heavenly HOLY FATHER With HIS HOLY TRINITY At The FIRST Place As ALL IN ALL And THE ALL; there is nothing to be interpreting about thus collective we took stand off. Even as LIVE as Well…….!!!! LIVE To LIVE…….!!!! LIVE In LIVE…….!!!! Without LIVE…….!!!! There will be nothing to base off and have your being. Because THE Heavenly HOLY FATHER Is LIVING GOD = THE LIGHT, THE WAY And THE TRUTH…….!!!! IN JESUS HOLY NAME. Amen…….!!!! I THANK YOU. THE HOLY TRINITY…….!!!! THANKS.

    Hallelujah. . . . . . . !!!! YES. . . . . . . !!!! INDEED OUR HOLY FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY OF ALL THE UNIVERSE ; ' By HIS Grace – Let Us Knew THAT -OFF ' Of All Names. If Anything Does NOT COME FROM OUR HOLY FATHER LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST; means it is from satan. Likewise. . . . . . . !!!! Through It All. . . . . . . !!!!´´´´´´´ Emmanuel. . . . . . . !!!! How – ever, we should wait for GOD'S TIME…….!!!! And then also; we must pray AND ' Thanks HIM always, as we are waiting for THE WILL OF Our HOLY FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY to release us from any kind of moment in our lives onto HIS Glory. I mean we needed GOD 'S OPINION to move on at any – time unto THEE…….!!!! IN JESUS' HOLY NAME. Amen…….!!!! Hallelujah…….!!!! I THANK YOU, my HOLY FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY with THY HOLY TRINITY. IN JESUS CHRIST' HOLY NAME. Amen…….!!!! Emmanuel…….!!!! THANKS.

  16. Praise the Lord almighty God. Wonderfull… Amazing miracle… I cant say that….. Just thanks for Our JESUS GOd. Thanks for saved this man.. Now he saved free. Ny this man, God tell us, He can do anything for us, even freedom from lucifer. Tq Lord. By this man.. We haved believer more than before. So now to knowing God, and His power above all in this world so in heaven. Waowwwwww……thanks God. Manything who, I learning… So we have live in Love and forgiveness. We haved changed to Christ for freedom and better life specially for circumcion. Iam so blesses by this man. Tq. Man of God. Tq immanuel tv. Tq for tranlate.. Tq for all. I love you all. Gbu

  17. God of Prophet TB Joshua. God bless you, strength, more grace in all areas of yr life. God bless you. Our lord Jesus is alive

  18. Hmmm….an inbred thinking he can prove his credibility by being complimented by a straight haired supposed goddess ….Depopulate

  19. THIRD tweet of the Day: They took infants from their mothers' breasts and threw them into the rivers, ROARING with laughter and saying as the babies fell into the water, "Boil there, you offspring of the devil!" is this the Devil CASTING Out the devil?

  20. Indeed it's a great blessing and now all chains are broken and there is confusion in the world of darkness in Jesus Christ's Name! Never a burden that Jesus Christ cannot bear…Jesus Christ my Redeemer lives and Forever He is ALIVE!!! Thank You Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You Mighty God.

  21. He looks like he is not been delivered, its seems like he is acting all the time, looking at the way he put on those satanic ritual dress and the way he dance it seems very suspicious, I think this man has some thing beyond which looks very resistable, but let us hope that he has been delivered fully.praise the lord amen.

  22. With JESUS Nothing is Imposible,,!! Please TB JOSHUA come to my island PAPUA,, we Need your Blessing,, thank U ,,

    GodBless 😇😇😇🙏🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  23. O Holy Spirit, strengthen me, pour out Your light, into my mind, words and deeds, and strengthen me with Your Holy Spirit, and Your Light poured out upon this earth, and Your Name is praised and glorified in the Name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, amen

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