F8 2018: Facebook’s top announcements
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F8 2018: Facebook’s top announcements

– Welcome to F8! In 2016, we were slow to
identify Russian interference. We’re doing more, we’re requiring everyone running political and issue
ads or running large pages to be verified with a government ID. We’re making ads more transparent. By the end of this year,
we will have 20,000 people working on security and
content review at Facebook. We are focused on fighting
fake news more broadly. A lot of the work over the last and a half has been bringing on more
and more fact-checking partners all around the world in different countries who speak all of the different languages that we need to cover. I also want to talk about data privacy. What happened with Cambridge Analytica was a major breach of trust, so we need to make sure that this never happens again. We’re taking a number of steps here. First, as you all know,
we’re restricting the data that developers will be
able to request from people. Second, we need to make sure we find any other bad apps that are out there. We’re currently in the
process of investigating every single app that had access to a large amount of people’s information before we made these big changes in 2014. We’re working on a simple control where you can clear your browsing history, what you’ve clicked on, the
websites you visited, and so on. We’re gonna call it Clear History. You’re gonna be able to use
this tool to see the information about the apps and websites
you’ve interacted with. You’ll be able to clear
all this information from your account, and you’ll even be able to turn it off,
having this information stored with your account going forward. So, today we’re announcing a new set of features coming soon around dating. It’s gonna be for building real long-term relationships, all
right, not just hookups. If you want, you can
make a dating profile. We’ve designed this with privacy and safety in mind from the beginning. You’re only gonna be suggested people who are not your friends. – This is Jennifer, she’s
just moved to Chicago. She’s interested in
dating, the first thing she would do here is set up a dating profile. Once she’s done that, she can
go browse events and groups. This will let her see things in the city and groups related to her interests, and she can browse people who are there. Say she wants to talk
to Jay, she’ll start a conversation with a
photo from his profile. Then if he wants to respond, they’ll do so in a private messaging inbox
connected to the profile. – Now let’s talk about Instagram. We’re announcing video chat in Instagram. You’re gonna be able to just
tap on a new camera icon right in the top of any direct thread that you have and you’re gonna be able to video chat one-on-one or with groups. You’re gonna be able to minimize the video while you’re chatting and using Instagram. – So, here I am in Instagram. First, I’ll swipe over to
Direct because that’s where I already have conversations
with my closest friends. Now, let’s say it’s
Saturday, and I’m trying to figure out where we should go to brunch. I tap this button to start a video chat, and soon we’re all able
to hang out together. Now, let’s pretend I’m looking for some inspiration for where we should go. I tap this button, and soon,
the video player is minimized. I swipe on over to
Feed, and at this point, people can still see and hear me, but don’t worry, they can’t see my screen. Now, once I find somewhere I want to go, I hit share, and then I
send it back to the thread, so my friends can give their input. – Now, I can share a Sticker
of whatever I’m listening to directly to Instagram
from my Spotify app. Now anyone can also share their latest GoPro footage directly to IG as well. – Now Explore’s organized
into topic channels based on your personal
interests and tastes. We’re taking our commenting
filtering technology even further by launching
a bullying filter that hides language intended
to harass or upset people. – Now let’s talk about WhatsApp. We’re announcing that we’re bringing group video calling to WhatsApp soon too. – We’re excited to
share that group calling is also coming to WhatsApp
in the coming months ahead where you can get together
with friends and family regardless of where you are in the world. (audience cheering) – The big news I have to share today is Oculus Go is shipping today. – Next is Oculus Venues,
which is gonna be your ticket to live social events in VR like concerts, sports, comedy nights,
and movie screenings. You get to sit in this
awesome VR amphitheater with thousands of people
and watch premium events together like soccer
live in a 180 degrees. We have a great line up
of live-event partners coming to Oculus Venues,
live concerts from AEG, live games from the MLB and the NBA, movie screenings from
Lionsgate, plus comedy nights and tons of entertainment from NextVR, That’s Oculus Go, for 199 you get access to over 1000 apps and games. We’re also launching
a version of Oculus Go with double the storage
memory, 64 gigabytes for 249. – You know now, if you have some photos from your childhood home, we
can now use computer vision to to fill in the gaps with this pointillism effect and recreate the rooms of your childhood home where you grew up. So, you’re gonna be able to
go into VR with your family and visit and feel like
you are right there. It’s feels like you are
in a dream, it is wild. This work of mapping out immersive spaces is just another important step on the path to creating this real feeling of presence. – First, let’s talk
about creating moments. We’re doing this with interactive
3-D posts on Facebook. With one tap, you can bring a 3-D object into Facebook camera
using our AR technology. This means you can grab a 3-D object right out of Newsfeed
and bring it straight into your world, and it’s
launching next month. Moving objects into VR
takes this experience to an even more immersive
and meaningful level. With a simple 360 photo of
her kitchen and that 3-D mixer object, the virtual
Jen can give me a tour. This Summer, we’re rolling out 3-D photos. You simply take a picture
with your smartphone and upload it to Facebook as a 3-D photo. So, let’s do this, let’s
keep building together. There’s never been a more
important time for it. (audience applauding)

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