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Toe Bro: So I’m just trimming down the corner… Patient: Yeah that hurts a bit. TB: That hurts a bit? I’m sorry, I’m sorry! (music) TB: Get you ready for your shoot! (photo shoot) (laughter) Who knew today you were gonna be a foot model? Okay, so what … (laughter) Wife: So you forgot to do the (?) TB: No, no! This is what’s, this is the place to go! W: He is so happy! And you haven’t seen anything look so bad before; this is going to be a great after it’s going to be a great contrast. TB: That’s right! You got a nice big smile, sir, it’s good! You gotta make sure the feet smile – they’re the ones on camera! W: Yeah TB: Okay, so what we’re gonna do first is trim all the nails and leave that big painful one for last, okay? So I want you just to relax. We’re just trimming the nails. So if anything gets a little bit sore or uncomfortable, scream! Give me a good kick. Okay? P: Yeah, that’s okay. TB: Yeah, today was a really bad day for the weather. W: Oh yeah! Just the timing too, right? If it happened during the night it might be partly cleaned up by the morning but… TB: It was pretty solid this morning. (snow) W: Yeah, it was It actually was so much better now. TB: Now is okay right? W: Yeah. TB: The worst is over and the trucks are out. W: It’s the clean up… TB: The clean up… W: Yeah, the snowplow was going up our little street when we left so… TB: Yeah, well now you know where to go for the feet, sir. W: We’re so close too! P:Yeah. TB: But we’ll we’ll be moving in a month, but just around the corner not too far away. W: Okay. Where are you moving to? TB: Uh, just on Dundas, west of Confederation. W: Okay, sure, that’s not too far. TB: Not far, not far. No, but I’ve been coming here since a little baby to this office watching my dad do this my whole life. W: Oh, your dad? TB: Yeah, I’ve been sitting in that chair you you’re sitting in right now since a little baby watching him. W: Oh, is he still working or… TB: No, he’s retired. W: He’s retired? TB: He left all the fun for me! W: Oh, “like father, like son!” (laughter) TB: That’s right, I followed in his footsteps, as you would say. W: He would be a proud papa. TB: I’ve been calling him “Papa Toe” recently. He’s… TB: That’s not so bad huh? So now the fun one. P: No, it’s fine. It doesn’t hurt. TB: No. W: Well TB: So this W: You also have the tools here that we don’t have at home, I think. TB: This is a very thick toenail. So the goal for us is just trim it short to the point where it’s attached and make sure there’s no corners. I’m going to use a little tool to clean and file the edges of the nail so there’s nothing sharp. So as this nail grows out, nothing’s gonna poke into the skin. I think you can go dancing after this you’re gonna feel much better. No more limping. (laughter) P: Yeah! W: Maybe you will take up skating again, Dad. P: Yeah. TB: Are you doing okay over here, sir? P: Yeah fine. TB: Okay. So, this corner was pretty ingrown… W: And that was the good one! TB: But curved and that’s a good one, but luckily it wasn’t poking into the skin. W: No. Can you imagine if he had both going at the same time? You’d be… P: Yeah. W: You would be really… TB: So I’m going to put this foot down just for a second just like this okay? P: Fine. TB: And we’re just going to file the corners of the nail. I’m just using a little tool to clean the corner. So this shouldn’t hurt. If you feel anything sharp, you let me know. So I’m just making sure where I finish the edge of my cut that everything’s smooth. You can see all the dead skin coming out. So we want to clean the corner, make the edge of the nail smooth, so nothing sharp. You okay on that side, sir? P: Yeah, fine. TB: Okay, we’ll do the other foot then and we’ll file all the nails, okay? That was a trailer. (preview) This is the main event now W: Yeah! Just the build up to it. (laughs) TB: Okay. I’ll trim this. But the rest of your nails are actually good. They’re just, you know, thick and long but they’re relatively normal not bad at all. W: That’s good. Well you’ve always had lots of dairy products. I guess that makes for good nails. TB: Well you’re making me jealous with my hair you got! There! Look at that!
You got a nice hair, sir. (laughter) Got a full head there. W: Uh hm. Yeah it stayed black until what, about ten years ago maybe? P: Yeah. TB: Well the next time you get a haircut save some for me; give me whatever you don’t want. (laughter) W: You haven’t had a haircut for a while, huh? P: It doesn’t grow as fast anymore. W: No, it doesn’t seem to does it? And it’s a long way too to go to your barber. (laughter) He used to live, well, up near where his doctors are on (says street names) TB: Oh, yeah. That’s, that’s some distance. W: Yeah and the traffic can be a pain. I wouldn’t want to be going there today. TB: No. W: But… TB:I had a patient come, two hours away… W: Oh my gosh. TB: To come see me and today, but she didn’t want to cancel. W: Oh, today? She did? TB: She did, out of all days. W: Wow! TB: Yeah, she took her time; she was good. W: Well I know Dad likes his doctor so, you know, I don’t want to change his family doctor but…it is a long way. TB:But hopefully if you’re you’re pretty healthy you don’t need to go too much. W: No we don’t, actually. TB: Which is good. W: We went in December for a couple of things including the toe. P: Yeah. W: And the doctor, didn’t we? But we hadn’t been since February so.. TB: You okay, sir? P: Yeah, fine. TB: No pain? P: Yep. W: No! No pain. TB: No pain? W: No, he said, “No” okay. TB: No, so you can see that’s one corner on this side? W: Oh, my. TB: So you see how it’s very indented in the skin? So I’m trying to cut it on a smooth ankle angle, and then I’m gonna clean it out with that little file, and then hopefully it wouldn’t bother him again. That’s one done. W: Very good! TB: Not so bad, huh? P: No. TB:Well you still have your ten toes right now, so we’re doing okay. TB: What we’ll do is this side because this is the good side. D: Yeah. TB: This is where all the the action is happening. You okay, sir? P: Yeah, I’m fine. TB:Well next time in the future, if something’s bothering you, you have to tell someone. Okay? I know you’re a tough guy, but it’s no good to leave something like this long because it can turn into an infection. W: Yeah that’s one reason it took a long time to convinced him to come to a foot specialist. I figure it can’t do any harm. (laughs) TB: So I can tell us a little sensitive; if it’s too sensitive you let me know. TB: So I’m just trimming down the corner. P: Yeah that hurts a bit. TB: That hurts a bit? I’m sorry, I’m sorry. P: Well, you can’t help it. W: Just think though it’s to make it feel better over the long run. P: Yeah. TB: Poor you, sir. Almost done. Okay, okay. Ooh! TB: There is a big piece here and a big wound. So you actually have an opening, sir, with a little bit of pus. W: Yeah. I think it must have been originally because they look terrible. TB: Okay, sorry, sorry. P: That’s okay. TB: Okay. So there’s an opening then where the nail was into the skin so what we’re gonna do is I’m just gonna flush it out, and then we’re gonna address it with an antibacterial ointment. I’m gonna give you a prescription for a cream to use W: Okay. TB: To use and you’re gonna be dressing this on a regular basis. W: The doctor gave him some polysporin but you’re giving him a prescription for something stronger? TB: Yeah, yeah something a little stronger stronger. W: Little stronger. Okay. TB: That’s why the toe is red. That’s why it’s so tender and sore. Okay, no need to do an oral antibiotic. This is something we can manage now. D: That’s good. TB: That’s I mean now that the nails out, the body we’ll be able to close the wound. So I’m just making sure there’s nothing left in here. TB: You okay? P: Yeah. TB: I know it’s sore I know it’s sore. You did really well… tougher than me; I’d be crying right now. (laughter) TB: Okay. You okay over here? P: Yeah. TB: So I’m just trying to trim your nails short, okay? P: Yeah. TB: So this doesn’t bother you for a long time. You okay? P: Yeah, TB: Okay, so I’m just checking this side first using that little tool. TB: If it’s too sore you let me know okay? Don’t be afraid to kick me. I’m not, I can take it! So you can see here you see that big piece coming out? W: Yeah. TB: So that’s just dead skin that’s trapped on the side. It’s almost like a callus and it’s caused because of the nail pushing against the skin and if we don’t get that out that can actually cause discomfort too. So that’s why cleaning the corner with this nice fine instrument is really important. W: Yeah I guess we left that way too long, ay, Dad? It got really bad but anyway… TB: No, no it’s okay, you’re here now, you’re here now. W: And we’ll keep coming. TB: Okay. Really sore? P: It hurts a bit. TB: It hurts? Okay. So I want you just to relax. I’m just checking the corner making sure I didn’t leave any nail behind. I’m sorry I’m sorry. Okay. Because the worst thing that we can do is leave a little spike and it doesn’t heal, okay? I’m sorry, sir, I’m sorry. Okay. So there’s no nail spike left behind. We’re going to flush it, dress it, and you are good to go, Okay? P: Fine. Okay, so it’s just gonna be a moment. W: I’m not going to let my nails get too bad! (laughter) I’m learning a lesson here. TB: Yeah, he’s taking one for the team, sorry sir. P: That’s okay. TB: You okay? P: Yeah. TB: Yeah. So I know you’re tough, you’re tough. Sorry that you had go through a little discomfort, but now the nails got that piece from the skin. W: Yeah what a difference! Your nails look a lot different now Dad. TB: We flushed him out. We’re gonna dress this with an ointment and a bandage, then I get you the prescription. You’re gonna put this cream on once a day every day. So this is anointment, but what I’m writing you a prescription for is a cream okay? P: Okay. TB: And what we’re gonna do we’re gonna see each other in two weeks. You should be able to last two weeks without any issues. Just to come back and take a look at this toe. Just to make sure there’s nothing else going on just to be safe, okay? So I’m just gonna put a band-aid. So every single day you put on the cream and you put on a band-aid. If the band-aid gets wet or you have to shower or or something happens you just take it off and put a new one on. Okay? Don’t worry about that, sir. We’re gonna follow the nails and we’re all finished.

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